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New banner, new sig

I was in a designing mood today, so I fired up PS and my result was a new banner(see above) and this sig-

I really like the banner, the sig I did in about 10-15 minutes, so it might not be the best.

What do you guys think?

Gears 2

Wow this game is the ****! I haven't even touched Fallout 3 this weekend, it's that good. The highlight I would have to say is Horde. It's a fun mode where you and up to 4 friends battle wave after wave of Locust, and they get harder and harder as you go along. On top of that there are difficulty levels as well, and just like the campaign, it goes all the way from Casual to Insane. Even on Casual once you get up to the 40s, it is no walk in the park for experienced Gears players.

I would say the campaign has to be right up there with Horde as well, it has a very captivating story. I found myself saying I would quit on the next checkpoint/chapter, but I couldn't stop playing it. It does a great job of mixing in different types of gameplay instead of just run and gun the WHOLE time. No spoilers here, but I'm sure most of you already know there will be Gears 3.

Well I will get a full review for this and Fallout 3 up eventually, tho I probably have said that before and not done it. WTF I haven't even reviewed Halo 3?? But this time I will so watch for that in an upcoming blog.

Peace 8)

Fallout 3!

Wow! That was my first impression when I first booted up the game today. I'm pretty sure I can already give this game a 10, despite only having played for an hour and a half.

Now I'm not going to spoil anything, but let's just say that was one of the most intense "intros" to a game that I have ever played. While it was similar to the beginning of Oblivion in many ways(for those of you who have played Oblivion) it was so much more in-depth, and actually gave you some choices that could be potentially important later on.

I have been referring to it as "Oblivion with guns" which may not be the most accurate statement, but it is definitely not a bad thing. Since I am an Elder Scrolls nut, I see nothing wrong with inputting some of the things that made Oblivion so great into Fallout. All I can say is I can not wait to play more, too bad I am going to be extremely busy till the weekend.

In other news, I am nearing Level 38, the Texans are on a 3-game winning streak, the Phillies are about to win the World Series, NBA season is starting, Michigan sucks, TCU is pwning, Obama scares me, and I am extremely sexy.

Peace 8)

Hurricane Ike is on my doorstep

The title does not lie, we have a giant, very dangerous hurricane heading our way in Texas. Hurricane Ike will likely be a category 3 or 4 storm when it makes landfall Friday night or early Saturday morning.

So wish me the best, we are not evacuating, and hopefully we will be all right here. School was cancelled for me tomorrow, and it could possibly be cancelled Monday as well. Though it is a very dangerous storm, I am a little excited to see what happens, as I have never been in a hurricane this powerful.

I probably will be without power this weekend so I will not be able to be on here. I'll try and take some pictures if I can and post them here. I'm just hoping our house and our family stays in one piece.

My Xbox is Back!!

Finally my Xbox has returned from repairs! I can now return to pwning n00bs on Halo 3 and finally play Madden, yes!!:D Hit me up on Live this weekend if you want, although if I ignore you I am probably playing Madden.

School is going pretty good so far, junior year should be a good one. I have to say driving to school is pretty cool, because I can just go to Jamba Juice or wherever right after school.

And how can I forget...FOOTBALL!! College started last weekend, NFL starts Thursday. Michigan lost to Utah, I'm pretty pissed about that:( The other games I watched were Missouri-Illinois, which was a great game, Chase Daniel 4 Heisman! I hope Maclin is ok though. Oh and I watched UCLA-Tennessee, that was also an amazing game, UCLA pulled the upset and won in OT.

So yeah, I'm back in the gaming business, and looking forward to the NFL starting!

Junior Year...

Well tomorrow marks the beginning of my Junior year in HS. While I am sad that the summer is over, this should be a great year hopefully. Although it is said to be the hardest year, I am not taking any honors classes so it shoudn't be too bad. But at my school you never know. I am excited to finally be able to drive to school, and I went and picked up my parking permit the other day. The only thing I'm worried about is the teachers, at my HS we have some very good teachers, and pretty much the rest of them are terrible. Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I get a decent schedule.

In other news I got a new cell phone the other day, an LG Shine slider phone-

So far I love it,it has a great screen, the keypad is pretty good, nice camera, etc.

Finally I sent my Xbox off the other day, so maybe if I'm lucky it will be back by next weekend, but that's a big maybe.

Peace, I'll be on the forums when I can, though my time will definitely be dropping.

Busted Xbox, back to designing...

So yeah the other day I had the displeasure of discovering my 360 was broken. There I was happily enjoying Gears of War, when I got the "disc is unreadable" crap that happens occasionally. Though when I attemted to turn it back on, I got one of the dreaded red rings(the bottom right one) and an E74 error. I read up on the error and discovered it could have something to do with the AV cable(although not the case here) and a good chance of it having to do with some chip in the Xbox.

So I'm planning to call Microsoft to see what the deal is, and see if they will fix it. I hope this error is under the warranty. What really pisses me off though is Madden is coming out in 2 days and I was pumped to play it. I'm still gonna pick it up and maybe I'll play it at one of my friend's house.

In other news, since my brother had fixed Photoshop for my birthday I finally have gotten back into designing. I'm really happy because I had been missing playing around in PS and making sigs and such. I have made two sigs since then, and I'm hoping to make more soon. Here they are, so see ya'll later, enjoy-

An a B&W version of #2-

Bloggin on my birthday

Well obviously I haven't made a blog in quite a while, so considering today is my 17th birthday, I thought I would make one today. My summer has been goin great, but sadly there is less than a month left before I start my junior year in HS.

Not too many games I plan on purchasing before the end of the year, only Madden and Gears 2. Maybe something else if I find a good price somewhere. Still been playing a lot of Halo 3, I'm currently a Brigadier Grade 3. But my playing time on Halo will probably significantly decrease once Madden comes out, and I'll probably start playing Gears 1 again to practice up for Gears 2.

Since I finally got my license earlier this summer, I'm probably going to get my own car soon, and it's probably going to end up being my Dad's 2005 Honda CRV, not my first choice, but hey it's a car. My parents are shopping for a new car for my dad, so it should be mine before the summer is over.

Well that's all I've got, hope everyone has been enjoying their summer, I'm off to party:)

March Madness, Spring Break, and More!

Haven't blogged in a while, so I thought now would be a good time since I am on Spring Break. Sure doesn't feel like it though since the weather down here has been terrible. But a week off nonetheless came at a perfect time, let's just face it, I needed a break badly. Sleeping in till 10 AM FTW! In other news I reached Level 34 the other day, Paramecium. I should be about 36-37 by now if it weren't for moderations:(

In sports news the Rockets 22 game win streak ended last night against the Celtics, it was a great run, and a very amazing time for the city of Houston. Pretty much everyone I know was getting into it. Also March Madness is upon us, I did my brackets, and I'm picking Kansas(sorry Espurs). Definitely not going with UCLA(overrated IMO). Though I'll be cheering for Duke, its not their year.

As far as games go, I've been playing Halo 3, COD4, and I rented NBA Street: Homecourt and MLB 2k8 the other day. Well that's all for now.