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First Driving Lesson

I took my first driving lesson today and guess what... it was me driving around in real traffic. I drove for like an hour for real. At first I had trouble but I got the hang of it sort of. I kept pushing down on the gas too much or not enough and I had to get used to the brakes so we wouldn't jerk. I did better as we went on. Turning is something I need to work on as well as understanding pressure on the gas and brakes. Still got 5 more lessons.

I got Hub this week and started watching Littlest Pet Shop. Another new show I like. Also got to see episodes of Superman and Batman.I also found Xiaolin Chronicles on Disney XD. It's a contination of Showdown from WB from many years ago. It's different and they have a new character named Ping Pong who I assume is Asian. It was alright. I miss the old one and they had to change the shen gong wu names. Plus the showdowns are now in 3D.

I don't recall the last time I turned my desktop on. Like a week maybe. My laptop has become my primary computer.

Saw that 2DS... and I liked it. Could use 2nd 3DS system. Still need a new battery for my original.

My next driving lesson is soon and I can't wait. My first lesson was good and another hour will be great.