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Things just get weirder...

This bizarre-looking piglet has been nicknamed Cyclops because one of its three eyes is in the centre of its head. And the little pig was also born with two mouths, one on each side of its head. It also has two noses and will have two sets of teeth. The strange-looking creature was unable to feed from its mother - so the farmer was forced to feed it using the mouths it had on either side of its head, which it can use at the same time. Now the little animal feasts on powdered milk. Cyclops was the seventh of seven in his litter and was the only abnormal birth. Cyclops' mother was artificially inseminated, and local vets are baffled as to how a genetic mutation caused the pig to look as he does.

Farmer Yang Qiaofen, from Huimen village, Menla County, China, is now taking special care of the unusual pig.

Djokovic wins Australian Open!

Well my fellow country man, Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open last night. Me, the family, and nearly all the serbian people in Sydney were extatic. No joke, i was partying outside with friends unntil 3 30 last night. Really cool that he won. He beat French sensation Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in a high quality match, heres some photos from last night:

Well hes the man to be the future number one, he beat Federer in the semis. I think it will happen again.


Back, with a new friend

Finally sorted out my computer issues, heres my new one:

Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8800gt
4gb Kingston Ram
620w Corsair PSU

Thats about all i know, well im back now, see ya guys around. :)

Just wow...

At first glance, it seems to be an ordinary snap of a group of young people. But look more carefully and there appears to be an extraordinary, ghostly presence among them. Peeping out between the knees of two of the girls is the face of a child. The eerie image - clear enough to show a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth and hair - was captured by 17-year-old Matthew Summers on his mobile phone as he and his friends were preparing to go out. "I zoomed in to my sister's mate's little sister who was crying and I saw a face," Matthew said. "You can see all the facial expressions and everything. "Usually when you see pictures like that it's a blur but this one is really weird. "I was really shocked because I don't believe in that stuff."

Matthew took the picture in his sister's friend's front room in Billingham, Teesside. "I've sent it to my girlfriend and she thinks it's a bit weird," he added. His photo joins a long line of apparently paranormal snaps. The most memorable in recent times was a cloaked figure photographed standing in a doorway at Hampton Court Palace in 2003. However, Ciaran O'Keeffe, a parapsychologist on Living TV's Most Haunted show, has a more down-to-earth explanation for the "child" in Matthew's photograph.

Dr O'Keeffe said: "As human beings we're very good at finding a pattern in randomness and related to that we're good at finding faces in randomness. The term for this is pareidolia. "First it was ink blots, then things like clouds in the sky and now mobile phone pictures. "There is no ghost in this picture, just the coincidental effect of pixelation and darkness and light which combine together."

Sorry for the Absence

Im just having a bit of issues with my computer. Be back as soon as possible. Sorry to all the unions im in for the inactivity.

Cheers. :)

Oh Christ

A girl born with three eyes and two noses has been attracting hordes of people who believe her to be an incarnation of Hindu god Shiva. The birth of the 'wonder girl' in Angara block of Ranchi created quite a stir last week with villagers queuing up for a glimpse of the baby.

'People from far-flung areas are coming for a glimpse of my daughter. Why has god played such a cruel joke with me by giving me a daughter with abnormal features,' rued Sukhlal Mahto, the girl's father. Though her two eyes appear to be normal, she has a third eye in the middle of two noses. But she has not opened her third eye yet, Shuklal said.

'Even Lord Shiva did not open his third eye regularly. Shiva opened it once to destroy someone,' said Mahesh Mahto, a villager. Drawn by the belief that she is an incarnation of Shiva, the villagers visit Sukhlal's house every day with garlands and incense sticks to worship the girl.

'It is a case of a genetic disorder,' said Manish Kumar, a general physician.

Wondered what your dog is saying?

What would a dog say if it could talk? "Stranger", "fight", "walk", "alone", "ball" and "play", according to scientists who have developed a computer programme to translate dog barks. The special programme analysed more than 6,000 barks from 14 Hungarian sheepdogs in six different situations. In a series of tests the team of scientists, from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary led by Csaba Molnár, discovered that a computer could recognise whether a dog was in a stranger, fight, walk, alone, ball or play scenario. Computer can tell what kind of situation a dog is in by how it barks The barks were tape recorded and then digitized on a computer, which used software to study their differences.

The computer correctly identified the different situations 43 per cent of the time. Although it was not a high success rate it was far better than human recognition, the researchers said. The computer was most accurate in identifying the "fight" and "stranger" contexts, and was least effective at matching the "play" bark. The results appear in the journal Animal Cognition, and suggest that dogs have acoustically different barks depending on their emotional state. The researchers also performed a second test, in which the computer identified individual dogs by their bark.

The software correctly identified the dogs 52 per cent of the time, again much better than the human result, suggesting there are individual differences in barks even though humans are not able to recognize them. The team also plans to compare the barks of different breeds to discover what they have in common.

Full Article

POLL: Sexiest Female Tennis Player

Now, now, dont get too excited. There wont be any rude images going on here. I made this poll in the GameSpot AU forum yessterday aswell and i got interesting results. Im gonna do it here aswell. So heres the poll, who do you think is better looking:

1. Ana Ivanovic

2. Maria Sharapova

Simple text 1 to 19 18.... Lol, just messing. Just vote, Ana or Maria. :)

The Basic Rules of Blogging

Check this out, read it, breathe it, remember it. These are the basic rules of having a great blog. You dont really have to follow all of these rules because it really depends on the kind of blog you run, but most of them are sure to help you improve with your blog sif you follow them.

1. Don't take yourself seriously - I've been pondering this one a lot lately. As bloggers it's easy to get sucked into the mindset that the world revolves around us. The fact is that it doesn't and the sooner we realize it the better.

2. Be whimsical - Carson's point here - have fun. I think this is great advice for bloggers. Like point two is getting at - we can get way to serious with blogging. The bloggers that I'm drawn back to reading are ones who obviously enjoy what they do and at times inject humor and fun into the process.

3. Be Chunky - Here he talks about short, sharp and diverse segments - the same could be said for posts (or sections within posts). One of the keys to a good blog is that it has an overall theme/topic that is tight enough to capture an audience - but that has enough variety in it to keep drawing people back over time.

4. Don't Ramble, Be organized - Thinking ahead with your blogging can set a great blogger apart from a good one. Sitting down to write 'something' can work - but knowing ahead of time what your posts will be for the next week can help you to build momentum in your posts. Of course many bloggers do well with a more random chaotic approach - but to sustain a blog at a high level of quality takes a certain amount of forethought and planning.

5. Cram, cram, cram as much good stuff as you can into the time - Give your readers as much goodness in your posts as possible and they'll be back for more.

6. Be regular, but only if you've got quality - Great advice for bloggers. We talked a few days ago about not posting just for the sake of it if you have nothing to say - but this needs to be balanced with regularity in your posting.

7. Get decent audio! - Obviously there is no 'audio' quality with blogging - but perhaps if get a little loose with our metaphors we could extend this to blog design? While there are some successful blogs out there with pretty plain generic design, these days one way to get attention and create a favorable impression is a 'wow' design. It's amazing what it can do for a blog's popularity.

8. Get a buddy - I don't know of many blogs where the two bloggers working side by side works really well. Perhaps this is one which doesn't apply as much - although I'm a big believer on working with others in different ways.

9. Have show notes on your blog - Planning on a macro level can really pay off. I also think micro 'in post' planning can be worthwhile also. I quite often write the main points I want to make as single sentences before I write a post and then go back to fill in the gaps. This helps to stop rambling and aimlessness in posts. It doesn't work for everyone (it's just my writing styIe I guess) but helps keep me on track.

10. If you're doing interviews, don't be Charlie Rose - Let your guests talk when interviewing them. Once again you could apply this if you do interviews I guess - but I think it can also related to your comments section. Some bloggers write in a voice where they dominate a blog so much that commenters either need to disagree with them to add anything to a conversation. My styIe of blogging is much more about creating conversations and allow commenters to finish my posts. I'm much more into an open ended styIe of blogging (again a personal taste).

11. Don't interview Jason Fried - main point here was to find fresh people to interview. Same is true for blogging, not just in who you might interview but what you write about. It's a challenge, but finding a fresh angle on an old topic is a brilliant way to build a blog.

12. Try to be natural - I guess this is about finding your own voice and tone to write in. Some people's writing styIe will be more a little more relaxed than others and I don't have a problem with more formally written blogs - as long as the bloggers is being true to their own personality. I think the main thing is to develop some consistency in the way they write.

13. Don't be scared to throw a show away - Great advice for bloggers. Remember that everything you write will either add to or take away from your blog's brand and identity. It all reflects upon you in some way. As a result if you've written a bad post either delete it before publishing or save it as a draft to work on and improve later. While many measure the success of blogs by what it publishers - perhaps the flip side is that it can also be measured by what it doesn't publish.

14. Do some editing - Perhaps more relevant for podcasts but also true for blogs. I still remember the day when I submitted a post that I'd written on one of my blogs to a magazine for publishing. The editor asked me if she could work it up a little before publishing and I was amazed to find that they went with an article a bit over half the size of what I'd first written. At first I was disappointed with this - until I read the vastly superior article that it ended up being.

15. If you have something important/valuable to say, get something out there. It may not be perfect, but if you've got great content, some omissions from the above list are tolerable - a great piece of advice to finish off on. It's easy to be a little overwhelmed when you first start blogging - you want to get everything 'just right' - and end up never launching because it never is. There comes a time where you just have to launch and work on things as you go.

Here, have a slave

Robot servants for the home will become a reality within ten years, according to experts at Britain's biggest technology retailer. Technology unveiled at the world's biggest gathering of industry leaders heralds the arrival of 'house-bots', according to group buying director at PC World, Simon Turner. He pointed to the example of sophisticated new robots which have been developed essentially as toys as opening the door to wider acceptance of the technology. scroll down for more...: Face of the future: Robot technology is set to become standard in homes, industry leaders say Among the latest examples unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas were the Spykee series developed by Meccano and Tribot and Rovio, from Wow wee.

However, even more sophisticated worker robots are in the pipeline, such as the iRobiQ, from Yujin Robots of South Korea. The robots - like iRobiQ - which are linked into the home's own technology and broadband internet service, will effectively become the technology hubs of the home. Voice commands to the robot would be translated into wireless signals to turn on the washing machine, change the TV channel, dim the lights or change the music. iRobiQ can also be programmed to wake you up in the morning with a song, tour the house during the night to provide security and even order a second low-grade robot to vacuum the floor. In South Korea she is even programmed to help teach children English, both through the spoken word and letters which appear on a screen on her chest. Mr Turner said: 'Consumer robotics is a sector that is expanding rapidly and we're betting that we'll all have some kind of robot servant in our homes within ten years.

Well this would just but totally awesome, i mean, think about it... No more little jobs need to be done, taking out the trash, doing the dishes. We can just get our really expensive little robot friend to do it for us. Then again, he is really expensive, and some of us might just have to continue doing chores for the next 100 years.