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Animal Crossing New Leaf - September Update

Been playing AC everyday for months now. I finally got the last fossil today and now done with the fossil wing of my museum. I still need 5 bugs, one the Bagwrm, only comes out starting October and from shaking trees. Once I catch it I have no more insects from trees and can finally cut down all non fruit trees and plant cherry trees. Cherries are not native to my town so I get 500 bells per one.I need 15 fish including the salmon and king salmon that I can't find. I need 7 seafood which has been going easy. Art is going pretty good as I usually get one new thing from Redd except that time his only real piece was one I had already. My museum is looking nice. Also I bought a silver shovel and rod so just waiting for the net. I need to buy 50 saplings to get a golden axe which I would love since the regular ones break.

I get about 120,000 bells from the cherry trees every 3 days and I'm hoping to get over 300,000. I still have to pay 400,000 on my current loan and then have two more house expansions before being done. So I need about 1.5 million more bells. I'll be done in October especially when my cherry tress come in. After that I can focus on public works projects. Close to funding a dream suite. Seems like a couple bells are automatically donated every day. When I'm done with all the big things I can start buying stuff like crazy and saving.