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I'm speaking mostly of social activities that everyone should have some knowledge of.

I'd say the following are activities everyone should be able to do and/or at least have enough knowledge to participate.

  • Pool/billiards
  • Chess and checkers
  • An understanding of a deck of cards (suite names, # of cards, etc.)

What are some similar things that you think everyone should know?

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@foxhound_fox: Sliders in sports bars and other restaurants are usually significantly bigger.

@korvus: Very much so.

@pimphand_gamer: 6? FFS, someone take this dudes man card.

@GazaAli: One bite and you'll know.

@indzman: They're essentially just small burgers. They are synonymous with the White Castle fast food chain.

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As long as she had human-like qualities, then by all means.

Some times I look up to the stars, and think my future alien wife is out there.

The last line was a joke.

Or so I'd like you to believe.

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@behardy24: Oh yes, very much so. White Castle is a very love it or hate it type of restaurant so you'll either fall in love or regret the decision immediately. I personally find the food delicious and the chain ranks very highly in terms of consistency, freshness, and cleanliness. All of their food (including the fried foods) is made to order, so everything you order is guaranteed to be hot. You and @lamprey263 should put it on your bucket list. It's worth checking out.

Alright, if we're talking White Castle, which is the only place I've ever eaten sliders, I think I could pound down about 15. I tried their chicken sliders late last year and I had to stop myself from eating all of them at once they were so good. As for why White Castle isn't that popular is because they're only located in 12 of the 50 states, the closest one to me currently is 4 hours away! No burger joint is worth that drive, so I'll have to settle for the frozen White Castle burgers which if you wrap them in paper towels to absorb the moisture, aren't that bad.

The chicken breast sliders are also amazing, I must agree.

I've never tried the boxed frozen patties, but I have heard generally positive reviews. Which I found relatively surprising. Luckily I've never had a reason to get them, I have a local White Castle about 20 minutes away.

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tried one once. was disgusting. apparently they cook the patties in onion oil or something like that. i dont like onions.

Actually, they are cooked on the grill with the onions.

I'm usually in the same boat as you - I generally don't like onions. Well, raw onions anyways. When you grill or fry them they have a completely different taste.

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Personal growth as a person.

In my house it was always expected that I would graduate high school, go to college, and land a job so I have a hard time viewing them as accomplishments.

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Considering how competitive most job markets are right now, they probably do resort to splitting hairs over GPA and other similar things.

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Drive in theaters

White Castle

Warm summers



Freedom, choice, opportunity

Diversity of people, weather, and landscape

Not having to wait on international shipping because 95% of all things that are good are made, produced, assembled, or owned by American corporations.

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- Balance

- Reduce saturated fats

- Reduce sugar

- Lots of water

- More color = better for you

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Seems like a natural progression for Google, now they can directly see everything you are doing even when you aren't using their browser/search engine.