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I just signed up for Tumblr. It's a blog site I assume like this. I'm going to try and use it and see if if it's better than Gamespot or not. If so I may be leaving. I also have Twitter, same name as Tumblr. Follow me if you want and i'll follow back.

Managed to get 3 $5 Amazon gift cards by using Bing. I ordered 2 Megadeth albums from Amazon (Hidden Treasures & United Abominations). Shipping cost the most. Glad I'll get those albums, free of course since I use points from Bing. Free is free, just got to use the search engine.



I've heard about Tumblr. I typically visit a few MH and EAH related Tumblr's to see some Merch stuff that typically flies under the radar. Plus some GIFs and fan art. Don't really blame you for wanting to leave GS. It seems like a lot of folks have left this site. If Tumblr is any good, I might see about it myself.



It's looking good. Going to give it some more time. Look for some more blogs to follow.etc.