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3 Years Later...

After three years (well, almost), i'm finally write a new blog in Gamespot. I'm trying to be active again in this beloved game site. Well, i don't have much to say uh...Call of Duty: Ghosts! Yay! A new Call of Duty!

It's Good To Be Back

It's good to be able to come back to Gamespot. There's a lot of great things happen in my life lately. First, let's talk about video game. My latest game is Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach

I'm absolutely love this game. I've finish the story campaign twice, i like it very much. Great story, awesome characters, simplified gameplay, cool graphics, and amazing music scores make this game the best Halo game ever for me. 9.5/10

Recently, i play a lot of Thing-Thing Arena 3, a scroll-shooter flash game. This game is the latest version of Thing-Thing Series. Most of you guys might have play this game but for you that never heard of it, Thing-Thing is a 2d scroll shooter game made by Diseased Productions and sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games. The Thing-Thing series consist of 2 type of game, regular Thing-Thing which is a story-driven action/adventure game and Thing-Thing Arena which is a survival game where you need to survive hordes of enemy and gain point as much as you can.


that red hair girl holding a shotgun would be me and that not so lucky guy with his head, brain, and blood splattered on the walls would be my enemy.

One thing that i like the most from Thing-Thing Arena 3 is its detail. As you can see there are blood animation, wall blood animation, bullet shells animation, and giblets animation. That's mean you can decorate the map with blood, hundreds or thousands of bullet shells, and of course the remains of your enemy. This game have quite a lot of unique weaponry inclusing some real weapon like beretta 92f and thompson smg. Every weapon have it's own unique reload animation too. Thing-Thing is absolutely great. You can play it for free here or if you want to play it offline you can download it here

Two days ago, i bought a new dvd for my collection. It's Saving Private Ryan D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition. I love it, this might be my most precious dvd collection.


Last, i'm currently listening to Michael Buble, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz. These guys are nothing but awesome.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and fell free to leave a comment :D

Long holiday Woohoo!

In less than a week, the end of Ramadan will come and that means, Indonesians are on holidays. As you all might know, Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population so our nice government give us a long break for celebrating theEid ul-Fitr (the end of fasting period of Ramadan).

I'm preparing myself with couples of good movies, anime, and of course video games.



I'm looking everywhere to get this great movie, i'm finally get it!

schindler's list

Since our government banned this film, i need to go the pirated dvd store to get it. I don't know if i can watch this with my big family but who knows? they might like it :P

Iwo Jima

After i watched The Flags of Our Fathers, it would be wrong not to watch this awesome movie.


elfen lied

again, it's absolutely impossible to get this anime legally here so i download it through torrent. I'm currently downloading the last episodes. Of course i won't watch this one with my family, they'll freak out and cursed me :P

Video Game:

I'm still enjoying Mafia II, now i'm playing it on Hard. There's not much different from normal difficulty setting i'm wondering why? I'm also get a new copy for my broken copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bourne Conspiracy. They just too damn good.

So, that's all for now, Thank's for reading my blog and feel free to leave comments :D Oh yeah, for every Muslims on Gamespot, have a great, peaceful, and holy Eid ul-Fitr!

they finally break PS3?

Recently, the world of video games shocked with the news of PS3 finally got hacked. Here is the news it still a rumour but what about this?

With this USB plug and play modchip called PS Jailbreaker, we can back up the games into PS3 HDD or any external HDD and play it without using the blu-ray disc. We can also play pirated copy of any PS3 games. And thanks to its USB plug and play design, we won't break any warranty because we don't need to open the console.

Off course, it's not ilegal if we just want to back up our games so it can run faster and let our ps3 rest for a while while we play a game (because it doesn't need to read the blu-ray disc). But what about others who would like to take this opportunity to make pirated games of ps3? It's not hard to make a pirated copy of PS3 games. Blu ray burner only cost about $100-$500 and the disc only cost about $1-$2.

What will sony do? Sony can log information about games being played over the PSN so they can ban every jailbreakers from PSN just like Microsoft did.

So, is it real? or fake? have any of you buy PS jailbreaker and prove it works? Thanks for reading and fell free to leave comment :D

Finally, MAFIA II

After a long wait for a game that hyped to be GTA IV killer, i'm finally able to get my hand On that game. It's Mafia II. Latest sandbox crime game from 2K Czech.

Mafia II

I never play the first Mafia but i'm sure it's pretty good considering the hype for this game. My first 2 hours with this game give a glimpse of what Mafia II can offer for a GTA IV fan like me. First, the game is absolutely beautiful. It have amazing graphics, just like its brother GTA IV and RDR. Empire City is amazingly huge and very well-designed. I love the characters and the voice cast did a very great job. I love the Italian accent, it's so real. The cover based shooting, regenerate health, and hand to hand combat are some great parts from the gameplay section. The control is much, much better than GTA IV. The audio so far is pretty nice (and it have nice tunes too).

But there are some annoying things from Mafia II, i can't get out of cover without pressing the cover button. I'm not a fan of superbly close up camera when Vito on indoor environment, and Vito have little interaction with the environment. There are no animation when Vito open a window or switch off the light. There is one when Vito open a door but it's bad.

I'll give my full review soon (after i'm finish my review for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days).

Another update from my,,, comic and guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to post comment :D

End of No Game Period...Not Really

So...finally a new game come to my xbox 360. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is my...damn, i lost count on my new game on 2010.

Dog Days

Unlike the first game, Dog Days is absolutely awesome. it's so intense and engaging, it have great story and i always like Kane and Lynch character. The first game failed to exploit these two unlikely heroes thanks to its broken gameplay. Thank goodness IO Interactive fixed almost everything from the first game. Too bad it's too short, but it still a great game i'll review it soon 9/10

*sigh* after 2 months waiting, this game can only give me fun for about 10 hours *sigh*

My Review for Haibane Renmei (Ailes Grises)

Finally, i finished Haibane Renmei, a 2002 anime series created based on Dojinshi manga by Yositoshi ABe (original character designer of Serial Experiment Lain). Here is my review.

haibane renmei

Haibane Renmei or Ailes Grises (Grey Wings) is a unique drama anime. This 13 episodes anime tells a story about Haibane, Angel-like human (see their wings and halo on top of their head?) that live in a town called Guri. Haibane is a unique entity, they were human on their past, they selected randomly and then re-born as haibane. A federation called Haibane Renmei organize the live of haibane and set some rules for them.

The story focus on a new born haibane, Rakka. She's not an ordinary haibane, at first, it's not easy for her to accept her new identity as a haibane. She always questioning the reason of her existence and why she become a haibane. Although she's surrounded by nice, caring haibane and kind people, Rakka could not be happy. The story is beautifully crafted. I really like the mysterious atmosphere they build through this anime. It might have a quite slow pacing but it's not hard to enjoy the story.

The character design and animation, Yositoshi ABe's design is no doubt beautiful. I love his simplicity. I really love the design of Reki (the one smoke a cigarette). Other characters are beautifully designed too. Haibane Renmei is a bit lacking on animation but it still nice to watch.

The cast is doing a remarkable job for this anime. Each characters have a nice and fit seiyuu. Scores by Ko Otani is absolutely sweet and fit the mysterious and dark atmosphere of this anime. I really love the opening theme, 'Free Bird'

I'm highly recommend this great anime. Forget it's slow pacing and lack of animation, Haibane Renmei's strongest point is the dark, deep, and spectacular story. 10/10

that's all for now, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comment :D

My Review for Summer Wars

From the creator of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, comes an epic anime movie, Summer Wars.

summer wars

This gorgeous 2009 sci-fi anime movie produced by Mad House and published by Warner Bros. Directed by Mamoru Hosoda (the one behind the award-winning anime movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)

The Story of Summer Wars follow a math-genius high school student, Kenji, who invited by his senpai, Natsuki, to help her preparing a birthday party for her grandma, Jinnouchi Sakae in Ueda, NaganoPrefecture. Surprisingly, Natsuki introduced Kenji as her boy friend to her grandma and she ask Kenji to blend with her big family as her husband-candidate. Things getting more complicated when Kenji become a suspect for hacking the biggest social networking on the world called the OZ. The hack cause total chaos on everything on Japan (just like fire sale on Die Hard 4.0). Kenji need to clear his name and find who is responsible for the total chaos on OZ, and he is not alone, the Jinnouchi is ready to help him. Summer Wars's story is absolutely epic. It's amazingly creative and brilliant, it contains lots of interesting and realistic characters. The story will suck you in and keep you on the edge of your seat for 114 minutes.

The animation and character design, big names from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are handling this amazing anime. The result is amazing, Summer Wars animation looks exactly like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, simple, smooth, sleek, and clean. I praise the OZ environment on this anime, it's so modern, it's so simple and attractive (it even looks more appealing than Leopard OS from Mac)

The sound, Summer Wars is equipped with realistic character with realistic voice. The voice cast is doing a remarkable job. The scores are always fit the scene and it have a quite nice theme, Bokura no Natsu no Yume.

Conclusion, I'm highly recommend this movie. Summer Wars is an epic movie for all ages and it will do more than just entertain you. 15/10 :D

My Review for Blue Submarine No. 6 and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

so, recently, i've watched a couple of great animes. First one is Blue Submarine No. 6 (Ao No Roku-go) OVA series

blue submarine no. 6

This awesome looking 1998 anime produced by Gonzo and licensed by Bandai Visual. Based on manga with the same title by Satoru Ozawa.

The story set on near future when most of the earth surface is covered by water. The massive flood of apocalypse caused by a scientist Zorndyke who destroy the magnetic field of earth and causing the polar shift. He also created a new race, a hybrid of human and animal. The war between the human race and the new hybrid is inevitable. In order to fight Zorndyke, the human create the Blue Fleet, an international submarine fleet consist of advanced submarines from various countries like Japan, USA, France, China, and many more. The story focused on, of course, the Blue submarine no. 6 from Japan. The main protagonist character, Hayami Tetsu is an ex-Blue Fleet, court martialed for his reckless act that cause the 'death' of his partner. Another character is Kino Mayumi, a grampus (small, fast submarine) pilot who lost all of her family member when the big flood occur. Both must work together in unpleasant relationship. While Mayumi driven by hated and the will to take a revenge on Zorndyke, Hayami is looking for an answer, why Zorndyke destroy the earth? The story is cool, it's well directed and well designed. But because it only consisted of 4 episodes, there is no room to explain the other interesting characters.

The animation and characters design is awesome. This OVA series is a pioneering example of hybrid animation, combining 2d cartoon with 3d computer graphics. The result is spectacular, both 2d and 3d animation look very smooth, i really praise the watter and the explosion effects on this anime. After 12 years, i think it still gorgeously awesome. The characters design is great although there is slight change on some character design (especially Hayami) in every episode.

The sound is great, i really like the jazzy theme by The Thrill on this anime. It's so catchy and really bring the mood for the action scenes. The voice cast is doing a great job too.

I really recommended this anime to anyone who never see it. 9/10

Second one is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Toki o Kareru Shoujo)

toki o kakeru shoujo

this amazing 2006 sciene fiction/romance movie anime produced by Madhouse, Ocean Entertainment, and Bandai. Published by Kadokawa Herald Pictures and directed by Mamoru Hosoda. Inspired by 1967 novel with the same title by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

The story is about a high school girl, Konno Makoto. Makoto is an average girl, she's not smart, but not stupid enough to called dumb. She's not skilled, but not clumsy enough to called reckless. She have two close friends, Kousuke Tsuda and Chiaki Mamiya (both are boy) and a happy life. Until one day, on one unfortunate day, she' got hit by a train. But, she manage to survive by leaping time and go back before the accident happen. Makoto realize that she have the ability to leapt through time and start to use it for her own fun and to prevent unpleasant things that happens to her. Everything is become so mucheasier for her until she realize, that in every changes she made, there is consequences for it. The story is superbly awesome. It might bored the action junkies but the simplicity and the message its carry will make you think for a while. Just like the tagline of this movie, 'Time Waits For No One'

The animation and character design is great. Smooth and simple design with detailed background is the key.

The sound is pretty, Kiyoshi Yoshida did a very good job. Most of the scores are played by piano. It's so simple but it's really fit the movie. The theme song 'Garnet' by Oku Hanako is a pretty song love it so much.

Conclusion, this award-winning movie is absolutely great, i recommended it to every movie lovers out there 10/10

next, i'll watch Summer Wars and Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment :D

My Review for Alien Nine

So, i'm still on my no game perode, and suddenly, i remembered an old anime i watched back in 2001, ALIEN NINE. So i search for it on Youtube. Thank's to BelowRadarAnime who uploaded this anime, i can watch it until the last episode. I also downloaded the japanese version, the songs, and here's my review.

Alien Nine

Alien Nine is an OVA series produced by J.C. Staff/GENCO and published by Bandai Visual. It based on manga with the same title created by Hitoshi Tomizawa (Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale). Alien Nine tell a slice of life story about three 6th grade elementary school, Yuri Otani (middle red suit), Kumi Kawamura (Left, purple suit), and Kasumi Tomine (Right, pink suit) who voted to be part of anti alien party/crew on their school 'The 9th Elementary School'

Alien? Yes, Alien Nine set in alternative present where human have become familiar with alien since 2002. These animal-like alien land with their space ship and just like any cofused, wild animal, trapped in the city, they attack human. Some of them land on school, that's why human create Anti-Alien Party to catch these aliens (first build on California :P).

Catching these aliens is not an easy job, that's why the crew of anti-alien party wearing a borg, a simbiotic type alien that looks like a helmet. The borg will protect the one that wearing them with their wings-like arms. Their attacking mechanism somehow look just like invisible hands of 'Diclonius' (read/watch Elfen lied) but they use a drill-like cable instead of arms. The borg's protection cost the owner her waste of metabolism (sweat) The borg will lick the owner's back in order to collect sweats (yaiks!)

The story focused on the main character Yuri Otani with her problems with aliens. Being an easily scared girl with habits of easily cry make her so depressed with her job. And not just Yuri, other girls have their own problems. Alien Nine is a psychological thriller with many depressing scenes on it. The story might feel a lil bit too fast ('cause it only consist of 4 episodes) but trust me, it's the greatest 4 episodes of anime i've ever watched. The anime only covered some part of the manga, so if you interested to know more, you can read the 3 volumes manga and the sequel Alien Nine Emulators.

The character design is so unique. As you can see, rounded face with large eyes and thin pupils is not too common on serious anime like this. Another weird thing, they don't have nose :P but, Yasuhiro Irie (character designer and animation director) have a great intention with it. For me, serious anime with girly and cute design disturb me more than serious anime with realistic design like Gantz or Black Lagoon. The animation looks incredibly smooth too (well, short anime usually have better animation than rushed anime like Naruto or Bleach)

The cast doing a very well good job on this anime. I praise Juri Ihata for her unique voice for Yuri (so far, yuri's voice is the cutest ever for me). I love to hear her childish cry. Kaori Shimizu as Kumi and Noriko Sitaya as Kasumi did a great job too. I never say this but the English cast did a pretty good job too. Kelly Ray (Yuri), Deborah Rabbai (Kumi) and Zoe Fries (Kasumi) are great.

*fun fact* Kaori Shimizu give her voice for Little Sister on Bioshock :D

The music is pretty awesome. All three seiyuu sing for the opening theme 'Flower Psychedelic' (this catchy song is so great) while En Avant perform 'Rebirth' for the ending theme. The scores by Kuniaki Haishima are pretty catchy. Some might not fit to add more tension on the scenes but overall it's cool.

Conclusion, Alien Nine is a perfect anime 10/10. It's very short but it will give you this kind of satisfaction Call of Duty: Modern Warfare give you :P i recommend this anime to all anime lovers out there.

no new game periode

So, June and July are no new game periode for me. I don't have plan to get Singularity or Crackdown 2 (which get bad rating). Me and my bro only play Gears of War 2 for the past 2 weeks.

No new game then what? I watched some good movies this week. First, i watched Toy Story 3, this is my first 3d movie experience (actually, nothing special with it :P) Toy Story 3 is slightly less than Up. It have amazing , touching, story, superb latest cgi animation (Pixar is simply amazing), and of course Tom Hanks! I love Tom Hanks! 9/10

toy story 3

Second, i watched Punchline (1988) on HBO Signature. It's funny, it have great story and Tom Hanks is simply great. 7.5/10


Third, the latest of Predator series, Predators. I like it, it even better than the first. It's very straight forward, full with action and cool characters. I like the idea of the predator kidnapping toughest people from earth and hunt them in alien planet. I only dissapointed that Lawrence Fishburne only play small part on it. Brody clearly not the toughest son of a b***h actor but he act pretty nice. I prefer Christian Bale, Gerald Butler, or Bruce Willis to play as Royce. 8/10


Last, i watch Sphere again on local tv. I don't understand why people bashed this movie so much. I like this psycological thriller. Hoffman, Stone, and Jackson are incredible and the story is great. I like every bit of it.

I don't know why but i really want to watch Reservoir Dogs. I watched a couple of scenes on Youtube and i really interested on it. The iconic slow motion intro is really hypnotized me. Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, and Chris Penn, lots of badass actor play on this movie. I also want to play the amazingly awesome Reservoir dogs game again. I wish my ps2 didn't broke :(

I start watching K-On! it's a hillarious anime. It make me laugh so much. There is not much of story and creativity on the characters (i think all girl anime always consist with these type of characters) but it still an entertaining anime. The animation is pretty awesome too.

Last, i hear a lot of Paramore songs. I'm addicted to this cool rock band. The Only Exception (from their latest album Brand New Eyes) is their best song for me.


I also enjoying Edge of The Earth form 30 Seconds to Mars (awesome song!) and of course, amazing tunes from Reservoir Dogs OST, Little Green Bag from The George Baker Selection and Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel.

So, thank you for reading my long blog, and feel free to leave comment :D