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My Donkey Kong Country Returns review is up!

I have finally got around to making another review for this site. It's funny because my last three reviews are like around the same day just diffrent years haha!!

Mario Kart Wii review uploaded May 14th 2009

New Super mario bros review uploaded May 13th 2010

Donkey Kong Country returns review uploaded May 12th 2011

haha just thought that was kinda cool! :P


Level 30, Wicked Sick!

Yep, never thought i would make it to level 30 lol...

ive been in the 20's since 07 O.o

ive been playing alot of scribblenauts lately, its quite fun! i highly reccomend it :)

well nothing else is really going on here... Hope everyones doing good! :)


Donkey Kong Country Returns Level 1

Ok so we all know this Donkey Kong Country game isnt made by the epic gaming developers we all know as Rareware, but Retro Studios has done a great job with this new game! I have had my doubts but after watching the playthrough of the whole first level I knew that Retro Studios is a keeper.

Watch the whole first level of Donkey Kong Country Returns yourself in the linkbelow! (What do you think about the first level?)

Retro to the rescue?

There is a rumor going around that Retro is gonna take control of the DK franchise!!!

Retro were the developers of the Metroid prime series. I feel confident that retro can fill the shoes of rare.

I hope this isnt just a rumor.

Long time no see. O_o

Hello people who prolly wont read this! I am still alive! :D Though cant say im active. Tbh the last time i used this site for what its for was two years ago. I just like to check back here to view old friends profiles and such.

Let me give you a rundown of what i have been doing the past two years. (as far as gaming goes) I started playing Runescape and got addicted immediately. In two years i met a RS community with a whole new group of cool people. So i guess you could say i was taking a big hiatus from this place. Then i quit RS do to most my good friends quitting. So thats that.. Recently though ive been active on ustream. I watch TomBobBlenders stream every night! (im Zew39 on there) As far as console games go i have been playing lots of Super smash bros brawl online, and halo 3 on xbox live.

Outside of games. Me and a group of friends are preparing a internet show. Cant release anything yet though.. not that its a secret lol were just still developing the plot.

Well this was refreshing lol. Havent made a blog since May of 2009. I still love all you gamers! Ive made the best friends on here. You know who you are!!

Have a good one, seniorDK

Mario Kart Wii Review is up!!!

I dont usually do two blog posts in a day :P But thats what happens when your as bored as me Heres the link to my mario kart wii review:

Damn its been awhile! :)


Its been months sense my last blog, and thats because of two reasons...

1.) Ive been busy with school etc...

2.) havent been playing games much lately...

Although I have been playing Mario Kart wii, Imight make a review for it... that is if I hadnt already :P Im gonna try my best to be more "active" on this site, though I fear that my friends have all left and nobody remembers me :(

In other news....

About a month ago my xbox 360 got the three red rings of death, If you dont know what that is than ur lucky... cause its hell :P On the bright side my friend said if i send it into microsoft they would fix it for free. Have any of you got the rings of death?


back to school...

i went back to school today :( . Its not all that bad though, atleast i can meet up with old friends. and its back to making school movies and projects. 11 grade wont be so hard

3 years on gs

thats right exactly 3 years. if u look on my thing... it will say joined july 29. and check the date of this blog

yea i kno pretty short blog.