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Beat Elite 4 in X & Y

I finally beat the Elite 4 and just did a few friend safari's. I got all the Pokemon I could get that I didn't have from them. Not sure what's in my safari so please tell me if you find it. My character is female and named Domino. Disappointed that so many of the Pokemon I already caught during story. They have so many Pokemon that are unobtainable that could have easily filled the safari like Rattata. I'm planning to upload a bunch from Emerald such as legendaries and Pokemon needing stones to evolve when Pokemon Bank comes out. I'll have a month to use it free. Have to transfer from Emerald - Platinum - White2 - then Y. Also going to have to breed some from White 2 to transfer them. Not sure if you can put eggs in the Bank though.

Right now I have captured 444 Pokemon. Been leveling grinding and evolving Pokemon while I search for new ones. My team was 80- over 90 when I fought the Elite 4. I caught Zygarde and going to go get Mewtwo in a minute. Have a few Pokemon left to catch on Victory Road so I can do some leveling up. I could just evolve my Poliwhirl to Poliwrath and my Zweilous to Hydregon but would rather level up my unevolved Pokemon.

Been ignoring Animal Crossing since I got X and Y. Want to go back and see how bad everything is. Stll need to do a run through x to get the Pokemon I don't have such as Xerneas & Amaura. Got a few through trade and wonder trade.

Having 444 Pokemon means that I still need 274 plus the 3 event. I did pretty good. Should have it down to needing 150 or so soon. Now that I have Ditto I can breed anything I have.



Your Friend Safari contains Doduo and Tranquill. If you're online the same time as me, I can find out your 3rd Pokemon. Can't wait for Pokemon Bank so I can transfer all the Breedable and Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon White and Black Version 2.