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smash bros brawl and pokemon diamond & pearl

i watched the three part tag battle episodes tonight. they were awesome. i'm glad ash got a new pokemon. chimchar looks cool and i wonder if he'll evolve in the series. maybe he'll be like charizard and won't take orders from ash. that would be funny.

i'm happy for japan that they got smash bros brawl yesterday. although i heard someone on gamefaws gave it a 6/10. what nonsense. people ahve been anticapating this game for years and they lined up for all day. it's just like pokemon d/p's release last year. lines around the block. smash bros brawl will probably outsell all wii games.

i downlaoded the smash bros brawl opening movie on and was blown away at how cool it was. it's japanese and it was sung in latin. i want to psot it, but i don't think i can since it has the ign logo in the video. it's at the bottom right and i didn't notice it at first.

well i'm waiting for brawl to get to america. i doubt there'll be anymore delays. i've had brawl on reserve since september 11 2007. i reserved it when i got .hack redemption. another good game if you have a ps2. by the way, i encourage you all to have at least one more console along with wii. the ds is the only handheld one though.

i can't believe what happened yesterday

first, i finished doing all my finals and don't have too really go back until the 22nd. but that's not the weird thing.

i was walking home because my mom couldn't pick me up. i had walked home many times before and it usually takes about 50 minutes at my new school. as i was walking someone came from behind, got in front of me, and smacked me in the nose. my mose started bleeding and he ran away. i never saw him before. a few minutes later another guy ran up and hit me in the back of the head. this never happened before. my mother asked me if i could wait until she gets off if she isn't already there to pick me up. my sister said she was home and could have picked me up, but again, this had never happened before. i called my other sister and she thinks it was a racist thing. i'm white, they were black, i live in detroit, go figure.

i didn't do anything or knew who they were. i didn't go to school today because i finished my finals like i said. i see any reason to stop walking though. i still hold onto my desire to move out of detroit and not that i'm racist, but living around in a white majority area doesn't sound pretty nice. i've never meet many white people outside my family.

new years eve

it's new years eve already. i've been really absent minded lately. see i've been sick with a cold. i've been sneezing real loudly. sleeping late too. i got up today at 5 p.m. kinda late huh?

i did my after christmas shopping. i bought the inuyasha box set with all four movies. igot it for 35 at walmart. bestbuy wanted sixty for it. i got my dvd spider man 3. target only had the blu ray version, a lot of them. gamestop had a buy two get one free sale that i toke advantage of. i got digimon world ds (ds), final fantasy XII (ps2), and for free, marvel ultimate alliance (wii). i bought the new wwe raw cd and it's pretty cool. i love the undertaker's and kane's music the best.

well i got alot of movies i need to watch. about 30 hours i think. so happy new years to all my friends at tv and

merry christmas... i guess

today is christmas? who would have guessed? doesn't seem like it. my nieces' ckitten got into my stepfather's room today and he tried to get it out with a belt and my nieces' started screaming he was going to kill it. he said that many times before, but i've learned to tone him out. my sister got fed up with their screaming over what she just called an "animal" and put him outside. she put a cat outside in the cold on christmas day! and he tried to kill it! of course i went to get him. i couldn't bear to think of what would happen to him. he's only about six months. he's not fixed though. my sister says she can't get him fixed because her worker keeps messing up and she had to chose between getting him fixed and fixing her car.

my stepdad ,or grendal as i like to call him, won't close his door and thinks that a kitten will understand not to go in. it's open! if you don't want people to go in your house, you close the door. there's a name for people who don't close their door. squatters!

well i put sammy, that's the kitten's name, in my room for awhile. he laid on my bed near my cat until he wanted to leave. i can't keep him safe forever. my door has a lock so no one can get in without a key. only me and my mom have one. i would be so sad to see him go. he's become a member of the family and even my cat, who's five and didn't like him at first, has gotten used to him.

i did get some great gifts. my brother, sister in law, andtheir daughter deja(they put all of their names on it) got me a silver non digital watch and wallet that opens from the top. it was cool. my sister, brother in law, and their daughter got me mr. deeds and twisted. can't wait to watch them. my mom got me pokemon pearl, super mario galaxy, shrek the third (dvd), harry potter and the order of the phoenix (dvd), transformers (dvd), and spider man 3 (blu-ray). i don't have a blu ray player or ps3 and my mom didn't relize what she had gotten me since i wanted spider man 3. she did say she wondered why it costed so much. but she get it returned. i was thinking of getting her underdog because i couldn't find it for her for christmas. she said she would like to see it.

wow what a christmas. my brother (mark), sister in law (kim), and their daughter (my niece deja) visited yesterday and we exchanged their gifts early. my neice was happy when i got her a hannah montana poster. mark and kim liked their presents to. i got him axe and she got some addidas perfume.

well i got some stuff to do. lots of new stuff. merry christmas to all my friends and um... happy new years.

A Wild Week

wild week! yesterday my school went into lockdown for two reasons. i heard someone had a seizure and had to be taken out. then, the good part, a student in my 5th class grabbed the teacher by the shirt collar and they began struggling against each other. my teacher threw a punch at him and chaos broke out. he broke a ruler when he tried hitting the student and the whole class was in an uproar. the school police came and arrested the student and made us all give witness statements. i was written and i just filled out that i didn't see anything. i didn't care. well today i learned my teacher was suspended and that student might be in jail. we were about to get our next assignment (it was art class) before the fight broke out but because we didn't, we had no work to do when we got a sub. it was ok, i did some homework. this school is so bad. i can't believe i have to be here.

went christmas shopping today

i went christams shopping today and spent almost 100 hundred dollars. i still have 65 but i had 170. i still want to get my my a movie for christmas but i don't know which one. lst year i got her doctor doolittle 3 and she liked it. we went to super walmart today and she saw an advertisement for underdog so i went to look for it. turns out, it isn't out yet. i didn't read that part. but i did find her a kitchen towel set she she once said she could use and a christmas song cd. i still want to get her a video but i just don't know what to get. help. any suggestions?

death note

death note is amazing! i watched saturday's episode and was amazed how he managed to get her name. she just looked pale when he told her. then she went to commit suicide. i have to say this is my new favorite anime. i stayed up to watch the repeat... again! it's ashame people are getting suspended for bringing death notes to school but i'd love to get one. i wonder if their sold on an anime/manga site. maybe shonen jump?

i'm thinking of collecting the manga of death note. it's only twelve and it would give me another sereis to collect. so far i have narutom one piece, bleach, and inuyasha. but their so long and i could have a complete death note collection easy. oh well, if i get so money or gift cards to borders for christmas i go get a copy. i especially want to read the chapters from saturday's epiosde. along with the one where he gets rid of the fbi agents.

thirty days till christmas and thirty seven till new years

thankgivngs over, and christmas has already shown it's decaying face. they didn't even wait till thanksgiving was over before they aired commericials. people are already camping out at bestbuy waiting to get some discount name brand electronics. i remember a few years ago people stomping over one another for a elmo doll. *sigh* i love the holidays! watching the news this time a year and seeing tragedies and stupidity. don't forget last laugh 07. the end of the year is the greatest.

well i'm preparing my christmas list. i write around ten things a year and my mom can find one or two things. this year i'm thinking of writing:

harry potter and the order of the phoenix
shrek 3
spider man 3
the simpsons movie
super mario galaxy
pokemon pearl
digimon world ds
soul caliber legends
a long black or dark blue trenchcoat

sounds good. but my mom can't read my writing so i tell her the things and she writes them down. i have terrible writing, so i'm told.

got my report card today

well i got my first 12th grade report card today. now first, i hate my new school and i still stand by my comments "i will one day leave detroit, never come back, forget i was here, and never mention it again". i may have just wrote them on the internet since i don't remember exactly saying it but anyways... my report card:

hour 1- mangement support 1: D
hour 2- seminar 1: A
hour 3- afjrotc 7: B
hour 4- physics in context 1: D
hour 5- art 1: A
hour 6- english 7: D

g.p.a.: 2.333

i've been tardy for 1st hour 12 times. i got a 2 comment for afjrotc. that's means i failed below expected ability. apparently a b is too low. didn't know that. happy halloween!

choosing either to keep netzero or switch to vonage

my mom said she wants to get vonage for the phone and my computer but doesn't know when she signed the year contract for netzero. it think it was somewhere about this time, but i'm not sure. i want vonage over netzero for many reasons.

they lady over the phone for vonage said i would be always connected to the internet and wouldn't have to dial up. which is great.

i hate netzero for many reasons. here they are:

1. slow connection with dial up. don't care what the commercial says. 2. cuts off for no reason lots of times. 3. freezes alot.

can help me in deciding if my mom should stick with paying $9.99 a month for netzero internet or pay $25.00 a month for bothe internet and phon service?