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New Everything

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The site has changed. So far... I can't see who has written a new blog without going into my friends list and going onto their page, I don't know what happened to Fuse, My PSN trophies are gone (some trophy sites haven't me in awhile but that's another story), and I can't delete pictures I upload. The pictures come from me trying to change my profile. Used the same pic for avatar and background just to see what they would look like. Then I had a gif as my avatar but changed it because I realized it would make my page load slower. I miss the old site. I haven't even checked my game lists.

Pokemon X & Y came out yesterday and I haven't got either yet. I want both and I want a guide but I don't think it's out yet. I was also thinking of getting a 2DS and using my $50 off coupon I said I would use it on Wii U. The thing is I also said no systems on day 1. I want to wait like a year before. I would need a 2nd 3(2)DS to trade between the games as my original needs a new battery. It still stays on if charging. I'm planning to main Y Version and go with Fennekin and Squirtle. In X I will get Froakie and Charmander. Want to have a different team in both versions and there will be lots of Pokemon to choose from.

Animal Crossing time. Paid all upgrades to my house, Got a cafe, and campsite. Want to get a police station (Someone has to suggest it), fortune house (Get fortune read 20 times to be asked), and maybe a reset station (Why not?). I got like 600,000 bells in the bank. I got the bagworm so I cut down all non fruit trees and planted cherry trees. Not sure how many bells I get from the trees now. Going to count them next time. I got some more badges such as for listening to K.K Slider 20 times. You can o it over and over Saturday nights. I got the 2nd badge for planting trees and plants. Also spent over 500,000 in stores. Going to work towards as many badges as I can. The interior of my house is coming together as well.

Not sure if anyone will be able to read this since I said I had to go into friends pages to see if they have something a new blog. If you find a fast way tell me.



This new site is really bad. Liking the new banner image of Yveltal there. Since you are going to start with Fennekin in Y, when you become champ can I borrow the Chespin Shauna trades you so I can breed it (apologies if that spoiled something)?.


I happened to stumble upon this, but like you said, it was by looking through my friends feed. This new site is really unorganized, that's my only real complaint with it.