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Well guys I will make this short and sweet hows school so far? Its going pretty well for me. What about you?


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My Birhtday is in five days (august 25) i'll comment on what I got.8)

Unfortunetly I will be at Band camp from 9:00 - 7:30...... it sucks! :evil:

Whats new?

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So guys I was just curious whats new anything exiting? I just got braces wich isn't very fun but its new.

I have a couple of questions.

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SO I have a couple of questions about mercanaries 2 world in flames.

One is there a PLAV tank and were if there is?

Two is there an easier place to get a hesen scout (Chinese helecopter sort of like a UP rouge)other than on the pirate mission?


Going on vacation.

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I'm going to Wissconsin today at 3:00 so I won't be on till at least monday just to let anyone who cares know.

Drivers training # 2

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Holy crap tomarow I will have to take a huge state test and that will be the end of segment one. Lets hope I don't fail. It cost alot though I don't think I will. Lets hope.

Drivers training

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I am really pumped up right now I get to take driverstraining in one week. supposedly Im going to get this random instructor who is really my cousin says. Its going to be awsome!