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Got Pokemon X & Y

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Got both versions today and starting Y version right now. Trying to get Fennekin with the right nature. One that boosts SP. ATK. Got two that hindered it, both were female which I would have liked. Looking for modest and really want a female more. I went with the female character and named her Domino. It was harder to pick than I thought since both genders looked good this time. I often use female characters anyways.

I downloaded the special Torchic and just need to get it. Since I got both versions I can get a second or third since I need to restart the other versions for the other starters. I bought the guide and got 10% off twice since I bought both games. The guide came with this cleaning cloth with Xerneas/Yvetal on one side and the starters on the other side. I've been using the pages on bulbapedia making the guide I bought a waste but it still looks nice. I also saved like 20%.

I managed to get 5 street passes today but my streetpass puzzle data was corrupted. I found that I just needed to redownload them from spotpass and got them all back. It was scary.



Congrats. If you need Bulbasaur or a Quilladin I can lend them to you so you can breed them if you want. The Quilladin is from Japan and the Bulbasaur is from Germany. I got a Friend Safari that was Wartortles as well if you want one. Oh and the Quilladin from Japan has it's Hidden Ability. I can also send you a Ditto so you can breed if you want.



I used wonder trade and got a Japanese Fennekin. I don't need any trades since I got both versions. I didn't pick Charmander in Y so now I have to buy the Y Mega Stone later. I'll get the other starters from X later. I heard you can get stones from super training the secret one so I will do that. 

My team is all over 30 and I only have one badge. I got over 60 Pokemon as well. I got Braixen, Fletchfinder, Vivilion, Florette, Skiddo, & Wartortle. 


@sebetai @YamataDragon Your Friend Safari so far contains Doduo and Tranquill. When you become Champion and are online the same time as me, I'll let you know what your other Pokemon is. My Safari has Snorunt, Bergmite and Cloyster