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The origin of Mass Effect?

If this isn't a creepy coincidence with the imminent release of Mass Effect 3, then I don't know what the **** is going on here :cry:

If any of you reading this have explored Frank Herbert's novels (his most famous is of course the Dune saga) you might know of or have read his novel The Dosadi Experiment.

Tonight I have just come across an interesting paragraph which may or may not explain the original idea behind the now famous game franchise. Of course this could all be a total coincidence, and maybe Bioware simply came up with the same idea.

Anyway, in Herbert's typical style of writing, he begins each chapter with a small preceding piece of text to shed more light on the novel's setting. This particular text is as follows:

Behavioural engineering in all of its manifestations always degenerates into merciless manipulation. It reduces all (manipulators and manipulated alike) to a deadly "mass effect". The central assumption, that manipulation of individual personalities can achieve uniform behavioural responses, has been exposed as a lie by many species but never with more telling effect than by the Gowachin on Dosadi. Here, they showed us the "Walden Fallacy" in ultimate foolishness, explaining: "Given any species which reproduces by genetic mingling such that every individual is a unique specimen, all attempts to impose a decision matrix based on assumed uniform behaviour will prove lethal". - p.95

Assuming it's not the origin of the game's name, the concept of uniform behavioural responses and manipulating people en masse has an interesting parallel with the intentions of the Reapers don't you think? To manipulate entire civilizations along a desired path toward a premeditated destination.

I, for one, am looking forward to kicking some reaper ass next week! :D

Oh happy little penguin...

...where have U-BUN-TU all my life?!?

I've set up the latest version of Ubuntu on my netbook and I can't believe how user-friendly this OS is (even the installation is EASIER than Windows). Not only that, there is a ****tonne of free software for it that does everything you need. LibreOffice is practically Microsoft Office XP/2003 in a different wrapper. I originally thought I might need the existing Windows alongside it, but now I'm thinking I probably don't need it at all.

It's safe to say I won't be using it on my main desktop, mostly because of it not being gamer friendly, but for productivity stuff, this OS is simply amazing.

A Royale with Indiez

Sorry, no cheeseburgers here.

I came across this cool indie game retailer called IndieRoyale.

The difference with these guys is that the earlier you buy the game bundles, the better the deal you get.

Can't wait to see what stuff they sell :D

GiantBomb Coming to Australia!

gb logo

Or at least they will be if us Aussies sign up en masse to their premium membership :D

Right now we are leading the world in percentage of subscriptions with 77% complete. Which means we are in reach of guaranteeing ourselves a visit from the Bomb squad once they reach the world subscriber mark of 15,000.

These guys put up some hilarious content so it is definitely worth the money!

Remember that these guys made Gamespot what it is today ;)


No Time To Explain!!

No seriously, there's no time to explain.

I've pledged my support for this awesome looking game :D
Here's hoping they get enough pledges to start development.

UPDATE: Holy **** they reached their target in 24 hours with a $2000 pledge from Notch himself :o


Duke Nukem Visits the Mana Bar!

I can finally say I've been to the Mana Bar!

During the weekend, the Mana Bar was host to the one and only Duke Nukem Forever. As I'm a big Duke fan I couldn't resist checking it out, and it was the perfect excuse to see the bar for the first time. As you can see from the photos there was a bit of a line-up outside so I took the opportunity to take a few shots before they let us in. I was expecting them to allow photography based on Randy's previous demo at PAX, but here they were strictly enforcing a no-cameras policy :( Thankfully the bar staffer dressed as a Duke Nukem babe was posting plenty of pics up onto the facebook page.

The demo of Duke Nukem Forever was exactly the same as what you've seen floating around the media. You start off in the locker room of a football stadium before being herded out into the field with a giant alien spewing missiles at you (and spewing them back at him with your Devastator rocket launcher). Once you've dispatched him and kicked his eyeball for a goal, you get the short cutscene of duke doing his thing before moving onto the desert stage. This is where you drive through a canyon in Duke's monster truck before engaging in a firefight with some aliens and mutant pigs.

The demo gave you a good look at the many cla$$ic weapons seen in Duke 3D including the Shrink Ray and Chaingun. As for the gameplay, well it's what you'd expect from a Duke Nukem game. Nothing fancy, just plain ol' shooting and making stuff dead. The graphics were top notch, especially in the football field with the alien monster's skin and armor glistening in the rain.

I really wish I knew when Yahtzee was doing his Q&A with Randy Pitchford. I originally thought they'd do it first up to introduce the event, but they must have left it until later in the evening :( At least I got to see Yahtzee, Yug and the rest of the Mana Bar team in person. They run a great venue and I highly recommend it :)

Saturday afternoon is the perfect time for kickin' some alien ass. I'm the dude in the yellow shirt doing just that!

duke himself

The Mana Bar takes its security seriously 8)


Even the guys from Tripod decided to drop by!





Hi-hoo, Hi-hooo!!

After watching the latest episode of Good Game, I am now deeply entrenched in Minecraft. See you when I strike gold!! :P

Seriously though this game is pretty entertaining for a sandbox game. I'd suggest getting it while it's free before the servers go back up. The developer's servers have currently gone down due to the massive traffic he is experiencing.

Just a word of warning though, this game is fairly brutal if you haven't looked at any of the online tips etc.

There are plenty around now, my fave is the helpful youtube videos plus the wiki guide.

You call that a knife??

THIS! is a knife!


Today I took my first steps in Monster Hunter 3 (tri, three-try....etc) and I have to say I'm enjoying the experience. So far I've only done the first few tutorial quests and I'm just getting myself used to the control scheme and how things work in the game. In saying that I'm nervously awaiting my first encounter with one of the big beasties because I've heard and seen they are not something to be taken lightly :P

I'm liking the look and ambience of the game, and the interface has a nice crisp feel to it (ie it responds sharply and doesnt mess around too much with animation). Also I like that the monsters actually look like something you would have seen in prehistoric times and not some whimsical boogey-man type affair. Some of those dinosaurs were damn scary and they've done a good job of recreating that fearsome look here. A prime example is obviously the poster-boy of MH3 below :P