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platinum #54: Final Fantasy XII-2

I finally finished FFXIII-2 and that means I finally finished all games I bought from Black Friday 2012 and some bought later on (I tried to avoid buying more after BF but couldn't). However, I'm now officially done with them all. 54 of which I got platinum, some of them were just 100%'s, and then there are 7 I didn't finish (technically 8 because of LBP DLC). I think I may try to earn some of the trophies from them. Among them I am missing 80 trophies.

I'm so happy I did it. My PSN level is 19, I have over 2600 trophies, and my completion percentage is 97%. Amazing. I still have the B2G1 free coupon from Gamestop so I may have some new games after all. Wonder if I'll ever get as many games as I did on BF 2012. I think I got 13 but some were collection so it was over 20 total.

I played both FF XIII & 2 but skipped most of the story. I found the level system in the first to be crazy since you needed items to level up weapons and the crystarium thing for the characters. I liked 2 more because of easy mode which let me breeze through it. Also the trophies weren't that hard. The monster collecting thing was kind of fun. I preferred using Serah as my main character. Also got the free DLC costume of her's. I liked the level system better and the weapon growth thing being gone. Didn't really care for the whole time travel thing but was okay with it. I may get Lightning Returns when it's less than $20 like always.

I said to myself that I would get PS4 when i get 100 platinum trophies or when I can get it for $200. Whichever comes first. I still have enough Powerup points for $50 off. I may even obtain enough for 2 because of E-rewards. I have $83.60 in my account there and only need $100 to get 30,000 PR points. Real easy to do those surveys.

I'm thinking of going back to Animal Crossing New Leaf for some time. I think some new fish come out in March so I got to get those. Haven't been to my town in like a month. Horrified to think what's become of it.


Congrats. I tried the Lightning Returns Demo and it was kinda meh. I think the whole costume thing was just a way for Squeenix to throw in fan service. Been thinking of buying the FFXIII games but if I do, it'll be at 2nd and Charles. They got some pretty awesome deals on new and used games.



I only got Gamestop. There is a pace called Gameheads but their prices are sometimes higher than Gamestop even though their trying to say their better. Plus I have the Powerup card and tons of points on it.Maybe I'll check that demo out. Feel good to be done but I know I want to go back.