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#1 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

I figured out how to post images so let's do this again. This first one is my profile page with my feed cut off

GS overlap glitch

This next one is my list of friends blogs being cut off

GS overlap glitch 2

I can't even make a message in the forums because the overlap.

GS overlap glitch 3

Here's the left side being cut off in forum.

GS overlap glitch 4

Lastly here is the comments in the forum being overlapped.

GS overlap glitch 5

I'm glad I figured out how to post images. If ther're not big enough or too big let me know. I hope this helps the problem.

#2 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

I posted in a new thread that I was having the same problem. I was asked to post images of it to further explain. I use a screen resolution of 800X600 which has been getting cut off or ovrlapped. I have to change it to 1024X768 to see everything. I can't read a lot fo stuff to the right of the site. I took some pictures and uploaded them to photobucket since I don't know how to upload photos here but I can't get them to show here when I click insert image.

That is an image of my profile page with my feed cut off on the right.

The next image shows my friends blogs getting cut off and I can't click see all.

Those two show things being overlapped in forums. you can see comment sbeing cut off and the writing part cut as well.

This last one is new with the left side overlapped. Not sure how that one happened but maybe it happened when I spaced over to far right.

I'm sorry if these can't be used since they wouldn't work with insert image and I don't know how to post images to my album here. Just wanted to show off the problem.

#3 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

Thank you. I will post there and present a screenshot. I just had to change resolution to click submit.

#4 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

Lately the right side of my profile page has been cut off so that I can't see some written stuff without changing my screen resolution. I use 800X600. I am unable to click see all next to tracked blogs. I also can't see anythng in my feed. Blogs and comments I read are also cut as they go to the right side.. I really like my resolution at 800X600 and this was never a problem before.

#5 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -
I'd like to see more people brought into NXT from FCW so they can develop in front of the WWE audience. That's what NXT should be for. Once they get over they can join Raw or Smackdown. Maybe have some kind of promotion ceremony like how they were suppose to win NXT.
#6 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

3RD day. Man i just want this fixed and non of that do this cause it's the only way.

#7 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

Still going on. Also that link the above admin posted leads to an invalid message.

#8 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -

Can't read nay blogs either. Posted a new one today and afterwards it said invalid. Tried again and said A blog had the same titled. The first one got posted. Can't read anyone else's.

#9 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -
I feel i need to get a card as well. Haven't got one in awhile. Pushmo sounds great. Also I want Mighty Switch Force.
#10 Posted by sebetai (1750 posts) -
Pokemon Rumble Blast
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