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My Little Pony Season 4 Finale (Spoilers)

The season 4 finale of MLP was awesome. The final minutes were like DBZ with Twilight and Tirek shooting giant lasers, Twilight getting speared through a mountain, her library destroyed, and then a epic rainbow blast.It was amazing. The Mane 6 got some kind of super saiyan rainbow mega forms from the box in the season opener and whooped Tirek. They sent him back to Tartarus but i would have been awesome if they obliterated him with that blast to really get the DBZ down. Once again the other princess' were useless especially Celestia who thought Tirek wouldn't be able to find Twilight since he didn't know there was a 4th princess (How old is Cadence?) even though he had Discord and Twilight had a glass pane in her castle. Sad to see Twilight lose her library but she got a new one that's like a castle and saved Owlicious so that turned out good.

Season has been awesome. I plan to rewatch the whole season and maybe the entire series. Didn't do a top shows of 2013 but MLP would have been number 1. Season 5 is coming around 2015 and will have another 26 episodes bringing the series 117. I think 7 episodes in we'll have episode 100.

Here's a gif of the fight scene I was talking about

Here's meme I like

and here is everyone rainbowed power

Got these from Cheezburger and Equatria Daily.


That was the BEST finale ever. Can't wait for Season 5. I also get caught up with the comics whenever I get around to them.