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Pokemon X & Y (Some spoilers due to leaks)

Pokemon X & Y come out next week and like the last gen Iplan to get both. After awhile I decided that I will play Y version as my main because I like Yvetal more than Xerneas even though X gets Charizard X. I like Mewtwo Y more than X though. I'm going with Fennekin and Squirtle in Y and Froakie and Charmander (Charizard X!) in X. Still not into grass starters though Snivy came close. I want to make a team of just Kalos Pokemon but if you've seen the leaks you know it will be hard to do it twice or even once especially since i'm getting a Squirtle. I want a fairy type on my team so maybe Flabebe or Slyveon. I need a flyer so Fletchling but I'd have two fire types. I feel I'm going to be switching out Pokemon every so often because of the high number.

Pokemon I definitely want to use are Flabebe and Honedge. Others include Talonflame, Pyroar, Gogoat, Helioptile, Meowstic, Pangoro, Malamar, and Tyrantrum. So many overlaping types. Some of the leaked Pokemon I like are Goomy and Treevient (The leaked tree Pokemon).

I really hope I can get a guide along with the game. Not sure if I can get them day 1. That was a nightmare last gen. I'm not sure if I plan to capture all Pokemon in Y or just what I can. I don't feel like paying for Pokemon Bank just yet. I may wait until they announce the 3rd version to catch 'em all this gen. I also haven't decided if I'm going with the male or female character. Maybe male in one version and female in the other.



I plan on getting Pokemon Y when I get a chance since my friend wants to get Pokemon X since he thinks Xerneas is cool. I plan on getting both as well but I also want to get another 3DS so I can trade between my copies of the games. Can't wait for the next generation of Pokemon.