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Wanted to say hi

I haven't been here in a while and I feel my time here is up anyways. The changes are just too much. I liked reading blogs and that was it and how I talked to people mostly. The union I had was dead before the changes. If no one comments on this blog then I will know it's time to go. Still not sure where. Want to be able to write blogs and talk to people.

Not much has changed for me. My sister got married 10 days ago and I as the one who rolled out the roller. That carpet thing you see brides walk down. I also filmed it with my camera. did pretty good and uploaded it to Facebook. Not to Youtube since I didn't want it there.

I've made no progress on my writings. I just have trouble doing it and I'm just so messed up.

I've taken an interest in abridged series on Youtube. Love Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, Rosario+Vampire, Hellsing Ultimate. Discovered many anime this way.

Don't mean to advertise but here is my Dropbox Referral Link:

Use it and we both get an additional 500 MB of free storage on top of the 2GB given.

I'm sad that I've drifted away from all of my friends here. I loved all of you. I feel I thought about leaving this site awhile ago when others were and this is why all of this happened. Silly right? I'll always remember you all... hopefully.



I still feel like leaving myself. These new changes aren't really that great. Was thinking of making a blogger account but that means signing up for Google. Blogging just isn't what it used to be on here. Well, if you do go blog somewhere else I wish you luck. I'll probably follow suit sometime soon myself.



I already have a Google+ account thanks to Youtube. Why did they change everything?


@sebetai@YamataDragonNot sure why. I'm a bit skeptical about Google+ because if I have to have a GMail account or anything resembling an email I don't really need a 3rd e-mail account. I hear that it's now easier for strangers to email you after some policy change the Google implemented. Though depending on the situation, I might cave and give it a shot. Got Mortal Kombat for PS3 at 2nd and Charles for $9. Came with a code for UMK3 Kitana. I was reluctant to buy it but my friend has been helping me out with some online stuff so I caved and decided to see what I can do to help him with the Online portion of Mortal Kombat. And now I have another My Kung Fu Is Stronger to work with. It's not as bad as the Vita version but it's still bad enough.