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My Two Cents: Mortal Kombat and Robocop reboot

This will be the last in my talk of reboots because I just feel it's starting to get a bit monotious and I want to move on to the next two subjects coming up, so here I go. Well after the recent Motal Kombat reboot video game came out as well as an ongoing webseries going on right now "Mortal Kombat Legacy" there has been some talk and plans of a reboot to the Mortal Kombat movie franchise. I really like the first movie but the second movie really sucked and killed chances of there being a third Mortal Kombat movie. So here are a few things I would like to see happen.

1. Make the film rated R, because I want to see the over the top violence and fatalities. But most of all the dark fantasy atmosphere the game is based on.

2. Try to have more pratical effects and minimum CGI, nothing against CGI as long as it's done the right way.

3. Good casting as usual: Not sure who could play who may'be Micahel Jai White (Black Dimamite) can play Jax, Rain (Ninja Assasin) Lu Kang, Grace Park (Battlestar Galatica, Hawaii Five-O) Kitana, Jamie Barber (Battlestar Galatica) Curtis Striker, Katie Sarcoff (Battlestar Galatica) Sonia Blade; I know kinda spitballing but I really want the right people.

4. Well choragraphyed fights as well at the locations like in the game.

There also has been talk of a reboot to Robocop coming soon but unfortunately information has been scetchy at best. I love Robocop the first film is one of my top ten favorate sci-fi's and films in general. The second one I thought was good if not as good as the first. Though the third film really really really sucked! Sorry I had to be bold but that is how I feel about Robocop 3 which killed the franchise and killed chances of a proper 4 sequel. Here are some things I want to see.

1. Get the right director and scriptwriter: I heard they were going to have some unknown director and writer do the reboot. I know that sometimes unknowns can sometimes supprise us but when it comes to popular properties it's iffy. I personally want bothto have a cetain amount of experence to do this because I want the hand to be capable and qualified.

2. Get the right guy to play Alex Murphy/Robocop: I have no idea who could play the role but may'be Nathan Filion (Castle) or Tamoh Pickett (Battlestar Galatica), I know wild shots but I just don't want it to be a random unknown let alone a young pritty boy from the CW, heck no.

3. It has to be extremely violent with practical effects.

4. Have an evil robot or two to fight.

5. Most of all have a great story line and the satire to go with it, first one will set the standard but I was thinking for the second it could be based on Frank Miller's true "Robocop 2" script but if not then make it really dark where OCP has fraked up bad where Detroit City has litterally became a cesspool of crime and there is some terrorists that are building evil robots to take over the city and OCP and now Robocop has to kick major butt. I don't know something like that but just have a great story.

Well that's it for this reboot arc, if you have comments please leave them and I'll be back for a couple more articles.

My Two Cents: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot part 2

This is the rest of my blog as for the rest of my cast list here are a few more.

Zhang Ziyi: Karie

Elen Wong (Scott Pilgrim): Irma

Mike Starr (Ed Wood): Burn Thomson (yeah James that's one I agree on too.)

Dolph Lundren (The Expendables, Rocky 4): voice of General Tragg

3. Action it needs to be really violent and they need to use their weapons, for the "TMNT 2: Secret of the Ozze" film the no weapon policy I can let that slide but that should ever happen again, the weapons are a trademark of the turtles let them use the weapons. I want to see real martial artists in the suits let along great fight chorigraphy. And if they make the film either PG-13 or R, I want to see some blood, I would say a gore fest but more like the typical blood splats like in the film "Kick Ass" and make it real fake blood not CGI blood which I'll admit I'm not fond of the method.

4. The storylines have to be really great as James and Mike said in the first film have Krang and the Technodrome reek havoc on New York City. For me for the second film, I'd like it loosely based on the "City Under Siege" arc in the comic series, where everythingin "New York" gets fraked up bad by crime organizations going to war for control of the city. The turtles would as usual get to work but will be further tested with the Foot Clan and Shreader in the picture.

5. Atmosphere has to be dark, give it the neo noir feel it deserves and is based on.

Well, that's all I have to say, I'm going to have two more two cent blogs coming up so if you have comments please feel free to post.

My Two Cents: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot part 1.

There was some news of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot and it will be live action which is good news though the bad news is the fact Michael Bay is producing, don't get me wrong he's not a bad guy it's just I don't want him to frak it up. And there have been a lot of opinions on what people want from the franchise one of them from James Roffe (The Angry Video Game nerd and head of Cinemasacure) and his friend Mike (video game critic from "Screwattack"), and I agree with most of the opinions. As a fan of the franchise myself I thought about putting in some of my two cents.

1.Practical Effects: I want the turtles and even the mutant enimies to be in make up and costumes like in the past movies (1 and 2 to be exact). I don't want them to be all CGI cause that would be cheating, I really want to see real martial artists in the costumes fight. But want to see good versions of Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, the mousers, you name it. On a side note I have see a photo of the new look of the turtles so I'm impressed I just hope I can say the same for the rest.

2. Casting: Definately a must I actually have a choice of people in mind.

Summer Glau (Firefly): April O Neil.

Ken Wantaboe (Inception, The Last Samurai): voice of Splinter.

Jensen Akilies (Supernatural): Casy Jones.

Andy Shirkis (King Kong, Lord of the Rings): voice of Krang.

Brad Duriff (voice of Chucky from "Child's Play", Death Machine): Baxter Stockman, even the voice when turned to a fly in 80's cartoon or robot in graphic comic book series.

Michael Clarke Duncan: voice of Bebop

Nathan Filion: voice of Rocksteady

Cory Feldman: voice of Donatello or may'be just a cameo.

Will Freadie (Batman Beyond) or Johnny Lee Bloch (Trigun): voice of Leonardo

(more casting choices on part two)

That's all for now stay tuned for part 2 but if you have coments now feel free to post.

My Two Cents: Transformers Reboot

Since the Michael Bay films of "Transformers" are going to be finished, there has been some talk of a possible reboot underway. Personally I welcome the idea, don't get me wrong I like the two transformer films but I didn't love them they had their faults, personally I feel the major fault was really in both the director and the script writers they don't really know the franchise and the fans for Transformers. As a fan of the franchise I think we can do a lot better, and it wouldn't be that hard. So I'm going to throw 5 suggestions that can make them better.

1. Better Designs: The designs of both the Autobots and Decepticons I thought were good but not great. The problem is they did the job too well, there was way too much detail which made them seem cluttered and that's not good. They need to make the designs symplistic as a saying goes less is more, make the designs look like in the new show "Transformers Prime".

2. Less human charcters and focus: I can't stress this enough, my biggest gripe of both movies was the humans were focused on way too much let alone by there nature either not that interesting or not useful enough. The film is called "Transformers" not human formers. If there is going to be any they should have very very less screen time, because their suppose to be just that supporting characters, have very small quantity (two would sufice), also make the characters have a useful role.

3. Having enough Transformers and battles to go with it: Another problem was there wasn't quite enough characters on both factions let alone battles to boot. So let give both sides enough Transformers to go against and more sittuations for them like the Constuctacons change into Devestator (the real verson) and go agains the Dino Bots, Arial Bots change into Superion and go against the Stuntacons that change into Minasour, and so on. And you see I just proposed certain battles and which transformers go against who, yeah not that hard.

4. Transformers persona's fleshed out.

5. Have some awesome storylines for the trilogy and make them the primary focus: One other problem I had with the films were they focused on that teen love story a bit much which was rather cleche when the primary focus should of been on the dire matter at hand. So if a plotline is going to be Unicron coming to earth to suck it of it's energy and the Autobots and Deceptacons have to stop it focus on just that, that what I paid my money to see.

6. Really awesome voice cast for the trilogy. Knowns or minor leagers are welcome as long as their voices fit the charaacter. Wouldn't mind if Peter Culen did the voice of Optimus Prime and Frank Welkler did the voices of Megatron and Soundwave one more time. For known actors I don't know may'be Dave Chapelle could to Jazz or Blaster, Kira Kinghty could do Arcee, Sly Stalone could do Ultra Magnus, Jason Statham could do Iron Hide, Jesse Eisenberg/Michael Cera could do Bumblebee (where he actually talks) I know I know it's a tall order but I don't see why not, I think they should give it a shot.

So if anyone has any comment and suggestsions I'm welcome to them. Nothing left to say except this, "if your going to make another transformers movie do just that make a Transformers movie. That's my two cents.

Pushed Too Far: M.I.A. TV Shows and Horror Movie Conversions

It's been a while but this is part seven of my pushed too far rant series. This issue I know isn't that big of a deal but it still bugs the heck out of me. I know I'm not alone on this matter but there are those horror movies and TV shows that your waiting for a DVD conversion only to discover time and time again that it still hasn't came.

That really frustrates and bothers me because I fear that these TV shows and Horror movies that we want on DVD so badly might become lost. Just like most silent horror movies, it's true most of there were either poorly preserved making them lost forever or in someone's private collection. We've had this technology for more than 10 years now and yet still haven't got everything we desire. I know that conversion it's not that easy but it's not that hard either.

Another thing that really bothers me is whenever certain TV shows release certain seasons sometimes depending on how they do, they don't release all of the seasons. I mean that's not fair, you came this far in the collecting how come you can't go all the way, it's as frustrating as seeing some jerk unplug your video game system just when you about to beat a video game, that's what it was like for me.

These organizations that do this really don't know their audience, you want to make more money then get down on these M.I.A. TV shows and Horror Movies. Look I know there might not be a huge fanbase for most of them but there are fans all the same as well as collectors that want them all the same. Lets save these visual medium relics that are ment to be seen and shared by everyone, before they become lost forever.

Top 8 Lost TV shows

1. Exo Squad Season 2

2. Salute Your Shorts

3. Adv of Pete and Pete Season 3

4. Once and Again Season 3

5. Gargoyles Season 2 part 2 and Season 3

6. Are you Afraid of the Dark

7. The Odyssey

8. Saint Seiya (rest of the volumes)

Top 10 Lost Horror Movies

1. I Come in Peace

2. Razorback

3. Blood Diner

4. Santa Sagare

5. The Borrower

6. Town that Dreaded Sundown

7. Moontrap

8. Amsterdamned

9. Paperhouse

10. Split Second

So if anyone has any comments or even has a list of their own lost Horror Movies and TV shows of their own, give me a holler. Other than that this is me signing off for now.

My Two Cents: Spiderman Reboot

Well it's been a while since I've done this, but I'm back. This is vol. 1 in a new series of articles I'm doing mainly on the positives. Alright lets get this going, well I heard the recent news that the "Spiderman" movie franchise is going to be rebooted which means there will be no Spiderman 4. Personally I'm glad for this, don't get me wrong I really do like/love the original franchise, the first film I thought was very good, but the second was better and the best in the series (as well as one of my personal top 10 favorate action films), however the third was a major disapointment it sucked big time. I could say how bad the third film was but trust me it's bad and the fact Sam Rami writen and directed it is just sad. The third one kinda ruined that francises chance for another volume, so yeah I really think it's about time the franshise gets a major overhaul.

This I feel is a great opportunity because the reboot leaves it open for so many new things to add in to make it even better than before as well as add in what wasn't existant in the original franchise. There are so many things I want the reboot to do better or just add.

1. A memorable movie theme song: Don't get me wrong Danny Elfman is my favorate music composer in movies and I did thing the theme he did for Spiderman was good but it was never memorable it just doesn't really blow me away. For the reboot there needs to be a new composer and there needs to be a theme that blows me away.

2. New Casting: This is a definant must, I have no problem with the old cast they all did well except for one person and that is Kristin Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. I always thought she was a bit miscast in the role, for one thing MJ in the comic series is hot, physically Kristin doesn't fit that bill, may'be that could be me on the matter I'm just not completely attracted to her. Though performance wise and direction wise I thought she and the makers did a good job if not a great one at portraying and handling the character so that's a given but still could be better.

So, you get where I'm going with this, for the reboot we need new blood. I'd want a cast that is probably about in their twenties for the roles of Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry, Gwen Stacy, Felica Hardy you name it; but also for the cast to be not completely unknown but more minor leaguers. And it a great opportunity to get the right person to play both MJ and Gwen, I'm not exactly sure who may'be Alexandra Ketwick (Up in the Air, Twilight series) could play Gwen Stacy and Summer Glau (Firefly, Dollhouse) could play Felica Hardy/Black Cat, I don't know but yeah like I said open opportunity. On a sidenote I'd like them to make the Gwen Stacy character similar to the verison in the "Spectacular Spider Man" animated show, that may'be asking too much but I just love that version of the character in that show.

3. Different Villians: In the first films I don't want them to reuse the old villians again at least not yet until further in the reboot. I'd like to see Mysterio, Hobgoblin, Scorpion and possibly some of those new villians from the recent run since the old villians are almost out of existance.

4. Great Special Effects: No supprise there.

5. Storyline: My picture of how the reboot series would go is the same as what "blowhimselfupdude" (one of my favorate entertainment comentators) has stated it would be up to about 6 or 10 films, not a long as the James Bond or Godzilla franchsise mind you, but long enough to create a constant ongoing and developing story line. Each film would have a different supervillian possibly a subordante villain depending on where it's going. And though it I would want the romance story with Peter, MJ, Gwen to be an essential part of it. Like Peter has sort of a love triangle with Gwen and MJ, but I'd want him to get Gwen first before MJ if you remember what happens to Gwen in the long run. But most of all Peter/Spidy's growth as a person.

So, overall I welcome the idea of a reboot because it just means more opportunities and possiblties to breath new life into the beloved webslinger. I have nothing more to say, so that's my two cents you have coments on the matter feel free. So adios amigo.

Anime Live Action Movies Good or Bad

I know I said number five was my final one but there is still some scum out on the streets, this is one of the ones that has surface, well it's about to feel the wrath of my merchette called a rant. This is part six of my pushed too far series. This isn't so much a rant by more of my two cents on this new matter that has came up. On a sidenote I want to state I'm not a fan of the franchise (or at least a hardcore one) though I do really like the first Dragon Ball, second one Z is good not a great sequel in my opinon as people keep making it out to be, GT sucks though.

Yeah, I and tons of other people have heard about the new animation live action adaption comeing out called "Dragon Ball" . And like lots of people I feel both optimism and sceptism over it mostly the second thing. And they have a right to fear due to certain photoshots I saw of the film which seem to be more of a modern setting then a fantasy setting. The fact that it's in a modern setting disapoints me a bit, I thought this film would of been made like "Sin City" where they would use green screen background animation to create that fantasy world I know of. And that some characters don't look right, I'm not so much worried about looks but more on performance and content of the script if they will stay true to the spirit. Though on the plus side the actresses playing Bulma (Emily Roseum) and Chi-Chi (Jamie Chung) actually look like both the characters in the anime/manga in my opinion anyway, hope their performance matches.

But my feelings about anime/animation being made into live action are always a mixed feeling it really a matter of the final result which can either be good or bad. Adapting something weither it's a comic book, video game, anime/animation I feel is always a difficult process because it has to abide by two principles 1. Be accurate sylewise in creating the fantasy world and the effects with it. 2. But true in it's spirt from the source it is derived from in both content and characterization. But there are a lot of bad ones because they don't abide by both of these things, and I wouldn't even call them movies more like crimes against not just to the source material but movies in general.

One example of a bad adaption would be "House of the Dead" based on one of my favorate video game franshises from SEGA. Oh how I hate hate this movie, I can't tell you how bad it is, anyone that has told you it's bad is not kidding it's BAD! The effects, cinamatography, direction, screenplay, acting, fight choigraphy. It felt like the person that made that film didn't know how to make a movie, I mean even low budget amachure films I've seen or purchased online were better than this. I remember watching thinking I'd rather be playing one of the games in the franchise right now then watch this crap, which is what I should of done in the first place. Uwe Boll don't you dare think about adapting a " Mega Man" or "Pritty Soilder Sailor Moon" film you leave those franshises alone.

There is such a thing as good live action movie adaptions because they abided by two of the principles I've stated and the results are supprising good because it was all thanks to good direction, script writing, acting as well as the FX and budget to support it. And it just all felt right. "Transformers" and "Speed Racer" are good animation/anime to movie adaption because they have everything I said, just watch them and you will find out; I'm a fan of both these franchises and I'll just say I wasn't disapointed, I waited most of my live for silver screen adaption and my wait paid off.

I can only hope I can say the same with many more to come (Ghost in the Shell, Macross, Blood, Akira etc.). as I said it's all depends on the final result. Well I've said enough, will the Dragon Ball film be awdsome or suck well we'll just have to wait and see, personally I'm looking forward more to the new "Transformers" Sequel coming up, really liked the first film hope the sequel is even better and meet my expectations. But then again isn't that what we all hope in every anime/animation/comic book to live action adaption.

End of Line

Graphic Sell Outs

Ok, I'll make this short and sweet as possible, this is part five of my "Pushed too far" rant series. You know there are a lot of different kinds of people I have a problem with in this world, and Graphic Sell Outs are one of them; uggh these guys are worse than fanboys.

Nothing is every good enough for them their just so spoiled to the point where it's not even funny, what these guys do is take a bunch of cheepshots at either games that are old or current. Their always saying the grass doesn't look real enough, or the pikels on the water are too blocky, or this characters elbow looks like a block. Just a lot of pointless useless complaints it can be as annoying as listening to some bully make some ridiculous judgements that you look bad in some way.

Now I'm ranting on this topic because these guys have targeted the recent "Mega Man 9" game saying that it sucks because it's old or the graphics look terrible now, or it's too hard. Good grief, how dare these guys pick on my favorate video game franchise of them all which has gone on as long as the James Bond movie franchise. Their arguements aren't even valid they can't back up their claim that the game is bad, no soild proof no nothing.

Here is a truth about my feelings about graphics, to me graphics are like FXs in a movie their a reenforcement device to support the gameplay as FXs support the content of a movie. Sometimes I've played video games that have good if not spectacualar graphics but were great due to game play and level design. I"m glad that Mega Man 9 went back to basics, when I played that game again it felt really good because it just had the noltalgic feel to me of a decade long gone, I played Mega Man when I was about 8, so everything about that game felt right for me. Even the difficulty which I don't mind if you complain the game is too hard all I can say to you is tough, I grew up playing games like this I love a chalange and just like in sports there is such a thing as practice, it was my skill that was going to win and thats a great feeling I don't get often. On a sidenote I could actually get though the Mega Man games without dieing once (or a least not many times like before) so for any rookies that can't handle the Mega Man games I give this old saying to you, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kicten.

Sometimes games with the best graphics don't always equal a great game, they can have great graphics but lousy gameplay. It's like with movies that might have a big budget and some of the best speical effects in the world, just because they have these two essentials backing them up doesn't equal a good or great movie if you don't have good/great direction, acting, and screenplay. A prime example of bad movies that have this fundemental problem would be those reprehenable Uwe Boll movies, may the good lord forbid that he ever makes a "Metal Gear Solid", "Splaterhouse", or "Cowboy Bebop" film.

So any thoughts please contrubute, other than that this is my final rant hopefully but if any other matter pops up that pushes me too far beware of me, I'll hunt you down like Jason Vohees. Well that's all I have to say, so just say no to Graphic Sell Outs, and when I play a video game I want to have fun I don't play it to just look at pritty colors.

End of Line

Anime Declining?

This is part four of my pushed to far series, now this isn't exactly a rant but just a more or less friendly opinion on the matter. Well this was an issue that came up from a couple of comentators I sometimes listen to on Youtube "Lotusama" and "Big Al" my personal favorates and I'm going to have to disagree on their subject on Anime Declining. I don't feel it's declining but it just might be going a little on the wrong track is all, I do and understand some of their critisms they are vaild points. The reason I feel the anime genere might be on the wrong track right now are three things.

1. Lack of Varity and Diversity: Cartoon Network is a guilty culprit of this, don't get me wrong I like this channel but not as much as I use to, because one of the reason is the fact that they show too much anime based on Shonnen manga Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ and that Inuasha. Shonnen I think is good form but it's not great sure there is a few I like and some you can guess I don't like Bleach and Naruto like Inuasha I find them overlong and overrated. Plus they show them about two to five episodes of one or the other show on a Saturday, while for two of the only new and unique show's like Code Geass and Deathnote there is only one. Man that doesn't sound fair, I don't want to see Shonnen all the time at least not Naruto all the time, I mean this is called Cartoon Network not Naruto network, these guys just aren't trying anymore nor are they attempting ATEMPTING to give us varity. I would love to see more new/current animes I never seen or seen much of like "One Piece" I know what I said about it in an early blog I wrote but that's because I say that awful 4 Kids version, but I'm taking it back cause I saw the uncut version is awsome and isn't kids stuff, CN bring it back now and better yet show "Planetes", "Moonlight Mile" and "Princess Tutu" okay that one's a long shot but you get where I'm going with this. Or some oldies (all uncut) like "Armored Trooper Votoms", "Macross", "Sailor Moon", "Ronin Warriors", "Massion Ikkoku" and others out there waiting to be discovered or discovered again.

2. Cleches done to death: There are too many animes that seem to utilzes certain eliments one time too many like fanservice, mecha, super powered fights, card battles, you name it. When will they learn we need something new, don't get me wrong I don't mind these things but their getting old.

3. Fanbase or even anti-anime critisizers: This is where I have my biggest problem, there are so many of these guys that take there love or hate for the genere just way way too far. This can be said for fanboys of not just anime but anything else in general like concle systems or may'be a certain movie. Fanboys or anti-anime critisizers try to make one opinon of something their whole world it's not even funny their just so narrow minded. It also causes anti social behavor, I know when someone keeps saying I'm stupid or any other dispickable word for loving Sailor Moon or Macross and not some other show that puts me off (that actually happened to me a few times). It's ridiculous and offensive it's almost worse than racism. I think off anime, movies, video games and concles or any other form of entertainment like food there is more than one kind that I like or love to eat as long as their good all the same.

Despite these things, I have faith in anime like with any genere these things I sincerely hope will pass and get on good graces again. Before I close I would like to say that there truly are plenty of good/great anime out there but you have to look, it's out their seek it out but remember to be vigilant and open minded in your search.

So if you have something to say to this comment please post or even to the sources I was inspired to make this go to Youtube and comment to them. Stay tuned for a couple of possitive articles I'll make. End of Line.

Why I don't watch Nickalodion and G4 Tech TV anymore.

Greetings and Salutations everyone, it's been a long while since I did another blog and don't fret there may'be more to come. This is my third in my series of rant articles called "Why I Don't " so lets get down to it.

I know this is probably a very strange thing for me to rant about, I can't believe it myself but to avoid hate mail I just want to say that this is all just my opinion is all. I am ranting about these networks because I personally feel they have lost their way, they aren't the channels I use to know and love anymore, it makes me ask the questions what the hell happened and what are they thinking.

I remember watching these channels back when they were both still new and fresh. For Nickalodion they had a varity of things not just cartoons (like cool ones like Doug, Ren and Stimpy, or my favorate Mysterious Cities of Gold) but they had creative game shows. But what I most remember were those live actions shows which may have been low or minimum budget but were a lot of fun all the same like "The Adventures of Pete and Pete", "Salute Your Shorts", "Hey Dude", "Are you Afraid of the Dark" and any others you can think of. They were all a lot of fun because of the creativity, the fact that kids were the main stars and actually did a good job in the acting department I can tell they put effort, and who can forget the slimeing.

As for G4 Tech TV that cable channel was awsome because it had a lot of shows about video games and technology. Like "X-Play" (still ongoing), "Icons" basically a autobiography show on compaines or video game franchises, video game music video show with remixed or enhanced soundtracks, games shows of people competeing in video games, anime, and my personal favorate "Filter" a show that gave an informative top ten list of things (I miss you Diane Meazota) and plenty others but I can't remember them all.

Yeah these channels use to be a lot of fun I had a ball, but they both of them went down south when they decided to go a different direction which as you guessed it turned out to be the wrong one, when they felt they had to be up to the times they had to be hip. Both channels have commited the most vile sins of mankind, I'll name only four.

1. Nickalodion has no more creative live action shows, well yes they do but there are no fantasys, sci-fi, horror, or many comidies (good ones around) instead we get one too many teen shows all about kids going to high school, who are they going to go out with, is the band going to make it and a lot of other melodrama I've seen one time too many times, where has originality and creativity gone, sure these shows are high budgeted but that doesn't make them better, it's like watching a million dollar movie you expected to be good due to it's budget that's backing it only to discover it's a piece of crap. Or the fact that there are just too many Nicktoons, most of them aimed at a kiddy demographic it's not even funny, man where have shows like Doug or Mysterous Cites of Gold gone, don't people know how to make a good cartoon show anymore.

2. G4 have minused most of their video game shows and have went for reality programs. This gets at an eariler problem I once adressed about reality shows being just everywhere. When I turn to this channel I expect to see something about video games or anime, I don't want to watch a show where their going to bust some dumb jerk that is cheating on his or her significant other behind someones back. Or heck even a rerun of "Cops". What do these shows have to do with G4 tech tv it doesn't make sense.

3. Undiverified Sceduling: Nickalodion has too many reruns runing almost 24.7 of Spongebob or any other you can think of. And G4 of those reality programs "Cheaters" and "Cops" or even shows like "Star Trek: Next Gen" and "Heroes" I guess those two aren't so bad but cmon I can buy the DVD sets of those two and are they running reruns of them on other channels.

Now prepare yourself this is the big one, this is the one that I have one time when I was a kid actually had a nightmare about and it looks like it was a prophasy of doom. I warn you this is the biggest tragidy in mankind ever.

4. Nickalodion has no more slimeing, the logo of theres is pratically a slime splat and yet there seems to be no more slimeing. Why, why has this happened, slime was always one of the best and most important things about Nickalodion, it's was just a lot of fun. Whenever it was used as a harmless practical joke most notably on the live action tv show "You Can't do that on Television", game show, live special, or theme park they once had, or just for the sake of it, I wanted to get slimed but now I and millions of others will never get that chance anymore. It makes no sense, you just can't have Nickalodion without slime it's like a pizza with no cheese and toppings it just doesn't work and it just makes no sense.

I just don't recognize these channels anymore, what kind of world am I living in. They have both changed but not nessesaryily for the better, they failed to abide by the old principle the more things change the more they stay the same. Like a bad sequel to a movie franchise it just gives you an empty feeling like it shouldn't of existed. So I don't watch Nickalodion anymore, sometimes G4 for certain shows like "X-Play", "Attack of the Show", and "Ninja Warrior" but all the same these channels need to start changing for the better and they need to do it right now. If any of you got any opinons weither it's a defense or rant toward the channels feel free to contribute. And all I can say is to be continued on the blogs to come.

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