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Platinum #57 - Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch

Took me a week but I finally got my 57th platinum. Just had to do some grinding for items to alchemize. RPG's always make you farm insanely rare items for stuff. So this is 57 down 43 to go. What will come first? Me reaching 100 platinum trophies or PS4 being $200 (with a game or two)?

Had a lot of fun with NNK but I have a lot of complaints. The taming system wasn't that great. You had to beat the monster and hope it stayed with a heart over it's head and then you had to switch to Esther and serenade it. Your partners would hit it while it was like this except if they do a miracle move or arena hitting move. Also it might mess you up when anyone does a cut scene move. That stops you from doing what you were doing. Trying to serenade with Esther or steal with Swaine and then constant cut scenes.It was annoying. Feels like Pokemon with the taming but lots of games do this like DQ. Pokemon has done the catching monsters the best. Just throw a ball at them. Shame games can't figure out another way.

I skipped the whole story but I may read about it, I do that sometimes. It was pretty fun all in all. Just the constant grinding wore me out. The last thing I needed to do was alchemize an axe for a quest and found out the secret boss sometimes gives out the items needed. After over 20 long battles with i I got what I needed. Happy. It took me 94 hours and 37 minutes. Now I'm done with all my games for now. Although I did download Soulcalibur Lost Swords. It's free like Tekken Revoltuion. Got like 8 trophies and looks easy.