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Was thinking of getting a new cat

Black Friday I was at Petco and saw this cat named Ollie up for adoption and filled out the forms because me and my niece loved playing with him but I've been thinking. Adoption is a hard process and I'm not sure if I filled the form out that well. A lot of blank spots since I have no vet and I think something else. I don't want a cat to go int he basement ever again and I can't close the door to the basement since the dog's stuff is beyond it. Prince used to chase Sam all the time and even though Ollie's profile said he was friendly with dogs Prince could be a bit too much. Angel might not welcome him either. Ollie is 1 years old and my Mom said it would be better to get a kitten. His adoption fee is $75 and he's had his shots and neutered but something tells me there's more fees. Also they want to come in and check out the house... I don't want that.

I've just been missing Sam too much. Last Sunday Brian was killed n Family Guy and they got a new dog and it just made me think of doing the same. I also had a dream about a Calico cat with it's 3rd color being only a small patch on it's throat. Coincidentally Ollie had a patch of white on his all black fur around there.My last three dreams involved me playing Yu-Gi-Oh most likely because I'm been playing on the Dueling Network. So maybe I shouldn't look to much into my dreams. I can't have a new cat right now even though I want one. One day.

One last thing, At Petco they gave a free pair of antlers for either cats or dogs and we got them for cats. Somehow I've lost them and the room I swear I put them in isn't that big or easy to lose stuff in. It's like they disappeared. Scary. I want to ask my niece if she saw them or took them because that's what I'm looking at. I didn't throw them away because I haven't emptied my trash cans yet.