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I need more emblems!!!

just like "i need more cowbell" i need more emblems. any suggestions on how you get more. I just picked up the butterfly for have a decent amount of friends. They are giving my game collection no respect and its reached $30,000+ plus i maintain an average game score of 7.8. well let me know what you guys have figured out.

Look!! New Profile Image

I made new profile image I was sick of gohan lookin so pixelated and replaced him with a pic of myself. I also added a little quote. What ya think?

The Fast and the Furious is finally coming to a system

It is just about here and I can't wait. Namco mitch has been answering everyones questions on the message boards and it sounds to good to be true. A game that combines speed, togue and drift battles is gonna be too much fun especially since it has online games. Lets all pray production is goin as smooth as they say and we will see it in stores sept. 26.