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E3 09 and me

Soooo it's been long since my last blog and I was thinking of writing a new one To start it off I m really very excited about the E3 as it's a few hours away and what it has for the gamers, the games that I m interested to see in action and that I have already seen but need some more juicy info about the titles. Start with what the 360 has to offer or might offer and that I have some interest in. Alan Wake (Have been waiting for long to see this game running and it would be great to get a release date) Splinter Cell Conviction (As one my favorite gaming Franchise I looking very closely towards this one and the recent reports suggest that it's going to be awesome) Mass Effect 2 (The first one was great and expecting the same from this one as well great characters and story) Lost planet 2 (Interested about this one cause this one has answered the complaint I had with the first one that it was covered in snow and this one has a varied levels as compared to the first one, and I know it was supposed to be like that but you get tired of seeing all the white) Halo ODST (It's a Halo need I say more, But really it's the new character that interests me lets see how the world thinks of a Halo without Master Chief) Peter Molyneux's Next Project (No matter what People say about him or his big mouth but the plain and simple fact is that he makes some really good games and I loved both the Fables games as well as Black and White games, I am looking forward to what's he got to show) I would also like Microsoft to show some other stuff that the people don't even have a clue about like the last years FFXII thing. Moving ahead to PS3, I don't have one at the moment but there are a few games that I am interested about Heavy Rain (interested about this one cause this one breaks the conventional norms that are followed by games and relies more on the characters and the story aspect of the game and it also looks amazing) Uncharted 2 (You know it great looking game with great gameplay) god of war 3 (Its god of war nuff said) now about the Multiplatform games that I m interested about Brutal Legend (My most anticipated game of the show) Modern Warfare 2 (COD MW being my favorite game this gen it's got to be on the list and I can say it with ease that it will be among top three best games of the show if not the one) Assassin's Creed 2 (Its odd some people loved it some not that much but I am from the first group and will be playing it when it comes) Max Payne 3 (The best third person action games I have played the first two parts of the game hoping it will do all that) Dirt 2 (My favorite Driving game from this gen so obviously I am anticipating it) Beyond Good and Evil 2 (The first one was underrated but it loved it the style and the gameplay was awesome) Dead Rising 2 (Killing thousands of Zombies isn't it fun) Bayonetta (Looks amazing let's see what happens) Bioshock 2 (First one was amazing all the elements of the game combined made it great use the plasmids with conventional weapons and the atmosphere played a lot of part in making it good) Now about the PSP Really interested in the reworked PSP the "PSP Go" what features will make the cut and what features will be cut from the new model. Also waiting to see littlebigplanet, Assassins Creed, Dirt 2, Army of Two and the new MGS on it. That's it for this E3

Guess What.... ?

Well Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I was planning to play some of my 360 games as I do on every weekend. And well guess what got on the day before my birthday. So the story goes like this I m sleeping and my elder brother wakes me and says red rings, I thought he was joking as to scare me but I replied its ok doesn't matter. But he then removes the blanket from my face and I see three red lights the dreaded RROD (Red Ring of Death). Well my brother turned it off removed all the cables and the HDD, plugged every thing again into it and there its working just fine I felt a sigh of relief that thank God it's ok. My brother played it for about hour or so and turned it off. After the breakfast I turned it on to play some Left 4 Dead but as I sat there after pushing the guide button on my controller and not hearing the loading sequence of xbox360 for more than half a minute I looked at the power button of the 360 so see the Dreaded RROD again but after this I tried all the things I had done previously but to no success. As it's my second 360 so I knew how check what the main problem was and how to check the error code. So I checked the error code and it says 0020 well I didn't knew it cause the most common error code for RROD is 0102. I googled the code to see the problem and it said GPU malfunction same as 0102. After reading these lines my feeling was, well I can't express them here due to TOS rules. I am not mad that it broke down, I am mad because I could only beat one game and that was a small one Gears of War, I am More mad because I wont be able to complete the game I was most looking forward to since its announcement that is Fable 2. Well I could have ended the game on a weekend by only playing the story quests but I like to take it slow and like to explore and do the side quests. But that's another story. So what do you think about my present?

Something Interesting.

Well its interesting for me that the first game that i beat on my new Xbox is Gears of War 2 and the first game that i beat on my old Xbox was Gears of War. I dont know if it means that i ll play Gears 3 on another Xbox. Well what the hell I enjoyed both these games and played the first one alot hoping to do the same with Gears 2.

Got a new 360

Well my old one died on me, and it did that alot. So i just bought a new 360 this week end. this one is an Arcade and i m looking at Fable 2, Gears 2, Pure and Prince of Persia to restart my gaming on this machine. Hoping it will last longer than the last one... Wish me Luck

2 years being a member and games played lately.

so its been two years as a member of gamespot. Time moves so fast well it was good two years and hoping to have some more. And the games that i have played lately are. BIOSHOCK: To explain what is the thing that makes this game so great is tough. What i think makes it it great is the mix of different thing like the game environment the mystery and mostly the way you can use the plasmids and the water effects are fantastic. HALO 3: I dont think i need to tell you about this one. but the thing that i liked about the game was its environments especially the first the jungle level anf the last halo level those were very good. But it wasnt a graphical that good that i hoped it would be and i havent played it online yet so its only about the campaign. STRANGLEHOLD: A good solid shooter but what didnt felt right to me was the game tried to many thing and in the beginning you dont feel the controls to be fully in your hand otherwise a good solid game and alot of carnage and destruction. STUNTMAN IGNITION: Well to explain this game you have to say one word and that is "retry" cause this is what you will be doing all the time, but its not bad if you are a patient gamer than you can enjoy this game and if you action oriented gamer who wants action from the go than this is not the game for you because you will never ever in your life play this game again after two retrys. VIRTUA TENNIS 3: Well about this initially i didnt want it i was with my brother to buy a game and he choose it but i told him not to but he bought it. But when i tried it it was really good kinda addictive and the gameplay is simple for someone to pickup and play but deep enough for hardcore tennis fans.

So it begins .....

well i have reached the dreaded level 20 which has some kind of bug and takes alot of time to complete or levelup whatever you like to call it. Moving on i wasn't on gamespot or any other site for that matter for the last two weeks because i had my last semester's final exams. And i just have to complete my final project. Wish me luck.

my xbox 360 just broke ..

well this weekend while i was playing crackdown my 360 got stuck after the loading screen i restarted and it again stuck and this time on the Xbox loading screen. i sent it for repair but to add to the agony i live in Pakistan and as Microsoft has not launched it officially in Pakistan so it cant claim it for repair to Microsoft cause they dont have any Xbox 360 in Pakistan. well hopefully it will get repaired and i will back playing my 360.

xbox 360

i will be getting an xbox 360 this week and if not definatly next week weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and will be getting gears of war,dead rising,dead or alove 4(my brother likes it),kameo and call of duty 3 and will buy assassin's creed, fable, mass effect, halo3 ,gta 4 when they come out this year and in the end a big weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Level 13 Yeah!!!!!

I m level 13 now yeah and i am what a Toobin' dosent matter i m level 13 and for superstitious dudes it would be unlucky does anyone of u is superstitious and if yes than of what i know no one is going to comment well than what the ****
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