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Just 3 more Pokemon

Pokemon Bank was released like 2 days ago and Now I only need 3 Pokemon in Y version to have all 718 officially released Pokemon. Just need Amaura, Aurorus, & Xerneas. Going to restart X version tomorrow and should have Xerneas captured in 3 days at the most. It's going to be so awesome to have a completed Pokedex for the sixth gen. Did it in Platinum, Black, & White 2 so that will be 4 times and 3 generations. Just need the last 3 that are for events and they're years away.

Now for PS3 stuff. I'm down to just one game... Final Fantasy XIII-2. When I finish I'll work on my unfinished games and try to get more trophies from them. I have a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free from Gamestop and I may use it. Not sure if I will have any money.



I'm still breeding my Pokemanz. But I'm taking it a little at a time since I still wanna get these online trophies wrapped up. If I had known you needed an Amaura, I could've held to the one I got through GTS and gave it to you.



Just got Amaura in X. Going to transfer it to Bank and then Y. Just need Xernead and I'll be done.