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2 more new emblems

in the last week or so I have got 2 new gamespot emblems/achievements.

Best of E3 2011 Readers' Choice Chooser

Participant in the Best of E3 2011 Readers' Choice awards. I voted for every category in the Best of E3 2011 awards and made my voice heard.


Video Virtuoso

You are a part of the brave few willing and ready to share your YouTube channel for the betterment of GameSpot.

IM on this weeks spam Filter

This week i am on the Gamespot Fpam Filter Community News

I am down in the gamespot spotlight for Featured User Videos.For a small video i made in Team fortress 2 just a small bit of gameplay video i made while messing with the games new ability to film ingame footage and post it on youtube. if you got time feel free to check it out.

Link to Spam Filter

Link to Video

2 New Emblems

Got 2 new Emblems

Pink Day Emblem

Quake n' Cake

Let's sing a song for Quake.. "On the 15th birthday, Gamespot gave to me, an emblem for playing, or watching machinima videos, with a rocket launch full of frags!" This GameSpotter participated in the Quake game night or trivia to celebrate the birthday.

Union Awards are back

Many of you weren't around back then, but at one time gamespot used to create every year an awards show for all the unions on Gamespot, in order to recognize outstanding unions. Sadly, the last one was in 2007 and since then there hasn't been a new one.

It's time for a renaissance however! The Union Awards are back, although we need help from everybody to make this as successful as previous years. Here is the link to the thread where this is being worked upon, we're looking for volunteers and people to help spread this throughout all the unions in gamespot. We want to make this as unbiased as possible and have as many people as possible from the community involved in this project. Let's raise awareness for unions and honor those who've been successful!

Help us bring back the Union Awards by copying this and posting this in your blogs and unions!

Ornament Scavenger Hunt.

Here is my list entry for the Ornament Scavenger Hunt.

CLUE 1: Van Nguyen


CLUE 2: Jody Robinson


CLUE 3: Guy Cocker


CLUE 4: Matthew Gravish


CLUE 5: Chris Watters


CLUE 6: Kevin Vanord


CLUE 7: Aaron Sampson


CLUE 8: Alex Sassoon


CLUE 9: Wernher Goff


CLUE 10: Jan Heir


CLUE 11: Randolph Ramsey


CLUE 12: Andrew Park


CLUE 13: Mark Walton


CLUE 14: Justin Calvert


CLUE 15: Sophia Tong


CLUE 16: Kurtis Seid


CLUE 17: Giancarlo Varanini


CLUE 18: Justin Porter


CLUE 19: Ryan MacDonald


CLUE 20: Tyler Winegarner


CLUE 21: Maxwell Mcgee


CLUE 22: James Kozanecki


CLUE 23: Frank Adams


CLUE 24: Sarju Shah


CLUE 25: Shaun Mcinnis


CLUE 26: Ricardo Torres


CLUE 27: Tom Magrino


CLUE 28: Dan Chiappini


CLUE 29: Homer Rabara


CLUE 30: Takeshi Hiraoka


CLUE 31: Tor Thorsen


CLUE 32: Jim Maybury


CLUE 33: Carolyn Petit


CLUE 34: Tom Mcshea


CLUE 35: Dan Mihoerck


CLUE 36: Jane Douglas


CLUE 37: Brendan Sinclair


CLUE 38: Laura Parker

Time to see some fail. Epic FAIL

Have you ever had this happen to you? Where your just doing your normal thing and all of a sudden you do an epic fail.

That is what this blog is about some of the worlds awsome epic fail no matter what it is may it be in video game or in real life. An epic fail can happen to you or anyone around you and any moment in time i meen it could happen right outside you house or right in front of your face but the best ones are the ones people catch on film or take pic's.

Here is one Have you ever gone to a old baseball park and you end with a seat behind a steal beam like this guy.

No wonder they where selling that seat at a discount.

As for this one it happen to be a kid that i think might be sneaking into his parants bedroom at night and watching them get it on. no better time to learn then at an early age.

Hes licking that doll like its a lollipop.

I know someone on gamespot has had this happen to them sometime in there life you go to a snack bar or school and you get a snack out of the vending machine and this happens to you.'

Iv seen one bag get stuck before but you have to have epic bad luck for this to happen that $3 waisted do you risk it and try a 4th doller.

Now here is somthing most of you anime fans and games know cosplay its awsome but there is a point where you fail at cosplay and sould not do it.

Like this guy eather he is cosplaying as batman or batmans brother fatman. He could be the old adam west stunt duble and he goes to kids birthday partys.

want more epic fail cosplay go here

That is all I have for right now thanks for reading pls comment and post the 1 fail pic you love the most.

Been Renting alot of games + more

Ever since the redbox by my house got videogame in stock I have been renting game like mad from Fallout to Dead rising 2 and my most recent rental Fable 3 The rate is $2 a night. I cant wait untill they start selling there older games in the box's.]

Next game I am hopeing to rent will be Call of duty Black op's.

Last week i finished the last Halo Vidmaster challange achievement and got my recon armor for Halo 3 happy about that and itching to finish ODST will be first Halo game to get full 1000G.

My xbox goal is to hit 100,000G by New Years witch i will most likly meet the deadline for sure.

My thaughts on FUSE beta

Sofar Fuse looks ok i like having a section for my 360 and pc game achievements it just that we need to keep emblems as emblems. xbox360 has achievement ps3 has trophy, Wii has nothing lol and gamespot got emblems.

The Profile

The way the profile should be set up is the section below the profile pick should be for emblems only and then make a seperate area on the right of the page you can call Trophy case like trueachevements where you display some of the hardest achevement you earned

SO the way it work you automaticly display emblems on the left where they where originaly and you have the option to display you achievement in a special case of the right side of the page weather it called trophy case or achevement case


my blog for MArch 19th 2010

Hello everyone I am going to start this blog out with my current 360 games i am slowly gringing my way thew Final Fantasy XIII and it is an amazing game games that i have got 1000G in the last week where Assassin's Creed 2 and Lego iniana jones the original adventures.


I have some Classic Finds 3 games

1 Kings Quest V

2 EA Classic Syndicate PLUS

3 EA Classic Magic Carpet 2 The Netherlands

Thanks for reading and have a nice Day :)

Get your invite to lockers today!

Do you want an invite to lockers well look any furthur your in the right place

If you want an invite pls send me a PM and ill get ya a invite right away

invite is the only way to get in the site

earning points

when you first sign up you play a game where you can rack up around 10-40 PTZ one time

click todays date at bottom left of page get 2 ptz for confirming your log in- Daily

answer the daily question 2PTZ - daily

Newly lauched play section a bunch of videos and you get 2 PTZ for each video you watch

(soon the PLay area will have music and game along with the videos and you earn points for it all)


There are 3 caragories for prizes

BBrands we love prizes- snowbards, skateboards, and paypal cards from $25 - $5,000 USD

Electronics- apple laptops, ipods, ps3, Wii, 360, psp,pspGO and all the lasest games for each system.

Lockers exclusives- mainly items with the l o c k e r s logo from shirts to iphone skins notebook to a soda/beer dispenser.

( for some reason GS thinks L O C K E R S is a bad word lol )