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Im great

I am great at he fifa 06 game and if any one out thier is willing to donate fifa 07 to me then I will give you a internet hug.

Soccer rocks

I see why people say its the best sport in the world. I went down to mexico when the world cup was going on and it was amazing. I am now hooked on the sport I just brought fifa 06 for the ps2 and im going to try out for my team 2. I say every one should wacth one game in thier life. Its nothing like seeing a goal scored in the 88th minute after bieng 0-0 the whole game you just get so wrapped up In the exciment it controls you.

football fever

Yes football is back and yes I will be watching just about every game that comes on t.v.. I will be playing every game that comes on t.v. thanks to Madden. Just one more thing. R U Ready For Some Football? 

I Love Comedy Central!

One of the best networks on cable t.v.. I go to comedy central for any thing I need. I watch the news on comedy central(the daily show). I Just love it. It has an all star line up of show from the Dave Chapplle show to Reno 911 even south park is good. They have have a formula for making good shows And they should stick to it. With out Comedy Central I would have one the worst summers ever thank you so much.

I got it

I got god of war and it totally rocks I just hope that i can beat it on god mode before school is out.

GTA all the way

I was just writing in case I get in any leagl trobles with R* . This is to let the lawyers no that I wrote about the prision GTA and I don't want any one to steal it with out paying me so if it is stollen then I have proof that I wrote IT today 2/25/05 at aroud 6 o colck. That is all.

The low down

I got my progress report today and I failed my class really bad.So I called my mom and told her what happened. when I got home today I checked my email to find that she wrote me a note. It was very heart warming so I thought that I might add it to my jurounal. So from now on this journal will be off limits.

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