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My Cat Sam Died yesterday

I am so sad to announce that my cat Sam was found dead yesterday morning. He was in the basement in a room and laying there dead. My mom said he had blood in mouth and it was fresh so he might have died the previous knight. Sam liked to eat stuff like plastic and other things he wasn't suppose to. I remember last weekend watching him come down from the part of the ceiling with insulation and he was dirty. I feel that he might have gotten back up there and ate some of it. He did stuff like that. We were confused how he got up there since he never did before. He only was able to get to the front ceiling where he would hide or look down on us. There was a lot of stuff that blocked sections of it so I feel he jumped to a platform behind the washing machine to get there. He always liked to get into stuff and loved being on high places. I often saw him sleeping on my bookcase, windows, and above stacks of stuff. He recently started living completely in the basment when Mom cleaned out his food bowl which was moldy. He was upstairs with me earlier this week but he had little reason to come up since he had everything he needed in the basement. He was all alone down there. He was independent.

Here are some pictures.



Here's one of him and my other cat Angel

Angel & Sam

He was so handsome. My sister originally got him for my niece but he stayed with us when she moved. He was so funny. He could stand up and walk on two legs. he did it often to get food. He would often have the top of his head wet because he liked to drink out of the faucet. His pattern was unique to his legs to his little half mustache. He kinda looked like my old cat who was also black and white. He sometimes liked to attack Angel but I think he was playing. She always hissed so I don't think she liked it unless started it. I often got pictures of them together and love them the most.

I just noticed that my hamster Damien who also wrote on here died three years ago September 11th. Sam loved to watch him in his cage and smeimes knocked it over. Angel was the first to do so. Those were some good days. I wish I took more pictures and videos of them all.

Sam was only six years old. He was so young. Angel is about 11-12. I thought he would live just as long as her. A couple days ago my mom asked me when school started. I'm no longer in school and trying to write a book before trying to find a job next year. I lied and then tried avoiding her by talking about the flea problem we had. I was also kinda rude to my niece who was Sam original owner. she's young and was acting like an annoying kid. I often feel that whenever I lie or do something wrong something bad happens. I just can't help feel like this was because of me. It's strange but I believe in mystical forces and this was like karma. Whenever I do something wrong I get punished and if I'm afraid of doing something I somehow avoid it. It's a weird feeling but I believe in it. I hope I learned it now.

With Sam gone all I have left is Angel. She's all I got to talk to and keep me company. Of course lately she has been sleeping on the litter box in the hall and last summer she wouldn't even come in my room due to the ceiling fan. She now comes in but rarely. Cats are so independent. I am going to miss everything Sam did. He loved running from the dog Prince. he often could get past him without him knowing and once went through his legs unknown. I think he enjoyed it. This is just unreal. I still expect to see him sleeping somewhere. I'll never forget him.