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Where the Fuck... the "Delete Account" button? "Delete blog" button? Edit the "Games I own" button?

How about the "I'm a big fucking idiot website run by bitches and tag nuts" button, with the option of a +Like! next to it?

I'm fucking done with video games, as in I sold the whole fucking lot, I'm never playing a retarded game (that isn't even enjoyable and only ever makes me fucking psychotically angry) again, and I never want to see my name on this freaking retardation website again!

If you don't fucking delete my account, then freakin ban it for my use of language in this post, I don't give a flying FUCK.

And you can all get raped by a panda bear that's been rolling in its own shit.

Le Uberpowered Me

I am so full of awesomeness that I go home from work everyday to swim in my Scrooge McDuck money bin, which is full of ps3 platinum trophies. I laugh myself to sleep at night and attack rude people with my beard. I laugh extra hard until I'm crying with laughter at anyone that wastes their life on an MMO, when there are plenty of other (arguably) better games out there that demand to be played. But most of all I grin and dance and sing merrily at home, at work, in my car while I'm driving, and occasionally in the shower because I actually have a life outside of video gaming, involving many things that ... oh, I'm sorry, I almost told you there didn't I? ;)

Irritating Points, Skyrim (PS3)

During my time playing this awesome game, I've discovered a few things.

Firstly, dragons have a horrible habit of just swooping out of nowhere and wreaking hell on whatever else it is you may be doing at the time. An extension of this is when you finally get pissed off enough to not ignore it, hunt it and kill it, probably exactly when it arbitrarily meanders away around that nearby mountain to attack another hapless victim that exists and is loaded into the game a good hike away.

To which you run away and continue with a quest or hike to whereever it was you were headed, and the dragon responds in kind by deciding to follow you again.

(...Le sigh)

Another big issue I've found is the mental torment and agony of figuring out how exactly to play in regards to the autosaves. To have the added security of saving more often so as not to have to repeat a hefty session in case of an accident, or save less often so as not to be left waiting for what seems like an eternity for the game to release the controls back to you. Decisions decisions.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this much, but I've also discovered a lot of the super steep mountainsides are actually climbable, often with a bit of a wiggle and mashing the jump button. Perhaps as a side effect of this, terrain glitches are a common occurrence. It's a glitchy game, and one goes into these massive environments expecting some glitches as a matter of course though. But pretty blue ice caves really shouldn't have their walls flash yellow like a neon sign.

Extended play sessions are a no-no too. Precious time wasted hitting the reset button when the console freezes. How dare they expect me to get up out of bed?!

Final annoying point: Soul gems. I love soul traps, but when I discovered petty and lesser souls started getting captured in greater and grand souls I was, needless to say, quite put out.

Thoughts? Anything I missed? I know it's an awesome game, but I want to know what fell short / still needs improving. We don't want problems like this in the next few games now do we? XD

Adobe Flash multiple versions fix

I should probably be posting this on a more relevant website that would reach a larger audience than here, but I don't like joining too much stuff on the internet. I know this site is predominantly video-games-focused, and I don't like posting stuff that has nothing to do with them, but this one is a big one, at least for me.

Recently I returned to ebay after a long stint away from the selling scene, and tried to upload some photos for games I was trying to sell. The money we get here in Australia for trying to re-sell games back to stores for re-sale is a joke, I don't know about anywhere else - more often than not the cost of petrol to the shop and back home is likely to be more than anything you might make by the sale. So the importance of selling old games on the internet cannot be overstated.

To the point. I couldn't upload the photos. To be specific, I use Firefox as my main browser. Simple interface, good defence options, etc. Let's just say I'm never using another browser.

I looked up millions of websites with people all complaining about the same thing. Pop-up blocker turned off, disable all add-ons, make sure javascript is on... you name it, I tried it. I think I reinstalled Flash latest version about 5 times before I worked it out.

What I already knew: Flash 9 wouldn't delete, and it wasn't on the program list for Uninstall programs. Yet it was always on the plugins page inside Firefox.

The Answer: I realised I had Adobe Creative Suite 3. More specifically, an outdated version that never gets updated anymore.

The good news: It is possible to uninstall components of the Suite without removing things like Photoshop and InDesign. If you're smart like me you'll realise there's no point buying new versions of things like Adobe CS all the time, as there's no real difference, no real newfangle wizzbang features worth the price you'd pay. I've found CS3 reliable over the years. And I'm glad to say I can stay with it.

So I went into CS3 and uninstalled everything I could with the checkboxes, except inDesign and Photoshop. Using the Web Developer toolbar extension I was able to disable a lot of stuff to test out various settings, and I highly recommend you get it if you use Firefox. Simple to use, so don't be scared you need to know anything about code or stuff.

Final test involved re-enabling things like pop-up blocker, anti-banner and image and flash blocker.

Clicking the link that throws a pop-up may still not work, but a pop-up warning should appear next to the refresh button on your navigation bar in Firefox. Click it to find the link that was blocked, then click it to to to the photo upload page. The next button to click, 'Browse', which enables you to browse your computer for the photos to upload, is the glitchy one. If you've followed the above and managed to delete past versions of Flash you should be right and it should work.


The worst part about the whole process of trial and error I had to go through is probably the fact that there is nothing on the Uninstall Programs program list. This can be awful misleading, and lead to hours or days trawling the internet for answers that aren't there. Sort it and start getting those games back into the community ;)

A Slow Death of Gaming History

Moving by increments, it appears a small tragedy is taking place in the wide and wonderful world of gaming. I myself am gobsmacked it could happen at all, but in this new age of gaming, with the next generation of gamers, not everyone sees it that way, if they see it at all.

I'm talking about classic games of course, defining games that are worth coming back to and playing again and again. While perhaps they are not worth coming back to in the eyes of the technological whiz master, there are a large number of people out there that will grow a little taller as they tell you they love their retro games and continue to come back to them to this day.

So why the melodramatic title?

I believe these treasures are dying because of the critical failure among new consoles in their lack of backward compatibility. After reading around on the internet, checking various blogs and discussions, it seems clear that no effort has been made to cater to gamers that like to keep games (in order to come back to them again at a later date) because of nostalgia or some other reason.

The end result of this (and it might be a long time in the future, but it will happen,) is that eventually consoles will die, and eventually the games with them, as nothing will be around to support them.

Console games will be the ones to suffer. While PS3 had limited backwards compatibility, PS4 and even Xbox One will have none, as far as I've ascertained.

Either of two things can happen here. Either collectors will be forced to keep one of each of their favourite consoles, which could be a ridiculous task for some professional and/or hardcore gamers, or they'll be forced to sell up older titles as the old machines die/get damaged/no longer get supported by company repairers.

And it's a real tragedy if you think about how many games are out there that can't be played on a PC. Exclusive titles, games that play better with a controller than a keyboard and mouse... How many people still have a CRT TV for PS2 and previous consoles, knowing the quality of the picture on those games is virtually unplayable on the new big screen TVs?

If it's important enough, make yourself heard. Write in, email, be persistent! Let your favourite company know how much it means to you! Don't let the following conversation happen 100 years from now:

"I need something ... fantastic. Epic. That's the word I'm looking for. I want to be a legendary hero."

Jim just grinned. "I know just the thing." He scanned the shelves for a moment, then nipped a box off the rack and handed it to his mate Bilo.

"Final Fantasy, eh?" Bilo squinted. "Is it extra large or something?"

Jim chuckled. "Nah, man. XL is roman numerals. What is it... thirty I think."

Bilo just stared. "You can't be serious." His buddy slapped him on the back, still chuckling, watching Bilo's expression.

"I read up about it. Apparently it's been going for years, like a series or something, though each is unrelated. They're all stand-alone, mostly."

"But... where is the rest of them?!" He quickly read the blurb on the back cover, drinking in the high quality screenshots.

Jim waved a hand distractedly. "I think they've got twenty-eight and nine back there in the second-hand section, twenty-six wasn't all that great. Dunno about twenty-five." He rubbed his chin. "I wouldn't worry about the others, too out-dated. Older consoles." He drifted away, Bilo watching him chat up the hot temp behind the counter.

He sighed. "Yea, guess I won't be seeing those games... ever."


A little extreme, but it could happen. Backwards compatibility is important, and with the new consoles being more powerful than ever, surely it wouldn't be too far a stretch to include the ability. The other alternative will never happen - the re-release of all older games into updated graphics and resolutions.

New technology is here, and it's only going to keep getting better. The addition of backwards compatibility should be a requirement of new consoles - otherwise new release games should be a lot cheaper, because they're only valuable as long as the console is.

Bill Gates: F*** You

Dear Mr Gates,


Well thank you Mr Expert-On-Donating-To-Foreign-Charity.

What you fail to understand in accusing Australia of not being committed to donating more is that you yourself have access to more money than Scrooge McDuck's money bin, and that you and your buddies at the top of the "World's Richest People" list will probably never spend 5% of your money before you die.

Maybe you should do something about it, instead of running around making out it's other people's fault the world is the way it is.

Politicians are all the same. Our Aussie pollies just voted on giving themselves a massive payrise and extra superannuation to boot, while the rest of Australia struggles to get by on minimum wage.

Myself: only just paid off my university debt, then had a car accident the insurance companies say is a write-off, but I'm still driving it, even if it has a dent in the front. I can't afford to buy a new car, I like my current car, even if it's getting old now ('94 Mitsubishi Magna), but I'm trying hard to save and not spend anything. It's impossible.

Don't make out we have any say in the matter, our politicians can't even look after us, let alone anyone else.

Forgiving the makers of Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus, most who have played it would agree, is an awesome game. The spiritual sequel to Ico, also highly acclaimed, featured some bold gameplay mechanics, astonishing visuals ... set in a world wherein lie only 16 enemies to bring down, all of them bosses.

More recently these two games were re-released as HD remasters for the PS3, allowing us to revisit these games on the big screen. With the release came the inevitable attachment of various trophies and achievements.

Two such trophies remain locked for me. These are the time trials, eg. Bring down all the Colossi on Normal within the time limit, and again for Hard mode.

Normally I thrive on challenges, and I'm a tenacious Platinum chaser for games I love and cherish. But here's the rub. The way the grip system works, for your hero to hold on to fur and ledges well enough to raise his sword for a good damaging blow, is often fraught with a factor often regarded as just plain "dumb luck". Some of the slightest movements imaginable (think: one pixel), can result in your hero falling on his face, rolling in a random direction, or just some silly little nuance just long enough to interrupt your attack.

But wait, there's more.

Specifically, colossus #3. Search anywhere on the internet and you'll find forums full of crying people asking the world, heavens, and anyone that will listen how exactly to beat the time trial for this beast. ...Maybe I'm among them.

While it *might* be possible to topple this lanky chap without performing a death-defying (but not physics-defying) leap, it's more than likely you will. I don't want to go into too much detail, and there are videos on youtube, but the idea is that once the colossus attacks and buries his stony sword in the ground, you climb on it, and wait for him to wrest it free, then time a jump off the sword at the end of its lift, bypassing a tedious piece of wrist armor that would take a fair chunk of time to destroy.

Even if you can somehow perform this miracle and land somewhere on his head, chest, or shoulders, there's still no guarantee you've won the day. He shakes. A lot. Picture your hero's body in a permanent state of flailing around, hanging on to a clump of fur by the fingertips, while precious time is fast ticking away.

Despite all this, and despite the wrongness of even asking someone to finish it for a trophy in such an awesome game, I forgive them, and will buy the next game in the pseudo-series. Games like these are worth playing, even if you destroy a few controllers in the process of playing it.

Seq's Less Baffling Better Grammar Lyrics for FFXIII-2s "Limit Break!"

Your ambition is irrelevant
This is where time ends, do you attest?
Transcendence you have set forth in
Shy away or come see what's within

When the tangibleness is mixing with volatility
The protagonist's in me, within me
When the tangibleness is mixing with volatility
The protagonist's in me, within me

Volatility, do it, do it, do it, do it
It is crushing through my veins
The protagonist's in me, it's within me

You have foreseen this conflict herein
You cannot bring back what has been
Run as fast as you can or let this begin
This foreclosure will decide our moral sins

When intangibleness is mixing and crushing through my veins
The protagonist's in me, it's within me

What is written you cannot understand
The null future has come into effect
Now your struggle is meaningless
Chimerical for my repent

Reading around on the internet, I see a lot of people having a cry at how bad the lyrics are for this track, but really it only needs a few minor tweaks. Most of it makes sense, and if you can't understand the lyrics and their implied references to the story of FFXIII-2, then you probably need a dictionary.

There are plenty of songs out there that aren't easily understood at first glance, indeed many artists (for example, Linkin Park) ask us to make up our own damn mind about it. Naturally not everyone will like it.

Well tough. I like it. FF for life.