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Fallout 3 and Steam

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I finally got a Steam account under the name Ramerix. I downloaded some free to play games such as Gothem City Imposters, Elseworld (I think), and two others. I learned my laptop isn't that good for playing games on due to lack of mouse. GCI needed the roll part of the mouse and my internet connection is laggy. Just had to see if I could play games on the laptop though.

Been playing Fallout 3 GOTY Edition on PS3. Got 43/73 trophies. Those 43 are the regular trophies meaning I got 7 more until platinum. I still need to hack about 14 terminals, collect 9 more bobbleheads, take down 3 more mutant behemoth, and find like 25 more areas. I still need to do the side quests Oasis and Agatha's Song plus the main quest Take it Back. After that I'll work on the DLC. I got a bunch of alt saves just in case. Been using one to get trophies for side quests and kill 300 people. Just so I don't make a file get too big. I get some freezes everynow and again.

Thinking about what order I want to do DLC. I can reach level 30 if I do the exploit but I plan to do as much as I can before I do that. Ancorage doesn't look that bad. Broken Steel may have to be done after I finish the story but it's recommended that I be at max stats. Point Lookout doesn't look that bad either. Mothership Zeta and the Pitt have collectibles so I want to do them last. Im thinking of doing each DLC on a different file so I won't overload one.

I got 43/63 trophies and I'm only at 38% progress. 7 silver and 36 bronze. A ton of trophies but only 30 left.