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Anyone play Yu-Gi-Oh on Dueling Network? It's free and has all the card released so far. Not sure how they will handle Pendulum summoning. Anyways I enjoy it since we haven't gotten any new Yu-Gi-Oh games in awhile. I think Duel Carnival is coming but E-Shop exclusive in NA.

Since I hadn't played in awhile when I started I was using a burn deck around Nurse Reficule and people hated me for it. I just wanted to see how people were dueling since it had been a long time for me. I later made this dragon deck that had 60 cards. People kept telling me to use less cards but I was really use to using 60. I decided to try Harpie's next since I used some of them back in High School. The deck was pretty good but not much in drawing power. It has 40 cards so it's at the minimum. Right now I am using a Blackwing deck that I love using. Haven't been winning much lately though. I treid making decks for Mermail's, Gravekeeper's, and Traptrix but deleted all but Gravekeeper's. It's an ok deck. I've seen tons of really broken decks but don't really like them. People often complain about me using Kalut but I sometimes can't even keep up with what their doing.

Right now I have no other games to play since I finished everything on PS3, nearly everything just some trophies left.


OK. Why did GameSpot remove my previous comment? This is like the 2nd time it's happened.