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I'm actually glad to see Nintendo go down.

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I have been gaming since the 80's. I remember when nintendo were king of the world, during the NES and SNES days. But i cannot believe how bad the giant fell after SNES, when they bought out the N64. That generation was a gaming revolution, it was the transition from cartridge gaming to CD based consoles. Multiple Gaming magazines - mainly edge, were raving on about how amazing the technology was. How it was going to change how big games were going to be forever. In these gaming magazines, they featured in detail this amazing the technology was and what its was capable of.

Everyone, except of course Nintendo embraced this new tech and gave us an experiance we have never had before. Full motion video RPGs, full on arcade perfect 3d games such as Tekken and Ridge racer. What did Nintendo do? They bought out a full page ad in every magazine  telling everyone they were not going to join CD band wagon and stick to cartridges. Apparantly CD loading times were too slow, and that was their marketing for the N64. 

Too cut a long story short im not going to go into all the fine details, but im sure everyone still remembers the blurred graphics of the N64 right? Looking back on things now, Nintendo are the biggest hypocrites of all time in the gaming industry.

From that point onwards because they did not go with the times, they have ALWAYS lagged behind. Lost every single console "war" and have never ever caught up. 

N64 - Fail 

Used Outdated Cartridge system. Sony's PS1 wiped the floor of everything around at the time.


Used tiny cds, No DVD player. Did not stand a chance against the PS2, and Xbox. Was not even as good as the dreamcast.

Wii - Fail (but was a god send for Nintendo's pockets)

Very clever. Despite having the gaming power of a PS1 everyone went crazy for this because of the gimmicky motion controller. But people soon got bored of it and while the PS3 and Xbox 360 are still going STRONG, the wii is DEAD. Also did not even have a DVD player.


Decided to finally join the "current" console race with the same power as the Ps3 and Xbox...when party is all over. Despite Optimists saying things like, oh we are still waiting for more games. No one really cares except the nintendo loyalist. Zelda, mario, mario kart + a ton of other kiddy Bayonetta 2? The first game was good, but its not the huge exclusive everyone is going to want to buy a wii u for. 


Nintendo only have themselves to blame. I would go as far as to say the gaming community would be much better off without them. Thus the Xbox and Ps3 communities would be bigger and better. One thing i am sure of is that Nintendo are way too far gone, i dont think they will every repeat the glory years of the SNES ever again.

Well im finally glad to have got this off my chest, and it has been there a while. 

Thanks For reading :)