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Last Driving Lesson

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Took my sixth and final driving lesson today. I did real good. We went on the freeway again and I was going over 60. I went so fast. This was the 2nd time we did. He said I improved a lot from my first lesson. I still need to do parking, reverse, and parallel parking which he didn' teach. We just drove around everywhere and I got over my fear of driving. Now just need to learn streets and such. I'd like to find a tablet for GPS but wondering if they are able to even after downloading the app. Might want to think about getting a phone instead... but would that have GPS.

The car we drove was a Chevy Cavalier. My Mom let me drive her Jeep Friday and it was big and more powerful. It rolled a lot when stopped. She said something about getting new brake pads so maybe that's why. I hadn't learned parking or reverse so I had to do it when I got in the lot. My Mom was scared when I was driving and she almost made me run run on the curb when rying to do a left turn. She kept thinking I would hit cars on the side and felt I was too close to the curb. She did the same with my brother years ago and he got out and refused to get back in. She's going to let me drive more though for practice.I have to train in parking for my road test. We're thinking of getting some garbage cans and doing it that way.

The car I'm interested in getting has to small like the Chevy not like the Jeep. I'm looking between $500-$700. I've been told to look on Craigslist and then we have Charity Motors. I'll see what I can find.