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X & Y progress

Been catching Pokemon like crazy. I have over 100 and only 2 badges. On my 5th box. My team is all over level 40. I have Delphonx, Blastoise, Florette, Gogoat, & Hawlucha. I have a Vivilion with me but it's mainly for catching with it's stun spore. I plan to change it for a Goomy. Hawlucha will be my flyer. The exp share has made leveling up way easier than before.

Tried wonder trade. I gave a Flabebe and got an Abra which I traded again and a Fennekin. One or both was Japanese. Did it again and got a Gible. It was fun.

I'm currently in Reflection Cave looking for a Sableye. I did find almost immediately after first entering but knocked it out accidentally. My Pokemon are too strong false swipe doesn't work on it.

Got Pokemon X & Y

Got both versions today and starting Y version right now. Trying to get Fennekin with the right nature. One that boosts SP. ATK. Got two that hindered it, both were female which I would have liked. Looking for modest and really want a female more. I went with the female character and named her Domino. It was harder to pick than I thought since both genders looked good this time. I often use female characters anyways.

I downloaded the special Torchic and just need to get it. Since I got both versions I can get a second or third since I need to restart the other versions for the other starters. I bought the guide and got 10% off twice since I bought both games. The guide came with this cleaning cloth with Xerneas/Yvetal on one side and the starters on the other side. I've been using the pages on bulbapedia making the guide I bought a waste but it still looks nice. I also saved like 20%.

I managed to get 5 street passes today but my streetpass puzzle data was corrupted. I found that I just needed to redownload them from spotpass and got them all back. It was scary.

New Everything

The site has changed. So far... I can't see who has written a new blog without going into my friends list and going onto their page, I don't know what happened to Fuse, My PSN trophies are gone (some trophy sites haven't me in awhile but that's another story), and I can't delete pictures I upload. The pictures come from me trying to change my profile. Used the same pic for avatar and background just to see what they would look like. Then I had a gif as my avatar but changed it because I realized it would make my page load slower. I miss the old site. I haven't even checked my game lists.

Pokemon X & Y came out yesterday and I haven't got either yet. I want both and I want a guide but I don't think it's out yet. I was also thinking of getting a 2DS and using my $50 off coupon I said I would use it on Wii U. The thing is I also said no systems on day 1. I want to wait like a year before. I would need a 2nd 3(2)DS to trade between the games as my original needs a new battery. It still stays on if charging. I'm planning to main Y Version and go with Fennekin and Squirtle. In X I will get Froakie and Charmander. Want to have a different team in both versions and there will be lots of Pokemon to choose from.

Animal Crossing time. Paid all upgrades to my house, Got a cafe, and campsite. Want to get a police station (Someone has to suggest it), fortune house (Get fortune read 20 times to be asked), and maybe a reset station (Why not?). I got like 600,000 bells in the bank. I got the bagworm so I cut down all non fruit trees and planted cherry trees. Not sure how many bells I get from the trees now. Going to count them next time. I got some more badges such as for listening to K.K Slider 20 times. You can o it over and over Saturday nights. I got the 2nd badge for planting trees and plants. Also spent over 500,000 in stores. Going to work towards as many badges as I can. The interior of my house is coming together as well.

Not sure if anyone will be able to read this since I said I had to go into friends pages to see if they have something a new blog. If you find a fast way tell me.

Pokemon X & Y (Some spoilers due to leaks)

Pokemon X & Y come out next week and like the last gen Iplan to get both. After awhile I decided that I will play Y version as my main because I like Yvetal more than Xerneas even though X gets Charizard X. I like Mewtwo Y more than X though. I'm going with Fennekin and Squirtle in Y and Froakie and Charmander (Charizard X!) in X. Still not into grass starters though Snivy came close. I want to make a team of just Kalos Pokemon but if you've seen the leaks you know it will be hard to do it twice or even once especially since i'm getting a Squirtle. I want a fairy type on my team so maybe Flabebe or Slyveon. I need a flyer so Fletchling but I'd have two fire types. I feel I'm going to be switching out Pokemon every so often because of the high number.

Pokemon I definitely want to use are Flabebe and Honedge. Others include Talonflame, Pyroar, Gogoat, Helioptile, Meowstic, Pangoro, Malamar, and Tyrantrum. So many overlaping types. Some of the leaked Pokemon I like are Goomy and Treevient (The leaked tree Pokemon).

I really hope I can get a guide along with the game. Not sure if I can get them day 1. That was a nightmare last gen. I'm not sure if I plan to capture all Pokemon in Y or just what I can. I don't feel like paying for Pokemon Bank just yet. I may wait until they announce the 3rd version to catch 'em all this gen. I also haven't decided if I'm going with the male or female character. Maybe male in one version and female in the other.

Fallout 3 100% complete

Finally finished everything in Fallout. I did the DLC Broken Steel, Anchorage, Lookout, Zeta, and Pitt in that order. This makes 51 platinum trophies and a grand total of 2482 trophies. Fallout was pretty fun but had lots of glitches and freezes. It made it hard at times and I needed to reset. I made a bunch of saves in order to work on the DLC due to issues of freezing. I had 16 when I checked. Went to delete most of them since I was done. I kept the original one I was working on and the copied one I managed to do everything on. After I finished The Pitt I just turned it off after getting the last trophy. Too much freezing and I had too much equipment.

The only two games I have not played yet are Final Fantasy XIII and FF XIII-2. I plan to replay the ones I didn't platinum before I move on. See if I can get some more trophies from them. There are 7 I didn't finish. I'm thinking of trying to do the online ranking for two of them while I do something else since it takes ahwile to find an opponent and if I really want to play I'll do BlazBlue CS Extend since I know I can get more of it's trophies. I left it since I had so many other games. I've done a lot in one year. isn't working right, PSNPropfiles has not updatedme in 3 days, nor has Raptr. PSN Trophy leaders seems to be the only one that does and only because I have to do it myself. What i going on? I like looking at my stats.

For a final note, I'm on my last house payment in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I've got about 310,000 bells left to pay off and I'll be done. I'll think about decorating my rooms afterwards. I've already decided I want the upstairs to be like my bedroom and will decorate accordinly. I can finally start shopping again. After I catch this last bug in October needing a tree I'm cutting the regular ones down and having nothing but cherry trees.

Fallout 3 and Steam

I finally got a Steam account under the name Ramerix. I downloaded some free to play games such as Gothem City Imposters, Elseworld (I think), and two others. I learned my laptop isn't that good for playing games on due to lack of mouse. GCI needed the roll part of the mouse and my internet connection is laggy. Just had to see if I could play games on the laptop though.

Been playing Fallout 3 GOTY Edition on PS3. Got 43/73 trophies. Those 43 are the regular trophies meaning I got 7 more until platinum. I still need to hack about 14 terminals, collect 9 more bobbleheads, take down 3 more mutant behemoth, and find like 25 more areas. I still need to do the side quests Oasis and Agatha's Song plus the main quest Take it Back. After that I'll work on the DLC. I got a bunch of alt saves just in case. Been using one to get trophies for side quests and kill 300 people. Just so I don't make a file get too big. I get some freezes everynow and again.

Thinking about what order I want to do DLC. I can reach level 30 if I do the exploit but I plan to do as much as I can before I do that. Ancorage doesn't look that bad. Broken Steel may have to be done after I finish the story but it's recommended that I be at max stats. Point Lookout doesn't look that bad either. Mothership Zeta and the Pitt have collectibles so I want to do them last. Im thinking of doing each DLC on a different file so I won't overload one.

I got 43/63 trophies and I'm only at 38% progress. 7 silver and 36 bronze. A ton of trophies but only 30 left.

Last Driving Lesson

Took my sixth and final driving lesson today. I did real good. We went on the freeway again and I was going over 60. I went so fast. This was the 2nd time we did. He said I improved a lot from my first lesson. I still need to do parking, reverse, and parallel parking which he didn' teach. We just drove around everywhere and I got over my fear of driving. Now just need to learn streets and such. I'd like to find a tablet for GPS but wondering if they are able to even after downloading the app. Might want to think about getting a phone instead... but would that have GPS.

The car we drove was a Chevy Cavalier. My Mom let me drive her Jeep Friday and it was big and more powerful. It rolled a lot when stopped. She said something about getting new brake pads so maybe that's why. I hadn't learned parking or reverse so I had to do it when I got in the lot. My Mom was scared when I was driving and she almost made me run run on the curb when rying to do a left turn. She kept thinking I would hit cars on the side and felt I was too close to the curb. She did the same with my brother years ago and he got out and refused to get back in. She's going to let me drive more though for practice.I have to train in parking for my road test. We're thinking of getting some garbage cans and doing it that way.

The car I'm interested in getting has to small like the Chevy not like the Jeep. I'm looking between $500-$700. I've been told to look on Craigslist and then we have Charity Motors. I'll see what I can find.

Animal Crossing New Leaf - September Update

Been playing AC everyday for months now. I finally got the last fossil today and now done with the fossil wing of my museum. I still need 5 bugs, one the Bagwrm, only comes out starting October and from shaking trees. Once I catch it I have no more insects from trees and can finally cut down all non fruit trees and plant cherry trees. Cherries are not native to my town so I get 500 bells per one.I need 15 fish including the salmon and king salmon that I can't find. I need 7 seafood which has been going easy. Art is going pretty good as I usually get one new thing from Redd except that time his only real piece was one I had already. My museum is looking nice. Also I bought a silver shovel and rod so just waiting for the net. I need to buy 50 saplings to get a golden axe which I would love since the regular ones break.

I get about 120,000 bells from the cherry trees every 3 days and I'm hoping to get over 300,000. I still have to pay 400,000 on my current loan and then have two more house expansions before being done. So I need about 1.5 million more bells. I'll be done in October especially when my cherry tress come in. After that I can focus on public works projects. Close to funding a dream suite. Seems like a couple bells are automatically donated every day. When I'm done with all the big things I can start buying stuff like crazy and saving.

Pokemon X & Y

Still healing but it's been a week... anyways I don't think I've been talking about Pokemon X & Y much even though I'm super excited about them. Today we had some new Corocoro leaks from Japan showing new Pokemon along with evolutions of the starters and new mega evolutions.

Here are the first evolutions to the starters

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

I love Fennekin's evolution the most and will be taking it as a starter in one game. I like Froakie's as well and will take it in the other. Was never into Chespin so... was not taking it anyways. Of course I get a 2nd starter so I'll take Squirtle along with Fennekin and Charmander along with Froakie. Sorry Bulbasaur but I care for grass types. I used Snivy in Black 2 but it wasn't as good as I was hoping.

Other new Pokemon

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

I really love the new cat Pokemon. The more white one is female and the black one is male. Reminds me of my cats. Actually now not sure which is which. The female is suppose to be the attacker which I'm happy for while the male is more supportive. You also got two new fossil Pokemon, rock/dragon & rock/ice, and what looks like an alpaca you can trim. This makes like 34 new Pokemon we've seen.

Here's Mega Garchomp

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

It's got mantis hands and looks evil. Mewtwo also has new mega form which adds fighting type. it's alright.

I did the spoiler tags for those who don't want to look at spoilers. It's only like a month away and so little is known. We've seen like 34 new Pokemon and over 10 mega evolutions. Hoping for over 120 new Pokemon and over 50 mega evolutions. I want both versions and in one I take Fennekin and the other Froakie. I may use a Kanto starter in my team but I really like using new ones in each new gen. It depends on who I like.

My Cat Sam Died yesterday

I am so sad to announce that my cat Sam was found dead yesterday morning. He was in the basement in a room and laying there dead. My mom said he had blood in mouth and it was fresh so he might have died the previous knight. Sam liked to eat stuff like plastic and other things he wasn't suppose to. I remember last weekend watching him come down from the part of the ceiling with insulation and he was dirty. I feel that he might have gotten back up there and ate some of it. He did stuff like that. We were confused how he got up there since he never did before. He only was able to get to the front ceiling where he would hide or look down on us. There was a lot of stuff that blocked sections of it so I feel he jumped to a platform behind the washing machine to get there. He always liked to get into stuff and loved being on high places. I often saw him sleeping on my bookcase, windows, and above stacks of stuff. He recently started living completely in the basment when Mom cleaned out his food bowl which was moldy. He was upstairs with me earlier this week but he had little reason to come up since he had everything he needed in the basement. He was all alone down there. He was independent.

Here are some pictures.



Here's one of him and my other cat Angel

Angel & Sam

He was so handsome. My sister originally got him for my niece but he stayed with us when she moved. He was so funny. He could stand up and walk on two legs. he did it often to get food. He would often have the top of his head wet because he liked to drink out of the faucet. His pattern was unique to his legs to his little half mustache. He kinda looked like my old cat who was also black and white. He sometimes liked to attack Angel but I think he was playing. She always hissed so I don't think she liked it unless started it. I often got pictures of them together and love them the most.

I just noticed that my hamster Damien who also wrote on here died three years ago September 11th. Sam loved to watch him in his cage and smeimes knocked it over. Angel was the first to do so. Those were some good days. I wish I took more pictures and videos of them all.

Sam was only six years old. He was so young. Angel is about 11-12. I thought he would live just as long as her. A couple days ago my mom asked me when school started. I'm no longer in school and trying to write a book before trying to find a job next year. I lied and then tried avoiding her by talking about the flea problem we had. I was also kinda rude to my niece who was Sam original owner. she's young and was acting like an annoying kid. I often feel that whenever I lie or do something wrong something bad happens. I just can't help feel like this was because of me. It's strange but I believe in mystical forces and this was like karma. Whenever I do something wrong I get punished and if I'm afraid of doing something I somehow avoid it. It's a weird feeling but I believe in it. I hope I learned it now.

With Sam gone all I have left is Angel. She's all I got to talk to and keep me company. Of course lately she has been sleeping on the litter box in the hall and last summer she wouldn't even come in my room due to the ceiling fan. She now comes in but rarely. Cats are so independent. I am going to miss everything Sam did. He loved running from the dog Prince. he often could get past him without him knowing and once went through his legs unknown. I think he enjoyed it. This is just unreal. I still expect to see him sleeping somewhere. I'll never forget him.