Platinum #44: Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll

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I got my 44th platinum today... Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll. A hack and slash game that I found really fun. At first I was just skipping the story but then I got into it and started enjoying it. I was playing regular 12 hours or more each day for 7 days. My total time in game was 72:27:22 and it took me 7 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes, 19 seconds to obtain. that's over 10 hours each day I played. I think nintendo gives you a warning about playing more than 10 hours but I never payed attention. Pretty much played non stop until about yesterday when I needed to get some school stuff done and just needed to get all characters to 99 today which I did fast. So now I'm at 44 platinums with an 82.2% completion rate.

While playing I didn't watch much TV so my DVR is pretty full. Which is great so I can work more on other stuff. I'll try getting through it before I play my next game.

Now i only have 9 games left to play. 10 once Ratchet and Clank Deadlocked comes and I haven't done any others. I should have one or more done before that since I don't know when Deadlocked is coming.

My current backlog in order i planto play: Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault, Hunted the Demon's Forge, InFamous, InFamous 2, Infamous Festival of Blood, Fallout 3 GOTYE, Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIII-2. Fallout 3 could be switched with Ratchet Deadlocked if it comes out and FO would be moved in front of FF XIII.

I'm trying not to buy any games for PS3 until I get these out of the way but I am going to buy Animal Crossing New Leaf on 3DS when it comes out. Pokemon X and Y as well but that's some time away.

Haven't played a game in a week

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Another break while I work on other things. I should start playing again in early May. Trinity Souls of Zill'Oll is next followed by Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault and then Huntedn the Demon's Forge. I would love to wrap all 3 up in 10 days or less followed by another break. After those 3 Fallout 3 GOTYE is next. I hope I don't run into too many bugs and glitches. Infamous collection comes afterwards. I hope to finish all of them by the end of May. That's...7 games though. How about if I add Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 along with both my final fantasy games and say I want them all done by the end of June? That's 10 but i think more doable.

I finally got a Twiter. Didn't think I would but I got extra Dropbox storage for doing so and Tweeting about it. I'm up to 3GB of storage. I think I can get 16GB more through referrals. 500 MB per each person. Here's my referral code if your interested

We both get 500 extra MB. Anyways, Twitter isn't that bad. I somehow have 3 followers already. I'm @SerpentSeed on Twitter. You can follow me if you want and I'll follow you back. Still learning and not sure how to do conversations. Also not sure if you can find me with just my @ name.

Getting bored. No one is online. I'd like to make some new friends. I looked for trophy unions but those unions are all dead. My unions are either dead or too crowded. Not much activity on my other sites either. Got no one to talk to. Maybe it's because it's so close to summer vacation and everyone has to study more for tests. Possibly...

Megadeth - Super Collider

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The next Megadeth album is called Super Collider and is coming June 4th. I'm so excited becaue I love Megadeth. The're (Not sure if i used that right or spelled it right) my favorite band. This is their 14th album. You may recall me talking about Th1rt3en a year or two ago along with Metallica Lulu. Never got Lulu but did get Th1rt3en. I hope I can get Super Collider. It's hard to find Megadeth albums in stores exept for Endgame and maybe countdown. I currently have Endgame, Countdown to Extinction, Rust in Peace, & Th1rt3en. I want The System Has Failed and United Abominations the most. i liked Youthanasia and the World Need a Hero too and I just want them all. I don't buy digital so I'm stuck looking for CD's. I only have a few places that sell music such as Walmart that I go to. I want to look at other places if I could find them. Walmart once had a whole end row display of Nickelback but not one copy of Th1rt3en. What was that?

Here's the artwork for Super Collider

Super Collider

You're suppose to be able to see Vic Rattleead reflected somewhere in the center but I can't.

Here's a list of my favorite musical acts, possibly not in order: Megadeth, Metallica, Evanescence, Dragonforce, Dio, & Guns N' Roses. I have no Dragonforce albums as they are even rarer than Megadeth. Stores rarely have what I want. I can listen to them online but what about when I don't have access to a computer or can't use the volume?

Here's a preview of a new song from the new album... Don't turn your back

It's awesome at just 40 seconds. Can't wait for the whole song and the rest.

Other song titles include Super Collider, Forget to Remember, Dance in the Rain, The Blackest Crow, Burn, King Maker, A House Divided, Built for War, Beginning of Sorrow, & Don't Turn Your Back. There will be 13 songs, that was 10. One of them is suppose to have guest vocals.

Did they take out the tag section for blogs? Wasn't seeing it on my laptop and I thought that had something to do with it but now i'm on my desktop and don't see it. I always added soem stuff related to my blog but was never sure what it wad for.

Platinum #43: Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time... The Lombax Triumphant!

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Got my 43rd platinum. Another great R&C game. This makes my 5th R&C platinum. All that's left is Full Frontal Assault and likly Deadlocked. I get Deadlocked for free due to having FFA. Another game on my backlog soon.

My current backlog: Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal, Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII-2, Hunted the Demon's Forge, Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2, Trinity: Souls of Zill 'Oll, & Infamous Collection (Infamous, Infamous 2, & Festival of Blood). That's 10, 11 with Deadlocked but I will probably have another done game by the time it comes... when it comes. I say I won't get any new games but if PlayStation All Stars goes down to $20. I want to see some other games requiring online passes to drop down to $20 or $30. The others to be under $20 used and during buy 2 get 1 free. I'm going to try and keep my word and not buy any more games... at least for PS3. I'm still getting Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon X, & Pokemon Y when they come out.

Not sure what order I plan to play the games. I want to do Trinity Souls next. After that I will go for my 45th platinum. It might be Hunted of Ratchet and Clank FFA. I want something big for my 50th. From what I got, either Hyperdimension Neptunia or Infamous 2. I just want my 50th to be special. My 100th should be a PS4 game if I ever get that far

Before Black Friday I had nothing left unplayed. Since Black Friday I've gotten 39 new games with a 40th on the way. I have reduced that number like crazy. A lot of those games came from collections, maybe a 3rd. I want at least one more done before Deadlocked so I can keep it 10 or under. A little OCD huh? I wnt it down to at least 5 before I get another game. I hope even less. I'm getting tired.

Platinum #42: SoulCalibur V and I bought Hyperdimension Neptunia MK 2

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I Got my 42nd platinum... SoulCalibur V. It's near impossible on YGC which gives me 6 near impossible's. Lucha Libre went back up to near impossible.

SoulCalibur V was pretty good but not as good as II. It had a bunch of new characters and a lot were missing. No Talim :(. Also Ivy had more clothes than usual. I got help to do the online stuff on my first day. I had over 30 trophies first day. I mastered using Natsu's cheap tactics to help me through quick battles. I used Voldo to reach the required distance with a turbo controller; X was held down with a rubber band and the stick was rubbanded to go left. I used Raphael in arcade to reach the required attacks and get my soul level to 99. I was at 60 when I started and it took all day to reach level 99. Only did it like an hour ago. Such troublesome trophies.

I bought Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2. It's rare in my area so I needed it. I got it for $29.70. I think the sticker said $35 but it was $30 like online. There was a strange $3 charge for GPG 1 year $25.00-$99.00. The recipt has Neptunia at $25.19 without tax. I don't get it. Whatever. Just glad I got it since I loved the first. I downloaded all the free DLC for the game unlike for the first. I do that now for all my new games. So I finish one game and have another to take it's place. I got 11 games in my background (Infamous collection counts as 3). I plan to start Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time next followed by Trinity Souls.

Managed to get a vrius on my laptop the other day while searching for easy methods for SCV quick battles. I eventually figured out how to do Natsu. The internet would not work while it did on ymy desktop. Everything was loading slowly or not at all such as Firefox and Norton. I almost had it factory reinstalled, almost also deleted Norton before I reset again ad got it to run. Found 3 issues and got rid of them. It scared me since I need this laptop and just got it. Just need to be more careful. Even sites for gaming are dangerous if I've never been.

I said I wasn't going to buy any more PS3 games for awhile but I doubt I can. Because I got Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault I get Ratchet Deadlocked when it comes ou for free. So another game will be added to my backlog. I'm waiitng for PlayStation all Star Battle Royal to drop down to $20 new as well as Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I'd like those Lego Harry Potter games to be $10. Just waiting for price drops or some awesome deals. Let's me focus on my backlog. Of course I do plan to buy a few games new such as Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon X Version, & Pokemon Y Version. AC is $35 now which I hope happens to Pokemon and more 3DS games.

I'm taking tomorrow off os my PS3 can recover. SoulCalibur required a lot of grinding. I think I'll start R/C Monday. When done with that I'll discuss my backlog. It'll be down to 10. I've had 34 new games since Black Friday so I have made some progress. Once I'm done with them I can go back to games I failed to platinum and try again. I want to do BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend the most. I'll talk more about it later.

Interested in a Tablet

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Now that I have a laptop I've starting to take an interest in getting a tablet. I don't want an expensive one and was thinking $70-$80 would be the most I want to spend. I just want something to take notes with when I can't use my laptop or dekstop. I have to be able to wirelessly connect to my laptop so I can transfer files over if it does not work with USB. I' thinking my best chance is Black Friday. Biglots might have something cheap around then. I remember them handing out tickets to get one a few years back at the door since it was limited. Didn't need one back then.

Let me summarize what I want in a tablet

  • Notepad or application similiar for writing down stuff. (Major)
  • Have a USB port or Wirelessly connect to laptop
  • I want a stylus for it with a place to put it.
  • Able to connect to the internet.
  • At least 7"

What are some other good things for tablets? Never had one and just wondering what people with tablets like for their tablets. Programs, functions, etc. I really do just want it to write stuff down when I'm traveling basically but I like cool stuff.

Platinum #41 and Level 17

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I got my 41st platinum trophy Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension this morning. It was easy except the collectables took awhile. I also got to level 17 with the King of Fighters XIII trophy Excellent! which was for winning 100 online matches and is a gold trophy. I'm doing pretty good and got another game off my backlog.

I like watching Phineas and Ferb so I got the game. Yes I thought it would be an easy platinum but I got it because I like the show/ Not buying somethin I don't like for an easy platinum. It wasn's that easy though with the upgrade and figure collectables. I had to keep replaying stages to find these last upgrade chips. It was a nightmare. The figures that I couldn't buy or find had to be won in the claw game which was long since the crane was slow. It was like a real claw in that it had to reset is I miss or got something.
So long. But I did it within one day.

King of Fighters XIII is a game I won't platinum due to needing 10 ranked wins a row (never again) and having to do trials. Plus having to to win 35 fights in survival. I plan to get the rest. I need about 70 matches to have 300 total matches. I can help someone boost or get as much as I can in ranked. Might even win a few times. I won one ranked match. Just going to get the rest and put the game up. I'm planning to do SoulCalibur 5 next so I don't want play 2 fighters that need boosting at the same time again. I'm going to going to finish up KOF's offline stuff while doing the rest of the online stuff. Either boosted or take my chances in ranked.

My current backlog is Kof XIII, Soucalibur V, Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time, Ratchet and Clank Ful Frontal Assault, Trinity Souls of Zill O'll, Infamous Collection (Infamous, Infamous 2, Infamous Festival of Blood), Hunted the Demon's Forge, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2. & Fallout 3 GOTY. A lot but I will finish it. I only wany Hyperdimension Neptunia and if any of my games in my wish list needing an online pass go down to $20. Come on All Stars.

I'm very close to 2000 trophies. I currently have 1993 total with 41 platinums, 178 gold, 451 silver, & 1323 bronze. I'll reach level 18 soon as well. I'm at 78.4% completion rate and will 80% soon, maybe with my next game.

My goals right now for the year are 2500 trophies, 50 platinums, and to reach level 19. I hope I can make it.

Platinum #40: God of War Chains of Olympus...The Saga is Finished!

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I finally finished the God of War Saga. I did it 1, 2, 3, Ghost, and Chains. I went backwards from 3 with Ghost and then Chains. One day I will get Ascension. I'm happy that I'm done but sad that the Saga is over. It was amazing. Which was my favorite? Let's see

1. Ghost of Sparta: Can't believe this is number 1. I had to play on hard for the trophy and really got better at playing. There were some tough battles but I overcame and enjoyed the story.

2. God of War: Everything was pretty basic and straight forward. a great start. The story was awesome and maybe the best. I did not like the tug of war style fight with Ares. I also thought the challenges were terrible and you had to do them in one sitting.

3. God of War III: It had less puzzles which I liked. The story was pretty good. I really enjoyed Pandora and Hermes. I liked Hermes mocking me and Pamdora's was a great escort. She never got hit. It was a good ending. I just hope if they do make a 4 it won't have you play as Kratos' unknown son. Feels possible.

4. God of War II: It was alright. The puzzles took me awhile. Combat was improved.

5. Chains of Olympus: I was glad it was over. I did it in 12 hours so it's my fastest platinum. Really hated the challenges. The story wasn't that good to me.

What a great series. Finishing means I can free some space on my hard drive. I'm back up to over 100 GB. I'm working on King of Fighters XIII and I plan to play Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension next. Im close to 2000 trophies and just 10 platinums from 50. My completion rate is almost 77%. I'm working on getting it to 80% and then to 90% once again. I'm hoping I don't buy any more PS3 games. I'm looking for Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2.

My new laptop really helped me get trough some tough stuff. I had a guide and could view vidoes while playing. I showed my sister an she loved it, especially the price. I'll help her get one for her daughter.

I'm waiitng for Ascension's price to drop. I have to get it new for the online pass. I can wait. I don't feel like doing anymore collections for awhile. Just have Infamous collection left. It's fun working on my backlog.

Getting used to my laptop

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It's great. Getting used to Windows 8. It's not so bad... so bad. I'm still using my Office 2013 trial. I plan to pick up Office 365 home premium for $99 at Officemax. It has 5 licenses which is great since I ave had to install my Office 2007 3 out of it's 6 times already. I cn use Skpe to make 60 minutes calls to phones a month. I assume that video calls are free. I can get 20 extra GB of Skydrive storage for 27GB. I have been using dropbox but I only got like 2GB of storage there. I'm going to try Skydrive and if I like it then I may make the switch. It's everything for $99. I want it.

I need a carrying case for it and the ony one's I find are too much. Biglots may have one. It's between $5 and $12 for one. It has to be the right size since mine is 15.6". I'll look at Salvation Army stores to see if they have a cheap one. Don't feel like spening $30 or more for one.

it's been doing what i want. I'm able to work on my writings while watchng TV and I was able to use it a guide for God of War 3. I had guides and videos to help me and I could do both at the same time. I used to have to go to my computer if  got stuck and use my 3DS to bring up a guide. I so love it.

Windows is not perfect but it isn't as bad as people tell me. It's different and some of the things I used a lot are gone. No more start button, I had to look up how to shut it down, it clicks things that I go over sometimes, are desktop documents are combined into one folder, took me awhile to figure out how to use recycle, etc. But I did. Feels different but I still got my XP Destop. I'm getting this feeling I don't anymore. I've gone to my computer everyday but now I don't have to. I've had to wipe it twice, once becauseof a virus. I'll be more careful with my new one. Noticed I have an HP monitor. Looked at it everyday and didn't notice. It's not going anywhere but I miss it.

I'm still going to use my desktop for school related stuff and going to internet sites I've never been too. Only got the one Windows 8 but I do have a recovery disk. My desktop is still my mother system.

I told my sister about it and she liked it. She wants to get her daughter a computer since she is graudating next yeat from high school. She liked HP and the price was good. I hope she gets one.

Finally got my laptop

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Today I got my new laptop. I'm so happy. I called Walmart to see if they had it in. Their site said yes but the guy first said no after I gave him the Walmart number for it. Then I told him what it was and he found some. Don't know what the Walmart number is for since he said they didn't carry it. He said he'd hold it and I went to get it. It's an HP 2000 Notebook PC. I got it for $348 plus $39 for 3 year warranty. Here are some specs and I'll give you more when I download speccy.

OS: Windows 8 64 bit (Not that bad)

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Hard Drvie: 500 GB

RAM: 4GB (Expandable to 8GB if I knew how)/4096MB DDR3 SDRAM

AMD E2-1800 Accelerated Processor (1.7GHz)/Dual Core

1360x768 resolution (720 HD)

DVD Burner

Built in Wi Fi (Don't need any card)

Built in webcam (Not sure resolution but I think 1.3MP)

I think it's nice.

Made a live account and a recovery disk. My mom got me a mouse pad from the Dollar Tree. woman working there said they didn't have them, only mouse traps. My mom found it without even looking.

Right now I'm downloading stuff and getting my setting the way I want them. Windows 8 is so different. I'm not going to 7 since I don't feel like paying for it. I need to buy Office. I go to college so I may be able to get a student discount. I want Office 2010 even though the trial I'm getting is for 2013. 2010 should be cheaper.

Would be able to get stuff set up faster if my internet wasn't having problems. I called and they said it was a state wide thing. The internet turns off and won't turn back on for hours. Driving me crazy.

I think I can play games on my PC and would like to. I'm thinking of starting a Steam Account. I don't feel like paying for stuff though... yet. I want to play World of Warcraft and there is a link for it on computer.

Here's a picture of my new computer

Nice. Got some work to do. I'll be able to use game guides easier now. I was using my 3DS but it doesn't play videos or multi task. Ask me anything you want about my new computer if you want.