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8 years of Insanity & Years More For Retirement

Hello. Ignore the 3/18/2005 because that's not my debut for GS. It is actually 3/19/2005.Anyway. 8 years of Insanity and now I can finally say I can retire. I have 2 degrees. Associate's Degree in Business Technology and Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (General Business). I'm now a change person to some degree. Like the Cross Marian in me has gone away like D.Gray-Man has gone away. I feel like a different person now that I official retire. However, I still do the bleach updates through my twitter account.


Other than that. 8 years of Insanity and years more of retirement.

So. Those who want to know where I hang out at in the forums. I hang out at the sports bar of GS. :P lol Anyway, let this old man retire. Already have gray hair to prove it.

So. My next blog is next year if I ever return to post a blog.

This is not good bye but see you all later.

P.S. - Capcom and WWE must be twins or something because they do something dumb everyday.

Let's GO! Final ROUND!


"Let's go! Final Round! Let's dance!" *cracking knuckles*

Monday is like knocking on my door meaning my final semester in college will begin. So I got my fighting gloves on and ready to take out these classes one by one. Finals for me are week early for graduating seniors. Booo but yay still. I pass all 3 summer classes. Awesome isn't it? :P So it's down to 4.

So wait. What does this really means?

Answer: Hmmm. This isn't a straight answer but it's getting really close for me turning in my Full retirement papers. However, Kubo making sure I stay in for the Gotei 13 Union when it comes to updates. BTW, Bleach manga will return in September. I will be still updating the manga for those still reading Bleach. Manga discussion board will be up for those who like to discuss there in the Gotei 13. (not forcing you to) As for the rest of the union, idk. I'm getting to the point where it's all good and done. I think Nightmare and I did what we came to do. Two rookies becoming 2 legendary members. If we have more energy to do another run, I'm up for it.

Next 2 blogs will be about gaming such as Injustice Review (finished star labs last week), Black Ops 2 ( reached Master Pr.), MGS V, COD Ghost, new/updated fighting games  and First day of school 8-19-2013.

I guess that's it. Listen to Inner Unverise & Rise by Origa. Good song and good artist.








7-7-2013 Birthday


*hitting the customer in front of me*

Yo. It's my birthday. Let me skip or else. :P


So yeah. Today is my birthday. I'm 23. So today schedule is..... church, visit family, out to eat, work on editing videos, play BO2, and sleep. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this. After my birthday, I HAVE SCHOOL!! Good job on scheduling. -_-'

Anyway. As you know. It's been awhile since I post a blog. So let me give you a quick update.


  • Last 2 semesters.
  • Looking for a job after college.
  • Moving?
  • Still staying at Gotei 13 Union to update the manga chapters
  • Rarely on here except when people post on Gotei 13.
  • Not accepting any union invites. (So stop)
  • Need a new PS3 controller.
  • Need Sony Vegas
  • Need a new laptop for job reasons. My current one is fine.
  • Sad to hear D.Gray-Man is cancel due to author health. Will return soon in the later future. Pray for her.
  • Still a campus police ticket writer.(somehow.... I became Mr. how do I get this ticket written off please)
  • Getting the PS4 next year.
  • Waiting for MGS5 and COD Ghost
  • Need to promote myself when comes to gaming
  • Still being talk about?


Last one is interesting. I find it funny how people don't have nothing to do but start mess. Look folks. You the reason people have these antibully events to fight against bully. Keep it up. It doesn't bother me because I'm living that good life.

Pslams 91:7 - A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Now. Can I say I told you so? People that are still here in the GS union community are like Piccolo in GT Saga 1st arc.


Yeah yeah. I'm one of them but hey. It's fun watching it go down. They promise us but hey. Never happen. So let's have a toast.


A toast to insanity.



P.S. - Dont be high oh mighty on the internet or join the popular trolling bandwagon. And who names a baby North when the last name is West! COME ON! I feel sorry for that baby girl. Next Blog is unknown.........*disconnect* 



News & Project [H]owling [R]ogues


I was looking through the story mode for Injustice. It is pretty good. NR pretty much making DC look interesting. If they can do a sequel, then they should do good. They won't let the people down. However, the online is a different story knowing we have players with cheap tatics to win a fight. Unreal.


But why am I'm talking about this? The reason because people need to learn from what NR did and start doing something. I heard Capcom is trying to do that. Actually, Capcom had a chance with MVC3 series but it fail. Plus it fail anyway because you making Capcom with most of their characters on the hero side. It must be even to be legit. Look at Injustice. Another reason I brought this up is that Capcom need to do some persuading and start making an only Marvel game. Ex: Marvel Superheroes. So they can try the same approach as NR with Injustice. IT doesn't have to be the same but follow the format.Also you can base the story from a marvel comic. Good example is Civil War, zombies, etc. etc. Opportunities are out there but fading away like the wind.


So what your take on Injustice and future fighting games following NR's format?




Since, Nightmare did his part. I will like to do my part now. The project we are working on is called, [H]owling [R]ogues. Notice the initials. :P Anyway. That will go under way until we get support on what we are standing up for. There is something I said to Nightmare which is a good point.

The unions gives GS members power to show off their abilites/work. Ex: Gotei 13 for me. Without us, there are no unions. And without unions, there's no support for GS. 


Like a company for example. The company didn't make itself. The customers build the company up. You making it worse leaving the unions dry with no answer about upgrades. Plus that annoying glitch. It time for a change. We are standing on what is right.


And I will be here until Kubo finish Bleach. So you have to deal with me for the next 9 years unless something happens in rl.

Hopes for Unions

^ Check that out.


Why am I all of sudden started this? Well, it time to pass down the torch. I know for one thing. My time is almost up here.  So I'm taking my precious time working on this issue.



Reviews and Rogue Outlaw


Alright. Time for Review of Black Ops 2 Online only. (No Zombies)

Let's start with the modes. There's a good list to choose from. If you played the previous black ops or MW games, then you know what you expect. If not, If you played other shooter mult. games, you won't be in the dark. I learn some new and some were just like MGO but different.

Comparing this to MGO is like this.

Black Ops 2 - design your guns
MGO- design your character

Black Ops 2 - can not go back a level
MGO - can go back a level

Both have nice, long, and small maps. Both have ranks matches like for MGO is survival. I don't know about BO2. I haven't check but I do know it there. Both have clans/leagues.

BO2 have extra for online like Zombies but MGO does not.

BO2 spawn is random but MGO isn't. BO2 spawn frustrates me sometimes.

Nades are different. I'm perfect with the Nade in MGO than BO2. There's a extra time before it sets off in BO2. MGO is different. Once you throw it, it done. So if you there, you can get hit where as BO2, you can throw it back or run away.

MGO is pure guns and nades. Nothing extra. So it like MVC2 and MVC3. MVC2 doesn't help out the noobs where as MVC3 does. So in BO2, you have extra to kill your enemy like Lightning Strike. I don't mind the extra but I find it too easy to use against your enemies.

There's a limit to TDM BO2. Up to 75 where it could be anywhere to 99 for MGO. I like MGO better because it higher than 75. I still enjoy it but yeah.

Attachments in both games but there more attachments in BO2 than MGO. The skills are in both games.

There's a lot to compare between the two. I will say that MGO3 need to step up with something new to attrach nnew players.

Now the players are funny while wearing the mics. People were trying to prounce KuchikiKisuke2. I lmao. One guy said, I'm not going try to prounce that.

At the end, I give BO2 online only 3.9/5


Don't believe that smile. Anyway. I have return to Darkstalkers 3 PS version. I got it from PSN. It fun to play. So I think I have to break my promise. Jojo 2013 was going to be my next Fighting game but I like to try out DS:R. I was thinking yesterday this. Why did Capcom invest so much in SF but not Darkstalkers. Yes. Morrigan and few other darkstalkers were in other capcom games but notice Darkstalkers only had 3 games. Forget the collections and upgrades. Darkstalkers only had 3 games. So Capcom need to get out there @sses and start making DS4. They can add few characters from MVC2 originals like Ruby Heart.... wait. Nevermind. Well, Amingo. Ruby Heart is questionable because of her certain technique. It close to Gallon. So yeah. Darkstalkers is a good investment.


Now. Big news about new sf with the polls was early april fools. STOP UPDATING SFIV and make a new SF game or new fighting game with SF, DS, and others. I heard something saying they making a game for the PS4. Wait. Let's stop there. Jojo is coming out for PS3. MGSV will be release on PS3. YOU HAVE time to make it happen before we have to wait a long dang year. Also. The polls were disappointing. Ryu and Ken are top 2 in NA/USA. Really folks. Really. Good thing Japan save us. Karin being #1 on their polls.

Polls - Go there to check it out.


Now. Let's talk about Rogue Outlaw.

I will say this. If you don't like how unions are treated like. Join and start making a statement. We can do what this person did in an anime.



That's it folks.




P.S - We both are ready but who the other is the question?

8 years of Insanity


"The day I retire is the day I stop doing my work here. Big question is when is that day?" 

So folks. Today marks my 8 years in GS. 8 years. HA! Who expect me being here longer than 5 year? 


o one. That's who. No one. Except one..... Ok. 5 maybe. Anyway. 

Now I would put my 8 years GS resume here but it very long. Longer than the list of glitches GS went through. Believe me. It is long. So to celebrate today. I will tell you some news. I got black ops 2 last last Saturday. I was owning people's @ss out there. Well, that wasn't news to be honest. The real news is.......... I will be still here until Bleach ends. So really. I just repeating same old news. So if Bleach ends, I will be on level I guess 77. Who knows. However, after 2013, I will not be in my current location.


Graduation(Fall 2013)

Need to find a better city



Anyway. I will have a blog up this weekend about Black Ops Review / Online, Bio Shock Infinite, and other.  Good Night all.  

P.S. - There's a reason why I'm in GS. There's a reason why my pin name is sfkm2. There's a reason why Webster Dictionary have insanity as a noun. They have it like  

insanity - n. sfkm2  Example: Sfkm2 created the Insanity Era of 2008.

There's a reason why I have so many connections here. There's a reason some of us had to meet here and not somewhere else. There's a reason why haters were targeting me. There so many things you probably wonder and want an answer. But how it all started was me saying this.  tumblr_lmn7b1QdvM1qlnhlmo1_1280.jpg 

"I'm bored, Nightmare. I will help." 

AND THAT how I got stuck with the name Kisuke. Funny because at the beginning. It was sfkm2.

*walking out the door*


Metal Gear Rising (Warning: Spoilers)




Ok. I go in this order. Gameplay, Music, Story, Graphics, and The Negatives.


Gamplay is very nice. Slashing through your enemies like a madman. Simple controls. Blade Mode is when you if you are mad, you go crazy on that enemy. Like me.



Yes. There were moments in the game where I just want to pull a Kubo troll. Stealth in the game is somewhat 50/50 if you do it smart. Some of the gameplay felt....repetitive. Reminds me of DMC series except Dante and Vergil can heal using a special technique AKA demon form.


Music was excellent for a game for Raiden. Snake is the old school music lover while Raiden the extremist. :lol: They did a good job with that. I give them that.


Story is after, I think, MGS4. Ok. Hmmmm Patriots were mention and all. But mention of Snake or Octcon. There's new characters. Kevin, Courtney, Boris, and the Doc. Oh yeah. George. Plus the wolf which was my favorite character. I wish he was playable but later in the blog. You see why I don't care anymore. Story was somewhat hmmm I really didn't care for it. It wasn't up there with the other MGS games.

Graphics are excellent. Very good with the details. :P


Now the negatives.



*flips table over*


What in the world! I didn't care if the game was short but good gosh. This game went from oh my to oh my goodness I want to trade this game in [spoiler] for Black Ops 2 [/spoiler] This game was turn off for me after 2nd boss fight. I didn't have a problem with Mistral or Sundown. I had a problem with Monsoon, Sam, and the Senator. When I got to the slashing blade moments, I WENT NUTS! I mean I didn't release my controlling even though it stop. IF somebody had a debate between DMC vs MGR. I would say neither. I just beat the game today. I learn something last night watching a video of somebody fighting against the Senator. Boy. Ever since then, I was like. THAT WORKS!? Heck, I could been done with the game Friday last night. If you know what I'm talking about, then you guess right. Dodging the huge crap he throws to you. You have to run at the right time so you won't get damage. Plus I did another loop hole. I went to normal to gather up some items on chapter 1 and 2. Make sure I save them up until the boss fight for Chapter 7 on Hard mode. My gosh. Thank goodness it's over. The minions were annoying.I really wanted to do this.


With one hit. And move on.


And so. I compare the difference between Normal and Hard. There's no difference.  So I thought this game deserve a 8.0 at first but no. 7.5 in my books. Don't see how GS gave this game a 8.5 and RE6 a 4.5. Makes no sense. VR Missions not going cheer me up than RE6 Versus mode. Believe me when I say this. Now if you had MG02.5 on there. I would give this game a 8.5. BUt no. For those who question to get this game. I rather you rent it. Beat it, and turn that son of gun back in. I wait for Ground Zero. As for me, I'm trading this game in for Black Ops 2. Yes. Blacks Ops 2. Since MGO is absent. I need something. Plus somebody got me into this. Once I saw that video on youtube and the way she play Black Ops. I was hook. As for next week. Tomb Raider and in mid April. Bioshock Infinite.


SO..... How will I end this blog?

Entrepreneurs & News



"You do know I better than you. Matter of fact, I didn't have to tell you that."

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening to all out there. I have return. Actually, I never left. So let's start with the news.

5 classes this semester.
-Management 3001
-Finance 3015
-Business Law 4001
-Risk Management & Insurance 3007 (Property & Casualty)
- Entrepreneurship 4033  

Here's the ugly fact about one of those class. It a night class. Only on  Wednesdays. Go ahead and guess which one it is. 

Anyway. Another fact. Already took 3 of these classes before went to ULM. That's Management, Finance, and Business Law. Apparently, they want me to take again and they tripping hard about it. Oh well. *grabs bat* I will have fun swinging insanity around. :lol: -_-' 

I went crazy over the last 3 weeks when comes to food at my cafeteria. I mean crazy. I was eating like a monster. Subway foot long sandwich with Chick fil a Waffle Fries and nuggets. Then I get something from Grill Works, and Chick fil a. Milkshake, drinks, cookies, chips. I'm going CRAZY! :twisted: Then I sleep for hours. :P Right now. I'm on my 6 day break. It's day 3. I have 3 more days, go to school for one day and go back home. Nice Process.

 Entrepreneurs? Have you ever thought to be one? I have because this world sucks at being one. If you want to be one, I recommend you start an idea and work on it. Do not let anybody tell you this. "You can't do it." If they do, you give them them a Luffy. I+read+this+in+captain+falcon+s+voice+_f 

Yes. They will understand how serious you are in becoming a Entrepreneur. With his face like that, they will know. :lol: Anyway. Start something and go with it. If it doesn't work, remap your plan and try again. We are not failures. We are Sexy Entrepreneurs that are better than our parents and other people before us.  Now then. You sit down and grab your drink like a proud person and say,





Damn..... What can I say about this shot right here? I'm not going say who this person is if you read you know what but damn. Good job, Kubo.  You made her from mom to babe. I give you props. One Piece finally out of the snore zone. Naruto enter the snore zone. Fairy Tail in the middle. Jojo is in the hype zone. Go watch the anime and read the manga. The manga still out there to read. Start reading from Part 1 - Part 8. Eight right? Steel Ball Run is 7. Ok. Yeah. 8 because there's something after Steel Ball Run. It been too long so I will return to Detective Conan. I went on break because I was too far ahead. I got into another manga. Nanatsu no Taizai. Good manga. Try it out and see if you like it.  garuda_street_fighter_ex_by_leonardogr-d

Garuda from the Ex Series of Street Fighter is one bad@ss character. It time for the EX series characters to return. I don't care if you make it Street Fighter vs Akira. DO IT NOW! In other news, I fixed 2 games. Remember the Blue disc won't work on the fat PS2. Well, I said one day I will play it. I look on youtube, and BOOM! I'm playing it. The trick. Duct Tape. I didn't know it was going work but it did. So I'm playing SFEX3, MVC2, and SFEX2+. All I need is SFEX+A and I'm set.re%206%20ada%20crop.jpg 

I'm still waiting for those extra modes in RE6 for the PS3. Here are the games I will be getting for Spring Christmas.

 MG Rising: R

Tomb Raider 

Bioshock Infinite

Resident Evil: R 

Debatable: DC Injustice and Fuse  


As for SF X T v2013, I really don't get it. That game will not get another push. We still got players playing the same Kazuya, Ryu, etc. crap. Now we got a Paul bandwagon crap. When can I take my gun and shoot the game. PLus SSFIV v2013? NO! STOP IT NOW! Move on. If you don't stop, it will be like 2002. Do you remember what happen in 2002? CFE. That's what. After CFE, it died until 2008 with SFIV which didn't save anything but the community which still sucks. What's a plus is the survey for new character representation for SF? It was up on eventhubs. Thank Goodness for this. I'm tired of Ryu.  Ryu isn't making that money. Chun-li's legs are. :lol: kidding. I should say that Cammy is. Anyway. Capcom need to smell something to wake them up. Probably Big foot's fart. Nah. That will put them in the hospital. Let's say his breath.

 tumblr_mdkil0Clrm1r3oc7fo1_500.gif Elementary is the best show ever along with Scandal, Suits, Persons of Interest, Grimm, and anime/manga. :lol: These shows need to last for a long time because good tv are dying. Why? keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-cast.jpg

 *points* That's why. Reality tv. It time for good shows to fight back. I join you and be in the front lines. I be like this, 

 Cold hearted. :lol:   So don't let reality take over your tv. Fight back. Well....... We lost one. Cartoon Network. So yeah. Let's start now before it too late. Dang kids ruin CN.

Anyway.  That's it for this blog. I will post another blog hmmm soon. I do know that I will post one on March 19, 2013. 8 years of Insanity. Will I reach the 10 or stop? Hmmm Good day folks. 

P.S. -


"I told Cross to take everything with him when he leaves. How in the hell can I explain this to Yoruichi? I can't leave this girl with Tessai. I know. I drug Ichigo and put him here. Wait. He's not experience. I drug Isshin instead." :P

Gotei 13 - 5 years of Insanity

*Hey. Yoruichi. The cookies are missing?*

Today is Gotei 13 Union Birthday. 5 years of what Nightmare-_- and I created. We went from not known to damn famous GS members. So what's in store for us for 2013? Who knows.I do know 2013 is my last year when comes to college. So who know what's going happen in 2014. Anyway. Next celebration blog is March 19. Not March 18. Whoever mess up my date that I join should be fired. :x

Anyway.I give thanks to all the members in the Gotei 13 Union who made the union great.Toast to all. Later :P

Note: Ray Lewis will retired. I always like his personality on the field. So I found this video a while ago that's funny and true. I hope the Ravens get in the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis - What time is it?

P.S. - *in the school parking lot giving out tickets* :P

Errors Part 2 & Revolution Pt 2.

*Bandwagon Unoriginal Copycat Online Player*

Look at me. I got the top tier characters. I'm going show off their top tie.


*Gets Shot by me*

Sit your @ss down!

Ladies and Gentleman. Capcom put up a survey. *smh* Why now? Why not like Idk before SF X T was release or after MVC3. Why now? Capcom. Ugh.

Let's begin Errors Part 2.

I'm playing again UMVC3 (I finish Deus Ex HR so yeah.... Good game and needs a sequel) and I see more Dr. Dooms & Morrigans than COD players camping online on youtube. -_-' You think I'm wrong? Go play online.

I like to point out something. In Marvel vs Capcom 2, Clockwork (forgot his real name) was the "pro" Doom player. When MVC3 was release, he still played Doom but Doom was crappy (not his doom but the way Capcom had him was crappy). Still got in Top 16 or 8 but still crappy. UMVC3 is release in Nov 2011 and everyone jumps on the Doom Bandwagon.

If I remember I went from Akuma, Wesker, Phoenix to Akuma, Vergil, Wesker because I wanted rush after my opponent to give them a scare.

Yeah. That scare. :P Anyway.

I didn't put Dr. Doom on my team. For one, it unoriginal. Two, I hate bandwagons. Three, I play my own style. Now let's begin Morrigan situation.

When I first got MVC3, I pick up Dante, Morrigan, Trish. Ok. Didn't like the team. So I went to C. Viper, Chun-li, Wesker. The point is nobody pick up Morrigan that much until somebody reveal something new and exciting. Now you got the Morrigan bandwagon.

To sum it up,


This is what UMVC3 community looks like. Clones. There are some that trying to be different and some that just want to be a clone. At the end, UMVC3 is like MVC2 but different. It not M-S-S. It pretty much Ult. Dr. Doom vs Morrigan. And if anybody thought Wesker had a bandwagon, you thought wrong.

So the question is......... When will it end? I say it won't because players need that guidance from the "pros." (I don't call them pros. They just like everyone else but they stay in their "labs" play nonstop to be good.) Then release online to showoff. Well, I don't do that crap. I say it like this. If HybridKing gave me BlackOps 2, I will be in the room learning it on my own. Create my own style while learning the game. (However, I won't play over 2-3 hours playing the game)

I don't know what to say next because it will not change. I say it like this. If UMVC3 get another patch (not likely) and buff Idk uhhh Chun-li. Everyone will hop on it and start doing the same exact moves to show off that they are the best.


Well, I got news for you all. Bioshock Infinite (got into it last week), Remember Me, and Fuse are coming next year. 2013. I will be busy playing those games instead of any fighting game unless it Jojo All Stars.

"When asked if he hoped that All Star Battle, the new JoJo's fighter being developed for Namco, would be accepted by the competitive fighting game community (or if that was even a goal for the project), Matsuyama responded via translator that he "actually prefers JoJo to become a game that casual users can pick up and play, because if you appeal to the 'maniac' users too much, it becomes too niche, and the people who can play this game become very limited."

Source: Joystiq

^ That's why I'm getting Jojo All Stars. Plus I'm a Jojo Fan. Thank Goodness Namco-Bandai is creating the game. The Capcom HD Version died. Why? Hol Horse. That's freaking why. Remember what I said. Bandwagon. That's what killed it. People probaby buy it because of collection reason but that's it. The same goes for Marvel vs Capcom Origins.

It's time for a change. Not just the FGC but for everything.



Should of known, Kubo. Should of known. Anyway. Revolution Pt 2. The update is next Wednesday begins Gotei 13 5th Year in GS. And next year is a countdown towards my 8 years here. Am I getting old or what?

*sits down*

I got my cards set. The question is............ Will GS do their job next year?

*puts on Hat*

Are you ready for 2013???............. And Merry Christmas.............[Disconnect]