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X & Y progress

Been catching Pokemon like crazy. I have over 100 and only 2 badges. On my 5th box. My team is all over level 40. I have Delphonx, Blastoise, Florette, Gogoat, & Hawlucha. I have a Vivilion with me but it's mainly for catching with it's stun spore. I plan to change it for a Goomy. Hawlucha will be my flyer. The exp share has made leveling up way easier than before.

Tried wonder trade. I gave a Flabebe and got an Abra which I traded again and a Fennekin. One or both was Japanese. Did it again and got a Gible. It was fun.

I'm currently in Reflection Cave looking for a Sableye. I did find almost immediately after first entering but knocked it out accidentally. My Pokemon are too strong false swipe doesn't work on it.