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Pokemon X & Y

Still healing but it's been a week... anyways I don't think I've been talking about Pokemon X & Y much even though I'm super excited about them. Today we had some new Corocoro leaks from Japan showing new Pokemon along with evolutions of the starters and new mega evolutions.

Here are the first evolutions to the starters

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

I love Fennekin's evolution the most and will be taking it as a starter in one game. I like Froakie's as well and will take it in the other. Was never into Chespin so... was not taking it anyways. Of course I get a 2nd starter so I'll take Squirtle along with Fennekin and Charmander along with Froakie. Sorry Bulbasaur but I care for grass types. I used Snivy in Black 2 but it wasn't as good as I was hoping.

Other new Pokemon

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

I really love the new cat Pokemon. The more white one is female and the black one is male. Reminds me of my cats. Actually now not sure which is which. The female is suppose to be the attacker which I'm happy for while the male is more supportive. You also got two new fossil Pokemon, rock/dragon & rock/ice, and what looks like an alpaca you can trim. This makes like 34 new Pokemon we've seen.

Here's Mega Garchomp

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

It's got mantis hands and looks evil. Mewtwo also has new mega form which adds fighting type. it's alright.

I did the spoiler tags for those who don't want to look at spoilers. It's only like a month away and so little is known. We've seen like 34 new Pokemon and over 10 mega evolutions. Hoping for over 120 new Pokemon and over 50 mega evolutions. I want both versions and in one I take Fennekin and the other Froakie. I may use a Kanto starter in my team but I really like using new ones in each new gen. It depends on who I like.