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every new album delivers something new and refreshing:D  . .get there new album ON! it's awesome!^__^''

watch there latest video kick it out

MGS3 subsistence online

The game is freakin addictive^_   I love it.. anyway if you play it let me know so that a can make a password.. my name is the same ''section 912''

Ergo Proxy

Only one thing to say KICK ASS!!.. Animation look's beautiful, story look's very intresting so far, and action sequence's are really bad-ass..

Full of Elevating Pleasures

Boom Boom Satellites a japanese alternative rock band they came out awhile ago and have 5 albums the newest one was released last year. And now for the first time ever they will realease there fifth album in the U.S on March 7

Ninja Scroll 2

Yup that's right it will be expected some time around the end of 2007.. I love the first film and would love to watch this one in the theaters..

Elfen Lied

Okay back in 2003 I saw this anime release it looked kinda childish but just the other day my friend told me that it was very violent ... I was like WTF it really took me by surprise.. But yeahh the anime is really interesting..
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