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Do You Agree with Getting Rid of the Blogs?

Let me know you're thoughts on this, but comment quickly, because the blogs are going away!!! I am pretty upset that this site is getting rid of the blogs, something that keeps me checking the site every day (I only need to check once a week to mod my queue, since I edit older shows).

Blurry banner

Is it just my poor vision, or is my Sesho2022 banner now blurry? Does anyone know if the site has changed the banner dimensions in the redesign? Thanks.

I love Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect is one of my favorite new shows. I don't understand why it's not getting good ratings. It has funny, sly, character-based humor, interesting who-done-it plots, and Maria Bello shines as the main character.

There are some hilarious laugh out loud moments, such as when Jane interviews the hostile crazy cat lady witness, who, if I remember correctly, was the mother of a suspect. The humor is wacko, at times, which reminds me of Dexter. Anyway, I hope this show survives, because there are not many like it, on TV.

New color in Design

Ughhh! I hate the new site color. It's hideous and makes it harder to read the website here. Another reason to stay away. I'm not even going to mention how ugly it makes the banners look, because my main issue is that the site is hard to see.

I'm Back!

I have Internet access, again. More importantly, my place has heat, cell phone service and lights again! Winter storm Alfred was unbelievable. I'll post more, when I get a chance.

no internet access

- Please do not send any submission(s)/contributions - i have no internet access due to winter storm "Alfred". - Will update blog once power is restored.


A hurricane is scheduled to hit our state on Sunday 8/28 with expected power outages. The state said there may not be power for up to a week if there's an outage in my area. Obviously, I won't have internet access if my power goes out, this week. Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

I am moving

I am moving on 11/20/10 and am not sure when I will have internet access. I will be all moved in by December 1. I will post again when I have internet access. Thanks, everyone.