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DS nice and neat .. but I want more

I picked up a DS from a friend for a couple different reasons. One of the main things was using the DS with our Wii. Only to find out it that it only works with 2 games. Come on!!

This has got to be one of the coolest ideas around, I only wish it was supported by more games. All of the posts I see about it, people are complaining that Nintendo needs to utilize this option. However, the DEVELOPERS are the ones who need to tap into the power.

They are already dedicating specilized programmers to writing Wii versions of games to incorporate the controllers and lower graphics, it's time get the DS involved.

There are all kinds of possibilities, the biggest one being that you could pick plays for football without the other player seeing. How about interaction using the touch screen. I would love to see a Mystery Case Files for the Wii, using the DS as your "tool box" or your "briefcase" or better yet as your maginfying glass.

How about a spy game using the DS as a com link??

Maybe someday, but for now all we can do is write blog posts like this.

Wii .. The ultimate Party System

We've had the Wii for about a week, and so far there hasn't been an evening in the house when the basement wasn't full of people playing the Wii.

I've only had about 2 - 3 Hours of personal 1 to 1 playing time with the machine. It's been a free-for-all with people visiting to play the new system.

My wife, has been playing Hostess for the last week and we've really been enjoying the excitement of playing as well as the exicitment of having people over at the house.

The Wii is awesome, I am so glad we got it!


Wii for christmas

I got a Wii for christmas. It's been a non-stop Wii-a-thon at our house since then. It's been really cool to have the ablilty to entertain a large amount of people with a video game system.

I came home from work yesterday and my wife and her friends were playing. That is a first.

The Wii is a really cool system and a great look at things to come. I cannot wait to see what the next-gen of consoles will have in store for us.



If gamespot is as good as .. I will really enjoy this site.

I got a Wii for christmas and this site has helped to far in deciding what to and what not to get for it.