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Platinum #53: Final Fantasy XIII

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Finally finished FF XIII. I started last October and finished last night. It took 3 months and 15 days because I gave up. I came back like a week ago and ran through it. I was unable to beat I think Mission 7 and stopped but came back and after some CP grinding I beat it easy and kept doing it until I was really strong. Had to grind to get stuff like crazy and keep a checklist to make sure I got everything. It was insane. I beat mission 64 through a ton of spamming and poison. Took down Long Gui real easy. Youtube was a great help for everything.

I'm finally down to just one game from Black Friday 2012 (and a few others). I state BF 2012 because I managed to finish every PS3 game I had before then that I was able to. I said I wouldn't get anymore games after Neptunia MK2 although I got PS Battle Royale in December but finished it quick. So that's left is FF XIII-2 and then I'll see about the games I didn't finish. So happy I managed to finish so many games.

I now have 53 platinum trophies, 2577 total trophies, and level 19. I got 95% completion rate on PSN trophy leaders ( seems to be gone) I've played 67 games total as well. I have 127 unearned trophies left.

I bought 2 $10 PSN cards when I renewed my Powerup card. They didn't have a $20 apparently. I got The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC and can't wait to play it. I still have $17 left and want to find something else. I'm willing to get a $15 game, a $10 and $5, or 3 $5's. I'll look and see what I can find. Open to suggestions.



Spent my remaining PSN money on LittleBigPlanet's new DC DLC and Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection. Last time I had money I bought the Muppets DLC for LBP and then I got this. Didn't even know it existed until I looked through my uncompleted trophies. Interesting. I love MK and been thinking of getting the collection. They left me with 7 cents. Got almost all the MK trophies except the 200 matches (which I'm working on) and the two online one I hope to boost.


@sebetai I left a comment the other day and for some reason it's gone. This site is ridiculous.


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Oh really? This site does suck. Often when I go to your page I get told I have to log in when I'm already in.