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I've mainly been more DC than Marvel but recently started watching Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes on Netflix along with several other Marvel animated movies. I really liked it and it reminded me of Justice League. I've always liked DC more because of the TV shows. I don't think I like any of the countless Spider-Man TV shows out there but I did just watch an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man with him and Deadpool. I see why people like Deadpool.

I really liked almost all the characters on the show... except Hank Pym (Antman, Giantman, Yellowjacket). he was just really annoying. I loved Wasp the most but all the Avengers were great. I loved the story because of all the major plots happening. I also loved to see other Marvel characters show up like Spider-Man and Wolverine (side kick of Spider-Man). Luke Cage and Iron Fist were cool as well. Except for The Thing I didn't really care for the Fantasic Four.

I recall liking X-Men Evolution back in the day and decided to rewatch it. I really want to like both DC and Marvel. DC just had way more shows I knew about. I somehow forgot all about Marvel. The shows are on Disney so I'll check them out there. I've never read any of the comics of either so I don't know what goes on there.

First Driving Lesson

I took my first driving lesson today and guess what... it was me driving around in real traffic. I drove for like an hour for real. At first I had trouble but I got the hang of it sort of. I kept pushing down on the gas too much or not enough and I had to get used to the brakes so we wouldn't jerk. I did better as we went on. Turning is something I need to work on as well as understanding pressure on the gas and brakes. Still got 5 more lessons.

I got Hub this week and started watching Littlest Pet Shop. Another new show I like. Also got to see episodes of Superman and Batman.I also found Xiaolin Chronicles on Disney XD. It's a contination of Showdown from WB from many years ago. It's different and they have a new character named Ping Pong who I assume is Asian. It was alright. I miss the old one and they had to change the shen gong wu names. Plus the showdowns are now in 3D.

I don't recall the last time I turned my desktop on. Like a week maybe. My laptop has become my primary computer.

Saw that 2DS... and I liked it. Could use 2nd 3DS system. Still need a new battery for my original.

My next driving lesson is soon and I can't wait. My first lesson was good and another hour will be great.

50 platinums... now what?

Just finished the evil side of InFamous 2 and

[spoiler] in the evil ending you side with the beast, John, and have to kill Nix and Zeke. It was sad to kill Zeke. The good ending had Nix die anyways as well as Kuo and Cole. I liked the good ending better though. I'm glad I used good on my hard playthrough because evil power weren't that good this time around except for scythe bolt. Plus some of the evil missions were a bit hard on easy. Because I completed the game twice on both sides I have access to all powers on my evil file but I wish it was on my good since I did everything there. [/spoiler]

It was a great game and worthy of being my 50th platinum. It had many glitches such as freezes when you paused sometimes. I think when you could get a new power and paused before it showed. I was able to see a territory I hadn't taken until I reset. It was a hiddne package mission but the map showed I had everything. Another time I got stuck in the train car from the previous cut scene. It was still good.

Now that I have 50 platinums... what now? I won't have a smuch time to play games anymore as I'm no longer in college. My financial aid got cut for my grades declining and I got student loans. I'm just happy I got to 50 platinums. I can't even get my grade for the course I took this summer since they want me to do the compass test again since they think I'm a new student. Oh well, it was time I left anyways.

I got my drivers permit and will enter driver's ed soon. I'm going to get a tablet and I found a tablet app with GPS that speaks. The 7" ones are usually $70 now and I need one with Android 4.0 or higher and preferablly a 16GB micro SD card.

I'm going to look for a job soon but not sure what I can find in Detroit. I have a degree from Everest and 76 credits from community colege so it's something. I want to focus some more time and writing a book. I still have dreams to write a series and I plan to share it soon. I'm thinking I could try using kickstarter to get it published when I finish. It's my dream.

InFamous 2

I just finished InFamous 2 on hard with the good ending. It was so sad. I'm going to do the evil side later. I have to study for my driver's permit which I will take on Friday morning. The game wasn't that hard on hard though I died a lot. The Beast may be going on my list of disapointing final bosses. He was nowhere near Kessler in difficulty.

I got 43/52 of the trophies. Just need the ones for being bad. I'm going to play on easy and breeze through it. Just going to do story and the evil side missions. One more play and I will have my 50th platinum. Don't know what will happen afterwards. Seems like I'm running out of time to do my normal gaming.

Once I get my permit I have to practice driving before I do my road test. A school I found offers 6 lessons for $200. My sister was over toay and said the ones where she lives want $250-$400. I guess mine is cheaper due to it being adult driving or maybe cause it's Detroit. She lives in Warren. I just realized that I have little way to know where I'm going when I start driving. I'm going to need a GPS. Any good ones or apps for a smartphone or tablet? Thinking of getting an Android. I often see ads for getting Android phones cheap with a contract. I worry about a tablet or GPS getting stolen so a smartphone with GPS would be ideal. I need it to talk obvisouly as I can't take my eyes off the road. Wish me luck.

On another note, I added my Twitter handle above my profile. I couldn't add it anywhere else here as this site doesn't seem to update ever. It's @SerpentSeed. I'm beginning to understand it and like it. Follow me if you want. My icon is a picture of Sylveon because Sylveon is fabulous. I also like Mega Ampharos because it God like hair. Anyways follow me if you want.

Attack on Titan

I've been hearing about Attack on Titan for some time and decided to check it out. I have to say it's awesome. The anime is in japanese but I'm still watching it on Crunchyroll. I'm reading the manga on Starkana. It's under the name Shingeki no Kyojin (must be it's japanese name). It's so cool and emotional. People have to live in walled societies because of these giant titans. Their usually no bigger than 15 meters, like 45 feet, but then this 60 meter one, like 180 feet, is taller than the first wall and breaks it down. Titans get it and start eating people including the main characters mother in front of him. People are scared of the titans instead of everyone being super powered. Please don't spoil anything as I'm only on episode 14 and chapter 5.

I've also started wtahcing Monster High. It's webisodes and their pretty good. Season 2 had some god storylines and the Fright on movie was good. The standalone episodes are also good and funny.

I still have not seen the Equestria Girls movie yet. I kepe having to do other things and it's gets taken down from Youtube.

My last note is tha I will trying to get my driver's permit next Friday. It would be tomorrow but I forgot the Secretary of State is not open on Weekends. It took me 23 years to build up the courage to try and drive. It's just something that has always scared me. My sister said she would sell me her car after income tax time. I have to prepare for all of this.

Season premiere's I'm looking forward to

first up in September is Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. I recently watched the whole first part after not watching it when it first came on. I didn't think I had the channel. I loved it and can't wait for book 2.not sure how to post video so I just put the link and hope it works.

Next up is season 4 of The Walking Dead which premieres October 13th. I love this show and read the comics as well. They do a new issue once a month but come October 9th, they'll do the next story line bi weekly for 12 isues in one volume. The preview looked awesome. the zombies are the main problem but people still cause trouble.

The last is the season 4(Love that number) of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. not sure if there is a trailer or not but they talked about some stuff new in the season. Lots of music, Rarity episodes, Pinkie Pie's family visits, and more Derpy. I don't have the hub and have to wait for the episodes to be posted online. I occasionally get the Hub but like a week or a weekend.

I just checked and American Horror Story: coven is premiering October 6th. I like the series because it's an anthology. It means each season actors portray different characters and I'mexcited Jessica Lange is returning. It's rare for me to even know an actor's name so she's good. I enjoyed the last two season's and this one looks good. It's about modern day witch hunts.

Looking forward to anything this fall?

After InFamous: Fallout 3 or Final Fantasy XIII/X-2

I'll be done with the first InFamous game soon and then the rest of the collection. I'm trying to decide which game to play afer from my backlog. 3 games remain... Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I want to play the FF games one after the other.

So Which do you think I should go with? Fallout 3 or Final Fantasy?


Started playing InFamous yesterday and it. I'm playing on easy and going for the hero. It is hard to get to hero since I can't rank past champion for some reason. some people sya they couldn't reach it until near the end of the game or after certain missions in The Warren. I'm in the Warren and those are my next missions so I should be close to getting to hero. I think it must be easier to get InFamous snce it's easier to be bad.

I've been collecting blast shards and doing pretty good. I got about 250 from Neon and Warren. I believe I got them all in Neon and collecting the rest in Warren. I feel I will have to do a search for some in Warren since I don't think I will have the combined amount of Warren and Neon when done. It looks like one is in atunnel filled with water and another one or two in a building I can't climb on with fences on top. Then there's also this giant structure That I can't get to the top of. Maybe the story involves it.

I'm also doing stunts and only have 2 left. I have to send a grenade back at an enemy and have it kill them and I need to kill a suspended enemy in the air with thunderstorm. there are some dustmen who reappear it looks like in the underpass near the prison not under who shoot grenades. Too many cars, people, and a few other dustmen keep me from doing it. That and i'm not good at it. I'm told that I can do it during a mission in aldan's tower. As for the thunderstorm, I get the power during my last mission and just need to suspend an enemy in the air and kill 'em. Seems easy and it could be my last. I got a ton of the stunts by luck.

There are still two parts of Neon that I don't control and no mission is appearing. I recall seeing some missions in Warren but they didn't show up on the map when you pressed select. Not sure what's going on. Got all my deaddrops in Neon and working on Warren.

I'm happy I'm finally working on Infamous but dislike the difficulty of getting to hero, shard collecting, and the fact their is no stunt list. Had to keep track of stunts myself and use a map to find the shards. It's still good and I hope 2 will be better.

Going to start weight training again.

I have not weight trained in a long time. The weight bench was covered in dust. My weight set is 300lbs minus the 45lbs the bar weighs. The bar is 45 which I think is normal. I have 70 pounds on it right now and will increase it every time I can do 15 reps in a row. Im thinking by 2.5 or 5 pounds. I can do more than 5 right now. I used to have more than 100 on it but I stopped for some reason. I just missed it. The bench has a curling part at the bottom for arm and leg curls. I got 50 pounds on it. I'm going to do other exercises a well such as push ups and sit ups. My sister left her bun and thigh isolator which I'm going to use. Used to do it for 20-30 minutes years ago. I got 2 sets of 5 pound bumbells and plan to lift 2 at a time in one hand. I also have this thing for my hand that I squeeze, not really sure what it's called.

I want to at least get the bar up to 90lbs soon. I need to use the curling part of the set for curls since I don't feel like taking the bar on and off or constantling changing weights. So I want 70 on it. I'll change my goals when they get reached.

I heard drinking water was good for you so I want to drink at least 2 bottles a day. Drank 3 yesterday which was up from 0 for weeks prior.

just wanted to lose some weight. I figured I was 220 but the scale said 198. I was way off. I want to get down to 170. you know muscle and fat weight the same? I always thought msucle weighed mora than fat. I also measured myself and found out I'm 5ft 4.5in when I thought I was 5ft 6. Just way off of these measurements. not sure of any non cartoon ways to increae height though. Well wish me luck.

Finished Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2

I did it in 3 days and 10 hours. Mainly because I played nonstop which is a reason I take breaks. This makes platinum #48. I will be starting InFamous Collection next with InFamous 2 being my 50th platinum. This leaves just six games on my PS3 backlog. My promise to not buy any new PS3 games until they are done is still going. Black Friday is getting closer though.

MK2 was better than the original and I heard Victory is better. I'll get it eventually... backlog/price drops. The gameplay was pretty good but could have been better. I liked attacking multiple enemies at once and doing massive damage with combos and skills. I didn't pay attention to the story as I just kept pressing X to skip text when I could.I got some of it and found the conquest ending sad. I amanged to beat Delphinus by using Nepgear celestial move that knocked back Delphinus and had Neptune use her Neptune Breaker (?). I had everyone else give her and Neptune sp raisers. We got knocked out a lot and kept reviving until we won. Afterwards I just breezed through the true ending with level 99 characters. I was rarly getting hit.

I'm still playing Tekken Revolution if anyone wants to play against me.