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I am back

As SURE you all noticed my absence from GS as I was suspended for "Fuse Abuse",basically messing around with Fuse.I still checked the site out for sure though.But you wouldnt believe how frustrating it is to see threads you want to post in and you can't but anyways.

I decieded I was going to have a nice Bodybuilder lunch today(4 eggs and 2 slices of whole grain bread) but I couldnt be fvcked to boil them.Then I remembered from an article online that you could could microwave them,it seemed easy TOO easy.But being lazy and torpid I though "What could happen?".So I went ahead and nuked them,came down and opened the   it up to find

[spoiler] 1024.jpg?md=1365949216000tumblr_lqrqcbwCuE1qhmym7.gif [/spoiler]

It took FOREVER to clean,so remember....don't nuke the eggs!

Funny stuff I see on Gamespot everyday

Gamespot can be a pretty funny place,cant it?

These are just a few of the things I see everyday that make me laugh.

I managed to catch this one on the main site(look to the left;))

1024.jpg?md=1334133090000the next ones pretty recent,I managed to take a pic right in the middle of their argument


Oh, you're from the UK? I guess that explains your ignorance here.


:lol: some people ay?

thats in for now give me a little bit more time to work on some more

Why I hate Gamespot Fuse

Yes I said it Gamespot Fuse sucks!

When Fuse first came out,it was great!Cool posts and people made it one of my favourite aspects of Gamespot.But now *Sigh* its boring and everything is boring.All the cool people have left and all I ever see is "Good Morning" or "Good Night" and don't even get me started on the sheer amount of glitches.

Sure I don't mind these "Good Morning/Good Night" posts these posts but every friggen day?Yet when I decided to try my hand at it everybody sent me hatemail,this made me laugh at their immaturity as I never sent them hatemail for the (many) things I didn't like about them and their posts.

Now days its just plain boring with an extremly irritable and inmature commuinty.The posts arent as fun anymore and the people are just plain irritable.Dont get me wrong Fuse is still cool from time to time but its nothing compared to what it used to be.

Found this cool Portal GIF

Got Portal 2 recently,it was a great experince and its amazing how Valve twisted the first person thing into something else.

Any way discovered this GIF and hope you enjoy it

So I got a PS3.....

Yes that's right I am blogging:shock:

Yeah its about time a wrote a decent blog instead of just a few words which have absoloutly no meaning what so ever,anyways hope you all had a good Christmas and a good start to 2012:D

So yeah Ive got a PS3 for Chrsitmas and its pretty darn cool,before I get started I would like to point out I have the slim 160GB version.The console looks nice and as the name implies it is "Slim" its also quite simple to sign up for Playstation Network,the Network is pretty cool with things like Playstation Home which is a social hub were you can meet other people and make your self famous by dancing like its 1977 everywhere.Another big feature is Playstation Store which is were(Much like a normal store) you can buy games,TV shows and films.Their is also the option to get demos of some of the stations best Titles.Making PSN worth signing up for.

My PS3 is also considerable smalller than myXbox and it fits quite nicely under my TV stand.The controller(Not the BF3 Show) is also pretty cool,feeling alot lighter and more fragile than an Xbox controller,it also has a Six Axis System which makes for some pretty awesome mini games and other memorable moments.Although the Network is free thier are subscription fees for some services but it isn't compulsory you do use these,I'm very happy with my PS3 and prefer it to my Xbox.

I would also like to name 3 Titles I will be getting for my PS3 in the coming months

Portal 2

Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Names "Pocko213" add me,just say your from Gamespot;)

Multi genre gaming

The other day i was looking at my friends list on xbox live and i saw warlordz101.His bio was multi genre gaming.And it made me think,is it common to be a multi genre gamer.BecauseIam a multi genre gamer.

Shooter:call of duty black ops

RPG:Fable 2/3

Strategy:The sims 3

Action adventure:Red Dead Redemption

Platformer:Rachet and Clank

The other day i was also looking on the sims 3 website and there are people who have every single sims game ever made.And that made me think.I would have to sell most of my games collection to afford all the sims games.So what is it tobe a multi genre gamer?

Because not everybody likes different genres some people just like RPGs or racing and well some just like sims games.

But then i thought what is it to be a multi platformer gamer.Personally I play nearly all my games on my xbox,but once a year or so i will dig my old ps2 out of the cupboard and play that.And then theres my pc which i only play the sims 3 from.