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About time!!!

So it now seems that Australia will get an R18 game classification....well its about time.

All the gamers i know are all mature adults and most well into their 30's and have been playing games since the commodore 64 or Atari 2600, the sheer fact that we have been submitted into a Nanny state type of control on what video game titles we can play is just plain silly, not too mention the fact that we (australia) were the only western country to not allow this rating and on top of that the system did not match the standard rating classifications for other types of mediums...such as film and tv.

I can understand the moral reasons for ensuring violent games do not find their way into kids hands, however sole responsibilty falls in the hands of the parents and or the person (shop assistant) selling the item or allowing the game to a person below the age of the rating on the game.

Of the shop assistants that i know, they ensure that violent games are not sold to kids, if a parent then chooses to purchase the game then they have choosen to do so under their own rights.

I believe that the same as booze and smokes, if a person seems below the age of 18, then the request for id to prove age is therefore a reasonable pre requisite before one can purchase or hire the game.

Either way....moving forward its great to now be able to not feel like we are behind the rest of the world, we can choose to play games that are designed for adults and have a correct and regulated system for gaming.

I would not care if all MA game titles moved to R18, as it seems that some states will take this approach as a knee jerk reaction, for me being a adult well past that pivotal age of 18 this does not pose a problem to me.

If only this could have been done before many great games were denied classification.

Septic Melody.

aliens ands ufos

We are close to the world wide disclosure of Aliens and extra terrestrial; life, slowly we are getting little bits of information, id say the process may take 10 years until absolute disclosure will occur.

However this date would have to be agreed upon by those who control this information/disinformation and decide that we are ready to know.