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I Got A New Phone

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On Tuesday I got a new phone and my first touchscreen one. I got it for free from my brother in law who started working at some kind of phone service company. It's an LG Optimus Elite that runs Android 2.3.7 and it was free. I have unlimited talk, text, and data for $60 a month and the phone works great. My favorite thing to do on it is maps. I believe it's Google Maps but I love the navigation, which I think it says beta but it's still amazing. When I went to my nieces graduation I used it t get us to the building. It reroutes super fast too. I plan to use it often until I can find these places myself. Another app I like is Jota+ which is a word Processor. Great for writing stuff down. Getting used to downloading website apps to see them better.

There is a referral promotion that if I can refer 5 people to the service I can get free phone service. I've shown many people in my family and some have old me how good it is so I just have to wait. It's Lightyear Wireless and it uses Sprint. If your interested tell me.

I hope one day I can get one of those giant cell phones they make now. With Android of course. Since mine is 2.3.7 I can't download mailbox and get that extra 1GB from Dropbox. They are making a beta for Mac I believe so maybe Windows one day.