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Now I'm mad. Pierre Thomas is not a saint anymore. Heck. I know the love we, who dat nation, have for Mark. BUT during the last few games in the 2014-2015 season, he made errors such as fumbles. (that was when Thomas was out)

Sean... What happen to Get the job done and not screw it up. In other news.... What is Chipp thinking about? This is worst than Sean letting go of Darren S. I hope this season is better than last season for ALL teams. Last Season felt Idk Known this or that will happen. Only non surprise was Johnny Football. (that's what happen when you build all that hype on him)

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@sherman-tank1 said:

J. Graham to the Seahawks. Wow that came out of nowhere.

(1st Pic: This is me thinking in my thoughts about the Saints decision)

(2nd Gif: This is me learning that Jimmy going to the SeaHawks)

I hope he survives over there. Remember the last time these two encounter. It wasn't pretty. Let's get real. This needs to be done. We need a new valuable tight end without complaining. I just hope we don't make the same mistake like last season.

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Ok. I'm back. I'm still confused on why they didn't win their 2nd SB ring even though I was for NE.

Oh well.

I did say an AFC team will win the SB. Plus. Brady did something that Manning couldn't do. Beat the Seahawks. lol

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@Chutebox said:

I REALLY hope pats beats Seattle. But i just can't see it

It really comes down to that. I mean I said it last week. NE will win it. Behind that comment was an AFC team will win the SB. I mean it needs to happen after last year SB. Seahawks unplugged both Manning's and defense 360 controller.

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GB blew it. That's mess up.

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Didn't expect Broncos to lose however I knew something bad going to happen in the Dallas vs Green Bay. Speechless.

So.... NE vs Seahawks or GB in the Superbowl. Just saying

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No point on continuing watching this game. 2-0 for me today.

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why do I have a feeling that the final score is a low scoring game.

edit: I take that back. It just the game feeling a bit slow.

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I should of known it wasn't going Flacco's way when he threw that INT. Now for Seahawks vs Panthers. 1-0 for today.

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One day people will stop pinning entire games on one call. Sorry, did that potentially missed call force the Lions punter to shank a 10 yard punt? Was it a questionable call that allowed Romo to march down the field for a game-winning score? Quit crying. Getting that call doesn't guarantee you shit. We saw the most accurate kicker in NFL history miss a chip-shot FG today. The Lions kickers suck weiner, they could have easily missed one too. Stop blaming the refs, play better.

Glad the Lions are out. That front would have destroyed our line. I'll take a shitty Panthers team.

You better hope because I have the Seahawks def. Panthers. Forget the 12th man. Every Panther hater need to be out there screwing up Cam's game.