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Yesterday was my birthday

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I'm now 24. I got a blue flannel shirt (real warm), a camo hoodie with so many pockets which are deep, a lantern like lamp, slippers, & a $25 Bestbuy e-gift card from Facebook. I can use it online but I have to pay shipping since I can't go past $25 or even too it. I've deiced to get Dragonforce The Power Within cd along with either DF Ultra Beatdown or Megadeth The World Needs a Hero. DF TPW is $11.99 with the other two are $6.99. There's also tax. I'd have maybe a few cents left over. Oh well. I'm going to decide which to get later. Leaning towards Megadeth since I like that album.

Did some trophy cleanup from my unfinished games. Got to level 50 online in BB CS with some boosting. Took 3 days and was worth t but also not worth it. I also managed to fight someone rank 1 (maybe higher) for the trophy associated with it and did 160 missions. Can't get to 320. Last I beat the boss at level 999 in BS CSE. Started at depth 1 just to see how far I could get and maybe some money or items. Ended up beating it. Got some good items. I may try to complete the shop one day.

Nice to have my games out of the way so I can focus on other things. My writings in particular.



A belated Happy Birthday to you. Good luck with trying to wrap up your unfinished games for the trophies. I still have to get done with my friends PS3 soon but work comes first and is also tiring. Crawling under houses hurts. Especially when you have pipes, rocks, and bricks digging into you.



Thank you. Would love to manage to get a platinum from one of them but it doesn't look too good. I'm one away from like 1 but they are really hard. Sounds terrible. What do you do?


@sebetai I'm a plumber. If it's just standard "leak under the sink" or "backed-up/stopped-up toilet" it's not so bad. But when there's a leak under the house or if have to run pipe under the house and up to an appliance or sink/toilet/shower, it's brutal. Spent about almost an hour under a house yesterday and my left hip is bruised from where a brick and a piece of galvanized pipe had dug into it. If the crawl spaces under the houses have plenty of room, there not too bad but, naturally, most of the ones I go to have those real tight crawl spaces with who-knows-what underneath them. Still remember the day I crawled under and house and accidentally put my arms in human feces. That was probably the nastiest thing I have ever seen under a house.