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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

I just got my 56th platinum ad it's Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I got my 55th last week as well Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Anyways, I love the Sly series and was happy he got another game. The story was pretty good and had some good difficulty. Collectibles were time consuming but rather easy with a video guide along with the time slow the thief costume gives. I had thought Navigate Like Drake would be my last trophy and I wouldn't see the secret ending since I probably wouldn't fight the last boss again after getting it but I got it third to last. It was like it wanted me to see it. I'm happy I did.

The story was pretty nice. I liked the Cooper ancestors and hope to see more next time. I was surprised Penelope turned evil but wonder if she will turn back in the next game. I loved playing as Carmelita... except during her belly dance game. That was weird. I even had more fun playing as Bentley and Murray although Bentley bombs blast radius was a bit much and instantly killed me a lot.. One problem was I couldn't really see what the stuff I got from Thief did since the button weren't clear and you can only see them on thiefnet. No move menu. Overall it was good but not perfect.

Sad that the game is over and really want a sequel. A movie is coming and I hope to see it eventually. Until then I got Ni No Kuni to work on. A new Ratchet & Clank is out so maybe I'll get it.


I hated the Carmelita Dance game. Took forever and you couldn't "miss a beat" for a trophy. I can't remember how many retries it took just to get the trophy.


Good job on so many platinum's!
The Sly and R&C movies both look pretty interesting.