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Went skating for my nieces birthday

On Saturday I went skating for my nieces birthday. It was $5 to rent the skates, 2 more for rollerblades but that would have been insane. I don't think I ever skated before and it showed. I had to move slowly because I feared falling. Also had my camera and 3DS in my pocket so there as that. Another of my nieces tried to help but i ended up falling on my butt hard. Felt it Sunday. I got a video of my sister and a niece skating but not much else since I was trying to skate but kept going to hold on to something. Lots of people fell mainly children. My youngest niece fell a lot and cried once. I dared not to get on the rink but did it once but held onto the sides. It was a fun night though. Everything was overpriced. The pop had stuff $2 dollars including Gatorade and Diet Mountain Dew. Crazy. Also the lockers required you to put 50 cents in it to open so my sister didn't shut it so I didn't want to put my stuff in it.

Tomorrow night I'm going to go to another of my nieces (I got 6 of 'em) high school graduation. Going to record it. Love doing that.

On another note; I use Dropbox, OneDrive, & Bing rewards which all have referral programs. Sign someone up using your referral and both get something. Dropbox and OneDrive give both people an extra 500 MB of storage space. Bing rewards needs the other person to reach silver status before you get your 500 extra points. If you have another computer than you can use it to sign up using your referral to get extra space and reach silver status. It's the only way I got my referrals to work so far. If anyone is interested I can post a link to any of mine so we can all get something extra.



Went skating once myself. I refuse to do it again (falling hurts).